Friday, 23 September 2016

Angelina Jolie Gunge Your Ex

Angelina Jolie Gunge Your Ex

Angeline Jolie had been married to Brad Pitt for many years. They knew each other very well. Now, they were getting a divorce. There were hurt feelings on both sides. Mr. Pitt was a heart throb, but in this relationship he put up with a lot over the years. He had taken his share of ear bashings over the years. Angelina was quite a nag, truth be told. She was a right moody cow who could be stroppy at a moment’s notice without needing much of a reason. He had put up with quite a lot in his time with her. They were one of the highest profile couples in the world. There was no doubt about that. Their split was less than amicable. They were a prime target to appear on gunge your ex. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, the couple agreed to appear on the show. She agreed because she wanted to emasculate her husband publicly as she had done privately so many times in the past. Of Course, he wanted to be on the show, to finally get his own back on his shrew of an ex-wife. The truth was that he deserved to get some measure of payback. It was all out war between the two and it would come to a head on the silly little show known as Gunge your ex. It would be one of the highest rated episodes of all time. Everyone wanted to see this. They wanted to see them air their dirty laundry.

Angelina wore a tightfitting black dress on the show. She looked overconfident to the point of arrogance. The two were introduced and they came out on separate sides of the stage. The atmosphere was so unpleasant and nasty that they had to be shot in separate studios for the quiz portion of the show. They could not bring themselves to even look at one another in the eye. They could not see or hear each other. They would only see one another from a distance when the punishment was being carried out. In the meantime, during the introductions and all through the quiz, Angelina repeatedly made barbed jibes at her soon to be ex-husband. He just looked determined. As always, they were asked a series of questions to see who knew the other one the best. Throughout, Angelina’s answers were constantly worded to insult Brad. Brad on the other hand was focused on getting the questions correct. Both were placed in plastic sound proof booths. 

This time was slightly different than other episodes as they were separated. They would only know how well they did until the end. At the end the scores would be announced and both would hear at the same time. Each were asked five questions about the other. The two were married for years and knew quite a lot about one another, so they both did quite well. This made each one even more confident that they would be the one who would be the winner. 

It finally came time to reveal the final scores. The sound was opened to both of them. They both looked very intense and quite nervous about the result. Both were desperate to win. It was time to hear the scores. “Ok, here we go,” the announcer said,” You both did very well. It was very impressive on both of your parts. We can now reveal that Angelina got three questions correct. Brad, on the other hand, got four questions right, making him the winner.” He smiled happily. Angelina tried to look calm and cool, but it was obvious that she was steaming mad. She swore under her breath, but tried not to let her annoyance show. Brad was congratulated. He was now going to be given the golden opportunity to do what he had dreamed about doing to his wife for so many long years. She gave a little clap and smirked.

He then was allowed to stand up and climb up onto a platform above Angelina’s head. She was completely unaware that he was up there and was not aware of what was about to happen to her. She nervously smiled and swore under her breath to herself. Then, in a n instant a torrent of what looked like burger sauce dumped down upon her. She shrieked at the shock of what happened. The saucy mess was bright orange in colour. It poured down her face and shoulders. It streaked down her face, over her dark hair and right over her famous lips. She did not really know where it was coming from exactly except that it was coming from over her. It poured down her shoulders and down her front.

The substance then changed to what appeared to be baked beans. Large blobs of baked beans fell from above onto her face and body. She spoke softly to herself saying how disgusting this was. Blobs landed on her shoulder blades, on her chest and on top of her head. Another fell straight into her face. She raised her hand as she struggled in the mess. She thought that she might get a momentary reprieve, but the mess kept continually pouring on top of her. The beans soon changed to creamy macaroni and cheese followed by tuna casserole. Large chunks of the sloppy mess plopped down onto the Hollywood A-lister. She knew that there was no way that she would be living this down anytime soon. It was plastered all over her body. She laughed a bit in embarrassment.

Gravy then poured down onto her from above. It was a solid wave of the stuff. It poured down like a brown waterfall, covering everything in its path, meaning everything in its path in a layer of sloppy brown gravy. It dripped down one of the most famous faces in the world. 

That was followed up by a cascade of soggy, sloppy leftover spaghetti. It tumbled down on top of her from above in all directions. It landed with a sickening plop onto her head and shoulders. She recoiled in repulsion. She pushed a load of it off. She was aghast that the disgusting mess was all over her. The way she was left looking was something not to be forgotten.

She was left to sit there struggling in the slop. She was completely dirty and dishevelled. She looked humbled and utterly defeated. She had a muted frown upon her face. Brad looked down and smiled to himself. She had thoroughly deserved what she had just gotten. He looked very satisfied indeed. The slow motion replay was shown over and over again.


  1. Very topical! Excellent story, keep up the good work.

  2. Could you do a special cast reunion story on the TV show City Guys with Marissa Dyan (Cassidy) and Caitlin Mowrey (Dawn) with them talking obnoxiously like schoolgirls throughout the show resulting in Marcella Lowrey (The Principal) coming out to give them a special "detention"? Caitlyn, who played the teacher's pet on the show, sucks up to The Principal to a disgusting degree and pins all the blame on Marissa to worm her way out of the punishment at first. She gets to gunge Marissa, to her personal satisfaction, but as she gloats, to her horror, The Principal declares that no-one likes a tattletale, and Caitlyn receives a severe comeuppance getting covered with gunge and getting many pies planted in her smarmy face?

  3. Could I also request a story with Smallville actressess Erica Durance, Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Laura Vandervoort, at a special fan lunch meet and greet? While shy and quiet actressess Kristin is talking to the fans, Erica decides it would be hilarious to publicly humiliate her with a pie to the face. Kirstin fires back, but Erica ducks and someone else gets hit prompting a huge food fight. Although targeted, Erica uses her athleticism and quick reflexes to avoid any mess, while also managing to mess many targets herself. She even starts to use dirty tactics to escape the mess, such as forging an alliance with Allison but betraying her and using her as a shield as required. While she stays clean until the end, gloating all the time, Erica does finally get outsmarted at the very last minute and gets splaterred much to her upset.