Sunday, 23 October 2016

Laura Norton needs a shower

Laura Norton needs a shower

Laura Norton had appeared on Emmerdale for many years. She had a sexy body and a sexy accent. She was quite curvy. She was a fun woman who enjoyed having a good laugh. She was always up for a good time. She could be very cheeky at times. She liked being naughty, when in the right sort of frame of mind. She was not a huge star, so was quite surprised when she was approached to appear on Let Her Have It. The idea of it got her quite hot. She found the whole thing quite arousing and provocative. She was going to take the opportunity to do some major flirting.

On the day, she wore a very short sexy, tight, brightly printed dress. Her character was portrayed as a bit of a chav. She dressed as such and was sort of half acting like her character on Emmerdale. She was excited to appear on the show and to meet Mr. G. . She was introduced by him. She was not that well known to the audience, but Mr. G. was very happy to have her on the show. The two began to speak on the couches. “So, Miss Norton, I bet that you are very excited to learn what we have planned for you today,” she said. “You can say that again,” she said. “I am all a twitter imagining what it might be. Something very naughty hopefully, I think,” she said. “Well, today we have something called the gunge shower for you. If I can turn your attention to the far left of the stage.” 

The curtains were pulled away and what was revealed was a plastic, see through shower stall. The person inside would not be cleaning their body with warm water, however, at least not until later in the evening. Instead there would be gunge coming down upon the person who would be standing inside of the shower stall. “Yes, you will be getting in there and getting “cleaned off”. Actually, you will be getting very messy rather than clean.” “Sounds good,” she replied,” I can be very dirty when I want to be, I can assure you,” she told him. “I like the look of that. Between you and me, my body could really use a good clean. I am a dirty, dirty girl, really,” she said in her sexiest voice. Mr. G. comically made an amused face to the camera. He then welcomed her to walk over to the shower stall.

He opened the door for her. “I have always imagined that you would see me in the shower, but I never thought that it would be in a situation like this.” She lifted her leg and climbed inside. It was going to be a bit of a tight fit because Laura was a very buxom lady indeed. It was going to be a tight squeeze. “It might be a tight fit, getting my bum in here,” she joked. She pushed her body in. It was indeed a very tight fit. Her behind was going to be pressed right up against the clear plastic wall. She smiled and blew a kiss. Mr. G. then turned to the audience and asked if everyone was ready to she Laura get showered upon. Everyone cheered and applauded. Laura pumped her fists. She looked up and got ready for her shower to begin. She waved.

Everyone cheered as blue green gunge began to spirt from the showerhead upon her. It looked just like a shower, but with gunge. She raised her hands in the air and squealed as messy gunge began to pour onto her. She closed her eyes as the gunge sprayed down. It was coming down with a lot of speed and force upon her. It splashed in all directions. It showered upon her body and bounced all over the walls of the shower stall. The gunge began to pour all over her body. She laughed as the gunge poured all over her body. 

She pretended to scrub herself as she struggled in the gunge. It changed colours as it fell. It changed from blue green, to green to pink to purple. There was a huge amount of it as well, it began to fill up all of the empty cracks and crevices in the tank. Laura could feel it all over body. Her clothes were soaked through and through. Her hair was soaked in gunge as if she had just had a real shower. Her hair matted to the side of her head. Her body was dripping wet. She shivered and shook. The gunge was quite cold and wet. Everything became slimy and soggy. She slipped and slid around, almost falling over several times. 

Finally the shower ceased. Mr. G. walked over and opened the door, allowing Laura out of the shower stall. She climbed out. She laughed and smiled. She posed and blew kisses. “I am a right dirty. Slimy mare aren’t I?,” she said,” I shall need a real shower, I think. I could use a hand scrubbing my gungy bum,” she said.

Mr. G, turned to the camera and gave a funny look. He thanked Laura for appearing on the show and taking a wonderful gunging. She waved and laughed as gunge dripped off of every part of her body, leaving a pool of messy gunge below her. She would definitely be needing a real shower very shortly.


  1. Can you make Jenna Coleman story?

    1. I know you made one before but make it messier. Make it about that she is in her home and starts to cover herself in different food like pies and custard gets nude and finally masturbates. Can you please do it? I would love that.

    2. There is one I did:

      Will probably do another one as well.