Saturday, 22 October 2016

Maria Menounos football bet

Maria Menounos football bet

Maria Menounos had made a number of bets in the past on sporting events and other things. Once, she was forced to strip down to a bikini in the middle of the street after losing a bet on football. She was not opposed to making naughty bets. She was usually up for a good laugh. She had a silly side to her that embraced that sort of thing. She had a really cheeky grin that was truly sexy as well. She was only too happy to take part in a messy bet on the Super Bowl. She was well known to be a fan of the New England Patriots. They were a team that had spent a decade cheating. They were always finding new and inventive ways to cheat, yet the league did very little to stop them. The league actually helped them to win games through their scheduling, referees and lack of punishments when they were caught cheating. They would be allowed to cheat and then given a slap on the wrist after the fact. 

Maria made a bet in their favour. She figured that there was no way that they would lose, because the playing field was always tipped in their favour. She was all too happy to take a bet on a show that she was hosting against a fan of the opposing team. It was actually her idea to make it a messy bet. She was very confident that she would not be on the losing end, come what may.

Unfortunately for her, before the game, the Patriots were proven to have cheated in the AFC playoffs. The league finally had no other choice but to suspend Bill Bellicheck for the Super Bowl. The result was that the Patriots ending up getting destroyed in the game. Maria was going to have to pay the consequences. She tried to get out of it, because of the special circumstances. Of course, she would not be allowed out of the bet. Not being allowed to cheat was not an excuse for losing. It did prove how the Patriots were able to win despite having really poor players over the years at key positions.
Maria had lost the bet and was going to have to do the forfeit. She, was going to be doing it in her underwear. She looked amazing. She had a sexy athletic looking tanned body. This was all taking place on a public street. There was a crowd of people gathered around to watch this. Maria was smiling and laughing. “This is so embarrassing,” she said. She was blushing a little. This really was going to be embarrassing for her. She walked back and forth showing her sexy body in her blue and red Patriots style underwear. She then said,” It’s fine. It’s ok. My team lost. I am happy to go down with the team. I kind of deserve this. I might reconsider making bets again in the future, I have to say.”

It was now time for her to pay the price for losing the bet. Her colleague was going to get to do the honours. He first was given two large creamy pies, one in each hand. Maria smiled. “I hope that you are enjoying yourself, at my expense. Lap it off.” He held the pies out before her. She fluttered her eyelashes and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes as he smashed a creamy pie straight into her face. The other he slammed into her abs and chest. He twisted both pies against her body. Her face and dark hair were instantly slathered in thick creamy pies. She took her finger and flicked some pie away from her fringe. She laughed and rolled her eyes. Pie rolled down her stomach and chest. “I am totally creamed,” she joked.

He then was given a large bucket of green slime. He walked behind Maria. He smiled and gave a sarcastic look. Maria lowered her head. He began to pour the sloppy slime down over the top of her head. It began to flow down from above down her hair and face and then all over her body. The thick slime rolled all the way down her sexy body. It rolled down her chest, stomach and down her legs. She took a deep breath as she felt the slime rolling all over her. She stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth and then laughed. 

“I hope you are happy,” she said,” I am still behind my team one hundred percent. I don’t care. This is so embarrassing.” She posed, moving her legs back and forth. “Laugh it up,” she said.

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