Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Britney Spears High Slime

Britney Spears High Slime

Britney Spears had been on many Kid’s Choice Awards in the past. There were dozens of opportunities for her to get messy, but it never happened. At times, there were rumours that it would happen, but it never did. She had done everything she possibly could to avoid it happening. She thought of herself as the ultimate star. She knew how attractive she was. She was, arguably, one of the most attractive and recognisable women in the world. Her little sister had been employed by Nickelodeon for many years as well. She had lobbied hard for her sister to be on the receiving end of some mess many times. She was always unsuccessful, because Britney was always able to use her pull to get out of the situation. There were even a few occasions when she had said that she would take part in a sliming and it was meant to happen, but she pulled out at the last minute. Her luck was about to finally run out.  

Her sister, Jamie Lynne Spears enlisted the help of quite of few of Britney’s Hollywood friends to help her finally make sure that Britney would finally get what she deserved. They were not going to let her get away clean this time. They kept it a tightly guarded secret so she had no chance to get out of it this time. She was up on stage presenting an award with her sister. The two were reading the prewritten comments from a teleprompter that they had practiced. Jamie Lynne suddenly went off script. The teleprompter suddenly was displaying totally different words than they had rehearsed.

 Jamie Lynne went on reading them. They were all about slime. “You know Brit, the best part about the KCA’s is definitely the slime wouldn’t you say?” “Oh yeah, it is so much fun. Everyone loves to see a good sliming.” “It is the highest honour to be slimed. I think every star in Hollywood wants to be slimed deep down. It is right up there with winning an Oscar I think. And everyone wonders going into the show who will it be? Who will be the lucky one this year?” Britney was beginning to get a little bit nervous at the tact of this conversation. She was starting to worry. “Oh of course, it is what everyone is wondering right at this moment I am sure.” “Sometimes the person getting it doesn’t even know it will be them. Like right now.” Britney looked at her sister. “Guess what? It’s you. Surprise.” Jamie Lynne pushed her sister over slightly. She was wearing a very revealing black outfit. It showed off her near perfect tanned toned body. So much skin was on show. “What?,” she said. 

She quickly tried to get away, but a lot of her Hollywood friends blocked the exit off stage so she could not get away. Jamie Lynne blocked the other way. She could not get away. “Please, no, you can’t. I’m Britney. I am the biggest star. No please don’t.” She squealed like a spoiled brat. The slime then began to pour down over her. The cheers were deafening. Everyone wanted to see this. They wanted to see this badly and they wanted to see it for a very long time. They were finally going to witness the ultimate sliming. Britney Spears was actually getting slimed in front of everyone. She did not like it one bit. Not so much because of the actual sliming, but because of the public embarrassment that it entailed. 

This looked like one of the biggest slimings that ever happened as well. They were going to make sure that they would not miss. She would not be able to get away. She was hit by a giant tidal wave of slime from above. It poured down over her. Slime also flew up from below and from both sides. Britney closed her eyes and stumbled around as she was hit by slime in every direction. It exploded over her legs and body and poured over her head and face. It had a bit of power behind it as well. It sprayed and sprayed. It seemed to go on for about five minutes. It was not intermittent either. It was a constant steady stream of slime in all directions that just kept on coming and coming. 

Jamie Lynne and the other jumped up and down and laughed. It was a feeling of total joy that engulfed everyone. Everyone else was just overcome with absolute joy. It was an absolute delight to witness this happen. Perfect, smooth, green slime covering one of the hottest bodies on the planet. The sight of slime dripping and rolling from her near perfect curves was gorgeous. Slime rolled down her abs, down her thighs all over sexy body. She really did look incredible. It happened at a time when she was not wafer thin either. She had a curvy frame. The slime was everywhere. She waved her hands comically. There was no way to deflect much of it. She was completely covered.

When the slime finally ceased, she was left stood on stage covered in slime. “Ladies and gentleman, Britney Spears has been slimed. Looking good Brit.” Britney shook her head and her fist. “I can’t believe this. You got me,” she said. She was overwhelmed with embarrassment and anger. “Go ahead. Laugh it up. I hope you are enjoying this.” Slime dripped all over her body. From head to toe she was covered. She took a bow and walked off stage. Her friends pointed and laughed at her. 

She was forced to give orange carpet interviews like that. Britney has been slimed was the headline all over the world the next day. It was the highest profile sliming, possibly ever, at that time.  

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  1. Wow, epic sliming there! Thanks for doing the request, loved it.