Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ellie Taylor all over

Ellie Taylor all over

Ellie Taylor was a pretty famous comedienne. She had done a lot of work on television. She had worked a lot as a presenter as well. She was also quite attractive. She had was willing to have a laugh at her own expense. She was chosen to appear on a gameshow pitting her and a female contestant against a rather unattractive male comedian and a male contestant. It was mentioned that the stakes would be very high for this particular show and that the winners would have a very important decision to make, but they were not really told exactly what that would entail. No one had any idea how messy or embarrassing the consequences might end up being. 

The ladies, in the end were the ones who failed to win the game. It was a silly sort of game where they had to balance mugs on their heads and walk across the stage in order to fill a large beaker. The ladies’ beaker was not even half as filled as the men’s was. It did not help their cause that they were both wearing high heels at the time which made navigating the stage while balancing the mugs was nearly an impossible feat to pull off. The men won the challenge handily.

They were then given the choice whether to take the prizes on offer or punish the ladies. They chose the latter. The women looked at each other and laughed, looking very embarrassed indeed. It was revealed that the punishment would be a trip to the gunge tank.  What made matters worse for Ellie was, at this time, her partner was then given a choice. She could either choose to go in the tank with Ellie or a team or she could get out of it, on the condition that Ellie would then have to receive twice the gunging. She and Ellie looked at one another. Ellie made sad eyes at her, pleading for her not to weasel her way out of it. The woman looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. “I am so sorry, but I will have to let Ellie take the double gunging. I apologize sincerely.” “Traitor,” she joked,” No, I don’t blame you actually, I probably would have made the same choice, to be perfectly honest with you.”

Ellie was then led to the tank. The door was opened and she climbed in. She was wearing a very sexy looking black skirt and pink blouse that showed off her gorgeous figure. She took her seat and crossed her legs as the tank door was shut behind her. She turned around and gave a panicked look. She slapped the door of the tank with her hands, mimicking as if she wanted to be let out. She then shrugged her shoulders and relaxed a bit. It was then shown that a second helping of gunge was being loaded into the tank above her. It was pink to go with the green gunge that was already loaded in above her. She looked up as it was poured in. 

The men were going to get to do the honours. “The men have won today and now they get to have their reward. Unfortunately for Ellie, it will come at her expense,” the host said. Ellie gave two thumbs down. The men smiled as they were shown the release lever. Ellie’s partner gave a false frown and waved to her as she looked up. “Ok guys, I hope you enjoy doing this. When you are ready pull the lever and release that gunge all over Miss Taylor there.” The two men smiled evilly. Ellie looked up as they gleefully pulled down as hard as they possibly could on the lever. 

She screamed as the gunge poured down over her head. You could see her mouthing the words,” Oh no. Oh my God,” as the gunge fell down upon her. It poured onto the top of her head. Soon the top part of her head all the way down her forehead was completely covered in slimy gunge. She pushed her hands across her face to pushed the gunge away from her eyes and hair, but all that served to do was to allow more gunge to pour directly down upon her face. Her dark hair was covered. Gunge rolled down her nose, cheeks, mouth and chin and then down her neck and chest.

Gunge plopped down onto her shoulders and chest. It oozed down her top and over her skirt. Gunge poured down her legs as well. She could feel it sloshing all over her body. She ran her hands over her slimy arms and legs. She closed her eyes as the second helping of gunge poured down upon her. Everyone in the studio was laughing including her former partner. The men were loving the chance to dump gunge all over the sexy comedienne. 

Finally the gunge ceased. Ellie stood up and was allowed out of the tank. Her top hand gone almost see through. She flung her head around, swinging her hair, tossing gunge off in all directions. She shook her head. She looked over at the men and her former partner and pointed at them. “You, you did this to me. I am going to get you for this,” she joked. The camera then panned up from her heels to her head, showing the full scope of the gunging that had been delivered.

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  1. LOVED IT! LOVE ELLIE TAYLOR! Such an excellent story! We need a fake gunging pic of her!