Saturday, 17 September 2016

Laura Trott donate here

Laura Trott donate here

Laura Trott was involved heavily in charity and Olympic work. She was an Olympian who had been very successful. She also liked to use her fame to try and make a difference in the world. She also was fun loving and always up for a laugh. When she was approached by one of the charities that she helped with about the possibility of getting gunged to raise money for the charity, she was all for it. It seemed like fun. It was also a way to raise a large amount of money for the charity. People would certainly donate money to see this happen. A webpage was set up and advertisements went out all over social media and beyond. The message of donate money and see Laura Trott getting gunged was broadcast far and wide.

The charity reached and surpassed its goal in a matter of days. The amount of the donations that came in were enormous. Laura was going to have to take a huge gunging to reward everyone for their donations. The gunging was going to take place in a sports field where Laura trained sometimes. Her friends and family all turned up to watch this happen. They were all too pleased to witness this special event. 

Laura wore a Team GB style outfit with shorts and a t-shirt. She was wheeled in in a bathtub to the applause of everyone watching. This was also being broadcast live as well for all to enjoy. She had her hair back. She waved and smiled. Her fiancé, also an Olympic athlete was all too happy to do the honours of gunging his wife to be. Gunging his future wife was going to be an absolute pleasure. She could be a bit of a moany whiner at the best of times, although not a serious mean sort of way.
Laura thanked everyone for turning up and for donating to such a good cause. She said that she really believed in the cause and would be willing to take a million gungings if it meant helping those in need. Everyone cheered. They admired her selflessness, but really were more interested in seeing her strewn with gunge. Buckets were lined up for her fiancé to use upon her.

He picked up the first one as everyone cheered. Laura closed her eyes and grimaced. Her fiancé gave an evil smirk as he lifted the bucket and began to pour the contents over his future wife. The gunge was somewhere between a dark pink and purple. It almost had what looked like a little bit of glitter in it that made it sparkle. Everyone let out a huge cheer as it made first contact with the top of her head. It plopped downwards straight onto her head then bowed over each side. It instantly overwhelmed her blonde hair. It rolled down her nose and down into the tub onto her legs and shorts. It then poured down the sides of her face and over her shoulders. He then poured more over her back and down her arms. She looked up and stuck her tongue out on the side of her mouth, making a funny face. Gunge covering half of her head. 

When that bucket was empty, he moved on to the next one. This one contained green gunge. Again, it had a bit of a sparkle to it.  He gleefully began to dump the slimy gunge over his fiancé into the tub. It rolled down the front of her short and onto her shorts. He then poured more onto her head and over her face. He did his best to cover her as thoroughly as he possibly could in the slimy mess. It was strewn all over her already. She was already covered in thick layers of slimy gunge.

The next bucket had a mixture of both red and blue gunge. Again, it had a sparkly look to it. He began to pour it over her bent legs and then over her body and head. She held out her hands and lifted her shoulders as she was inundated with the slimy mess. She was covered in blobs of gunge from head to toe. The bathtub was half filled as well. She just smiled and shook her head.

When it was all over, she stood up and waved to everyone, letting some of the gunge drop from her person. She took a bow. She had some pictures taken. She gave two thumbs up. “It feels kind of nice actually, on such a hot day, it really cools you down.” She took the whole thing in good spirits. She was genuinely pleased about the money that it had generated for the charity, as well.

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