Sunday, 16 October 2016

Vanessa Minnillo Springbreak dare

Vanessa Minnillo Springbreak dare

Vanessa Minnillo had worked on MTV during the days of teen pop and TRL Live. It was a famous period in their history. She was very attractive. She had dated a few famous men over the years as a result. She was not a huge star, but was very attractive. She was really cute as well. She had a perfect skin tone and perfectly smooth sexy body. She had done quite a lot of modelling of things like swimwear and lingerie. She had a beautiful body. 

She was asked to host a naughty Spring Break, truth or dare show for MTV. It involved drunken, foolish college students doing silly stunts and dares for money and prizes. At the end of one of the episodes, her male co-host challenged her to a dare. She blindly accepted it after being told that it was simply to partake in a lovely island smoothie cooler. What she was not told was that she would not be drinking it, but would be wearing it. She was going to get a taste of a special Spring Break, island cocktail. It would be all over her head though. She laughed and accepted that this would be her fate. She had no choice, because that was the theme of the show. She had encouraged others to take part in similar situations throughout the show. She would have been a bit of a hypocrite if she refused to take part.

Her co-host was going to get to do the honours. The smoothie like substance was a deep purple colour. It was similar to the berry smoothie that was sold at McDonald’s. It was served up in large pitchers. The substance was very cold. It was incredibly icy. She told him to bring it on. She was ready for this. Everyone cheered for her. She did a silly little dance. She stuck her tongue out. She was wearing a bikini top and jeans shorts. She was about to get nailed with the cold substance.

Her co-host lifted two pitchers on the air over her head and tipped them over her simultaneously. The thick, freezing cold mess poured down sloppily over her beautiful, silky black hair. It poured down the sides of her head and all over her hair. She stuck her tongue out and laughed as it poured down onto her. It knocked the sunglasses right off of her head. More poured down her shoulders and chest. It rolled down her shorts and down her thighs. She shivered and shook. Her teeth chattered because it was so cold. Because it was such a hot day and they were at the beach, the sloppy smoothie actually felt wonderful on her body. She giggled as it tickled her.

It poured down her back and over her behind. When the first two pitchers were empty, her co-host took a third one. He pulled the back of her shorts back and tipped it down into her shorts, all over her bikini bottoms and all over her delicate folds that lay inside her shorts. Her knees bent and she laughed as the smoothie oozed out the top and bottom of her shorts. He then poured more right across her belly and chest. She began to dance and rub her hands all over the mess on her body. She rubbed her stomach and thighs suggestively in the mess. She looked as though she was enjoying this. 

“It doesn’t feel bad at all, it’s so hot right now. It is actually refreshing. It feels good, like a dip in the pool. You should try it,” she joked. She looked incredibly sexy in the mess. She smiled and laughed. She was dripping in it all over her body.

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