Saturday, 1 October 2016

Brooke Kinsella does it for charity

Brooke Kinsella does it for charity

Brooke Kinsella had been on Eastenders during one of their golden periods for attractive females. She played the friend of characters played by people like Michelle Ryan and Pooja Shah. She had not been in the spotlight for a while. She had experienced some tragedies in her life that made her step away from the limelight. She still was incredibly attractive and a minor celebrity. She sometimes appeared on daytime and early morning shows. She was involved heavily in charities involving the issues that had effected those closest to her. She was a really good ambassador on their behalf. She spent a good amount of her time trying to raise money for these causes. When the chance came to take a seat in the gunge dump for charity, she did not hesitate to volunteer to do this. She hoped that people would dig deep and want to see her covered in gunge for charity.

She set up a special device called the gunge dump for the event. She would be the one to sit in it and take the gunging of a lifetime. She would do this if the right amount of money was raised for the charity. Of course, the target was easily met when people heard what would happen if it was. Loads of people wanted to see this happen. It was going to look incredible. Brooke was going to look amazing drenched in sloppy gunge.

On the day, she wore a pair of grey shorts with bright pink trim and a bright pink tank top. Everyone was looking forward to this day. It was going to be a very enjoyable day for everyone involved. Brooke had her hair tied back in a ponytail. Brooke was placed into a very special seat that was created for her. Her legs were spread apart. Her ankles and wrists were strapped into place. She awaited the mess that was about to fall onto her.

Above and around her were gunge balloons as well as a huge plastic box full of gunge. There were also gunge jets below her and to the sides that would squirt gunge onto her as well. She was going to be getting gunge from every direction. Before it started, she said a few words. “I want to thank everyone for donating to this wonderful cause. It is money well spent. I hope you enjoy seeing what is about to happen to me. It is about to get very messy.” Everyone gave her a hearty cheer.

It was time for the gunge to start to be dispersed. Some young people that the charity helped got to do the honours of triggering the machine. Together they pushed down on the release button that started the gunge. As soon as it was pressed, some bouncing noises were heard and the balloons began to burst all around her. One after another they began to burst. They exploded all over. She yelped as a rainbow of different coloured gunge plopped down onto her. Bits of the balloons fell onto her as well. There was light blue, bright green and orange that fell upon her. She was soon dripping in gunge. It rolled down her fake tanned legs and body. Her clothes were drenched. Her tank top went almost see through revealing her black bra underneath. Bits of a red balloon dangled from her fringe.

The gunge jets then went off. They sprayed her in green, yellow and pink gunge. It flew up all over her legs and shorts and then over her chest and face. She was soon drenched. The whole time, she was laughing hysterically, as were the majority of the audience. The jets continued to spray as the big plastic gunge box opened and dropped a load of thick pink gunge straight down over her blonde hair and down her face and chest. It was thicker than the other gunge as it flowed smoothly down her face and body. She was covered from head to toe in sloppy gunge. She looked like a human rainbow. There were streams of different coloured gunge everywhere all over her body.

Finally the gunge slowed to gunge drips and she was allowed out of the chair. She stood up and let the gunge flow down her body. She laughed and smiled. She said in her sassy London accent,” I love a bit of gunge me.” Everyone applauded her for her efforts. She did not go and get cleaned up however, straight away. She spent quite a lot of the rest of the day covered in the gunge. Truth be known, she enjoyed the way it felt upon her. She would suggest that this event be repeated once again, she enjoyed it so much and it had been such a success. No one would argue with her about that.

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