Friday, 7 October 2016

Christina Aguilera Dirrty

Christina Aguilera Dirrty

Christina Aguilera had not been able to resist the urge to incorporate her sexuality and sexual desires in her music over the years. She could be quite naughty when she wanted to be. Her song Dirrty was not just a gimmick, it was who she really was. She loved food as well. Later on, she got a bit chubby as a result, but was still very sexy all the same. She was a bit of a secret wammer for a long time. She was a fan of messiness, to be sure. She had secretly wanted to get messed on television for years, but never had the opportunity. The opportunity was about to come up. When the opportunity arrived, she jumped at it. 

She and Let Her Have It were all too happy to agree for her to make an appearance. She came on the show dressed in a very small, partially see through outfit that had tassels and little chains all over it. It looked almost like an s and m outfit, but was mainly white. She was covered in layers of fake tan that appeared almost sticky. Her makeup was a little bit garish. She looked really good though. She looked very happy to be there as well. She was looking as sexy as she possibly could.

She was welcomed to the show and joined Mr. G. on the couch. “So, Miss Aguilera, a very warm welcome to you. How do you feel about being here today?” “Are you kidding me? I am a girl who released a song called Dirrty. That was no accident. I love it. There was a not so subtle hidden meaning in that song. Can you guess? I love WAM. I love mess. I have wanted to be on a show like this for years. I mean it’s hot. Is it not? People love it, they just don’t admit it. I have wanted to get messy for a very long time. The idea gets me so hot, I have to say.” “Well, it is great to hear that. I hope that it lives up to your expectations.” “Oh I am sure that it will,” she replied with a smile. 

He then announced that there was going to be sort of S and M style messing for Christina. There was a big board with various holes and chains attached to it. Christina ran right over to it enthusiastically. Mr. G. chained her wrists and ankles to the board. She spread her legs. She was chained up to the board and ready to go. She was smiling ear to ear. She then shouted out that she wanted to get “Dirrty”. She was encouraged to sing the song while the gunging was about to begin. She did this. She began to sing her famous song. The music started in the background. She would continue to sing while mess came to her.

With that, she began to be sprayed with thick black gunge. It began to spray all over her body. She was being washed down with the stuff. It looked like it was flowing through a hose or spray cannon. She closed her eyes as the mess began to spray all over the front of her body. It sprayed down her stomach, legs and chest. It began to soak her all over. It could be seen flowing down the length of her body. She sang and moaned as it was sprayed up and down her body. She was, clearly finding this very pleasurable. There was definitely sexual elements to what was going down. The black gunge continued to spray as different messes came at her.

As this was happening, pies began to fly at her. One after another flew at her and splattered all over her body. They came and plopped on her thighs, waist, crotch, chest and shoulders. A few then splattered into her face. Her body was soon covered in a layer of creamy pie. The black gunge continued to flow. 

This pink gunge then began to fall all over Christina’s head. She continued singing with expanded lyrics. “I’m Dirrty, there’s mess all over my body.” The sloppy mess plopped down her head, over her face and then down her shoulders and chest. It completely covered the top half of her body. Brown gunge then was flung all over her body as well. The mess dripped down her hair and face. She was covered from head to toe in the mess.

She as then let down. She reached around her shoulders and dropped her dress to the floor. She was almost totally naked. She then grabbed a few pies and began to pie herself. She pushed some into her face and into her body. She put her hand between her legs and all over her body. She massaged her messy body. 

She took a microphone and shouted. “I’m Dirrty bitches.” She licked her lips. This was one of the sexiest things she had ever done. She was extremely turned on by this.

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