Saturday, 8 October 2016

Tamara Chambers Down with bullies

****Just a note*** Tamara Chambers is awesome. She is amazing and I like everything about her. It is sickening that she has been bullied. She is gorgeous as well. If she ever read this or heard about it, I would not want her to be offended or to think that it is meant as negative towards her. It is a complient really. I hope that makes sense.****

Tamara Chambers Down with bullies

Tamara Chambers is a young lady who is involved in some very cool Youtube channels. She is funny and very cool. She got a lot of stick for her looks by scumbags. Tamara Chambers is a very attractive, very sexy woman. She experienced people being mean and cruel to her online in comments sections. It was ridiculous. The people responsible for doing it were pathetic losers who had nothing better to do than to leave people ugly hateful messages online for no reason. On top of that, they were wholly wrong. She was gorgeous. She had a curvy figure, but the majority of reasonable people would see this as attractive. 

In the videos, she was always very funny and was willing to look a bit silly. There were many times that she would do silly things. She was someone who found WAM very funny. She was someone who was very willing to take a part in things like this. She was approached to work in partnership with Mr. G. and other organisations  to organise a huge anti-bullying campaign. She, of course, had experienced it herself in the very recent past. She realised the impact that this had on people. On top of that, there was a chemistry between her and Mr. G. . The two found one another very attractive. They were looking forward to getting to be close to one another.

When the two met the each other for the first time, the first thing that Tamara said to him was,” I want to get messy for this,” in a very serious voice. She then smiled and laughed in a very cheeky way. This was going to be a big part of the festivities. Mr. G. told her,” I’m sorry about what they said about you. They were very wrong. You have an amazing body. They must be blind.” Tamara blushed. “Oh yeah. Play your cards right and you might get to see a lot more of it.” There was a lot of not so subtle flirting going on between the two. As a part of promoting the cause, Tamara agreed to take a messing for the cause.

When the day came though, right before it was about to happen, she grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close. She whispered into his ear. “I’m doing this on one condition, the dirtier I get out there, the dirtier we are going to get afterwards.” She pulled him closer and the two kissed passionately.

She wore a black tank top and a pair of green and white shorts. Her lovely body looked really sexy in those clothes. They were tight fitting and showed off her curvy figure. Mr. G. came out first. He talked about how terrible bullying, trolling and everything like that was terrible and the effect that it had on people. This day was arranged to raise awareness and to help to stomp it out as much as possible. He announced that as a special treat, the lovely Tamara Chambers was going to be getting a messing for all to witness. He then welcomed her to the stage. 

She talked as well about bullying and the terrible experiences that she had with online bullies. She said that she was more than happy to get messy to help make sure that bullying be eliminated forever. She took Mr. G. by the hand and was led over to a pillory. She smiled as she bent over and was secured in place. She raised her eyebrows and gave an exaggerated excited yet worried look. She pushed her backside against his body. “I bet you are getting a fantastic view of my ass right now,” she joked. She then thanked everyone for turning up and said that she hoped that they enjoyed seeing this.
She wanted Mr. G. himself to do the honours. He started with a chocolate cream pie. He took it in his hand and walked over in front of her, holding it in front of her face so that she could see it. “I am so going to get you back for this later,” she joked. She closed her eyes and braced herself as he thrust the creamy pie straight into her face. He twisted it around. The pillory meant that there was little give. 

The pie hit her in her face full force. He rubbed it around and then released it. When he let go, graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding and creamy topping rolled down her face. Everyone applauded and laughed as they saw Tamara covered in chocolaty pie. He then took a second, almost identical pie and this time went around to the other side. He then thrust the pie into her chubby backside. It rolled into her shorts and underwear as well as down her shorts and down the backs of her thighs and knees. Bits of crust stuck to her behind. When it made contact, she was pushed slightly forward and let out an “Ohh,” noise. 

He then took a large bucket of banana puree. It was thick and sloppy and actually had slices of banana inside of it. He held the bucket over her. “Oh my God,” she said,” This is going to be so messy.” She squealed as she felt it tip all over her body. It fell over her back, down her chest and down her bottom. It dripped from her breasts. He then poured more over the top of her head. It coated her dark hair and dripped down her nose and chin. “It feels so squishy,” she said. She was adorable. She was extremely cute and very endearing. She squished her feet in the mess as it rolled down her body.

Next to come was big blender filled with strawberry milkshake. It was very pink and very cold. She told him,” Go ahead, dump it on my tits. Don’t be shy.” He pulled open her tank top and dumped some of the milkshake straight inside of her tank top. She did not really have a bra on, so the milkshake was all over her large breasts. She squealed. He then let go of her top, leaving it filled with milkshake. He then poured more over her back and then over her head. The pink mess dripped everywhere upon her body.

So far the mess had been pretty much on the pleasant side. That was about to change. He pulled out a container of beans and told everyone what it was. “Oh no, beans. No way,” she laughed. He held the container over her head. She looked upwards and grimaced as the beans poured down upon her head and down her face. He then moved the beans back and forth over her body. They dripped everywhere upon her, soaking her clothes in bean juice. She could feel beans all over her body. 

Mr. G. then asked for everyone to give Tamara a big hand. He let her out of the stocks. She laughed and took a bow. She wiped some of the beans and mess from her hair and face. She was a total mess. “That was certainly messy,” she said. She then wrapped her arms around Mr. G..

The two then took each others hands and walked off stage. She wrapped her messy body around him. She whispered into his ear. “I just got covered in beans. It’s going to be a very long night, in a good way. Let’s get out of these clothes,” she said.

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