Saturday, 15 October 2016

Nicole Eggert Gungewatch

Nicole Eggert Gungewatch

Nicole Eggert had been incredibly sexy all her life. She had started on Charles in Charge and then moved on the Baywatch. She had long platinum blonde hair and lovely tanned skin. She had a gorgeous face and an amazing body. When she got older she had breast reduction surgery and had put on a lot of weight, but she was still gorgeous. She was a lovely person as well. She was very sweet and incredibly introspective considering where she had come from. 

She was asked to appear on a nostalgic messy quiz show. Her opponent was Alexandra Paul whom also starred on Baywatch with Nicole. The two were going to be locked in gunge tanks opposite one another. The quiz was going to be about the show. Each time that someone got an answer correct, gunge would be dumped into the opposite person’s tank. When that tank was filled, it would release the gunge down upon the lady below. The two women, though now older, were dressed in bathing suits similar to the ones that they used to wear on Baywatch. The two would battle to avoid the gunging. Nicole looked very attractive.

Alexandra was an incredibly intelligent person. She had an amazing memory. Nicole had very little chance to win the quiz. As it turned out, it would be a clean sweep. Five in a row for Alexandra. Each time, a layer of gunge dumped into the tank above Nicole. Each time was a different colour. It looked like a rainbow. Green, pink, purple, orange and blue filled the tank. Nicole looked more and more worried as it filled above her. She laughed and grimaced, looking upwards at the tank. She bit her bottom lip and pretended to bite her nails as she realised that she was about to get messy.

When the last layer of gunge was poured in, the bottom immediately gave way upon her. She looked up as the rainbow of layered gunk fell from above and landed all over her smooth blonde hair and rolled down her face. Alexandra leaned over and laughed as gunge poured down over the former Baywatch beauty’s head. She shook her hands as gunge rolled down her chest and legs. It managed to pour over every part of her sexy body. The near perfect blonde was soon doused in sloppy gunge. She shook her head as gunge continued to pour down upon her. She could do nothing but close her eyes and wait while the gunge poured down upon her. Alexandra laughed hysterically as her co-star was gunked.

It seemed to pour for ages and ages. Each layer poured and mixed as it dumped over her. He rubbed her hands on her arms and legs as the slimy mess dripped all over her. She took a deep sigh. Eventually the gunge slowed to a drip. She rolled her head back and splashed gunge everywhere. She smiled and laughed. “Hey, it feels very good actually. I really didn’t mind that, I have to say. How do I look?,” she joked, posing in the gunge. She watched herself on the replay and applauded. She blew some kisses. 

She was someone that many a young man in the late 80’s and early 90’s would have fantasised about gunging. Her time had finally come.


  1. Very hot! I love it.

    1. Glad you liked it. She looks a lot like one of my exs.