Friday, 2 September 2016

Neve Campbell down on her luck

***WARNING*** The following contains nudity and sexual situations.****
Neve Campbell down on her luck

Neve Campbell’s career fell on tough times. She was no longer getting decent acting roles, in any at all. She had never exactly been an Oscar worthy sort of actress, but she was pretty famous in her day, even if that was in the nineties when things got a bit sketchy at best. She had made some bad choices and had not really invested or saved well. She was now desperate. She was broke and desperate for some work. She wouldn’t do pornography or anything like that, but was pretty desperate. She had been naked on screen before. It didn’t exactly thrill her to do things like that, but sometimes things just had to be done.

Neve read happened to be at a party at one of her rich friend’s houses. She hated these parties, but was actually hoping to meet someone who could do something to help her career. She happened upon a pretty sleazy looking millionaire. He was shameless in flaunting his wealth. He had a god’s gift to women sort of an attitude and quite ostentatious in his spending. Think Donal Trump with a bad beard. He was really flashing his cash. He was like a cartoon character come to life. Neve rolled her eyes. He was a complete scumbag, but he did have a lot of fun and was not shy about spending it.

She took a deep breath as he approached her. ”Hey baby,” she said to her,” You look very fine this evening.” She insincerely began to speak to him. “Well, you are too, I must say. There is nothing like crushed valour and leopard print is there?,” she said. The two exchanged small talk. He was a complete moron, a sexist and an elitist jerk. He was taking an interest in her. When he got comfortable enough, he made her an offer. “Look I have $5,000 to offer you here. I have a certain thing I like to do. I like to pour stuff over sexy women. You give me one hour and that money is all yours. There doesn’t have to be sex or anything else.” Neve looked at him inquisitively,” I tell you what, I’ll do it naked if you make it $10,000.” He could not believe his ears. He thought that he would have some convincing to do, but he happily took her offer. He was very happy about this. In her own way, Neve was pleased as well. She would get paid a lot of money for one hour. She wouldn’t sleep with him or even touch him and would get the money. She was willing and happy to do this. She was not excited or proud, but it would be over in an hour and it was not that degrading.

 She had been nude on the big screen for the whole world to see. This was nothing compared to that.
At this point, Neve had a short chopped, crop hairstyle. It looked quite hot to be fair. It did make her look much more like an average sort of woman though. She did not look like a movie star. It was unclear at this point if the rich guy even realised that she was a Hollywood star. This was pretty degrading either way. 

The two went up to a room in the house that he had commandeered. He had containers and buckets of mess brought up to the room while Neve went into the bathroom and got undressed. He arranged things as she emerged wearing nothing but a silk robe. “Her you go,” she said. She dropped the robe to the floor, revealing that she was fully naked. She raised her leg and let him see her vagina. He asked her to climb onto the bed. She climbed up and got into position. She was on all fours. 

The millionaire grabbed what appeared to be a banana cream pie and approached the sexy star. She licked her lips. She closed her eyes as he took the creamy pie and drove it straight into his face as hard as he. Could. It landed with a splat. He twisted it around in her face. She was humbled by how it felt to be pied like that. Her face was covered in thick pie filling, whipped cream and crust. She did not expect it to feel as it did. He then took a second pie, a cherry one and pushed it into her behind. Her body pushed forward as she felt the sensation of having a pie pushed into her bare backside. It rubbed it around, covering her behind in the sloppy mess. He then took a coconut cream pie and pushed it down onto her head, smushing all over her black hair and pushing down onto her face. Pie crust crumbled down her face. 

He then had her lay down onto her back. She laid back, spreading her legs a bit. He then took a pumpkin and cream pie and pushed it straight down in between her legs. She gave a muted umph noise as she felt the pie smashing against her vagina. He twisted it around, covering her private parts in the unmistakable pumpkin coloured mess. She could not help but squeal as she felt the slimy pumpkin between her legs, right against her womanhood. The little hairs between her legs stood up.
He then took a tub of applesauce and dumped it all over her body. He poured it from her vagina, up her stomach, over her chest and then all over her face and back again. She cupped her breasts in her hands as she felt it slither up and down her body. He then took a similar tub of butterscotch pudding and repeated the action again, only in the other direction. The light brown mess dumped over her, down her body, over her legs. 

He then rammed a cheesecake into her vagina. She moaned as she felt it directly on her private parts. It was a toffee cheesecake. The toffee melted all over her womanhood when it made contact. He finished up by taking an entire sheet cake and pushing it straight down over her, causing it to fall to pieces all over. She was covered in a combination of yellow sponge and multi-coloured frosting, almost immediately. 

She was quite embarrassed. He went to the bathroom for a moment before leaving. He was true to his word though, he left the money there for her. She was allowed to use the ensuite bathroom to clean herself up. She was unsure how she felt about the situation. She was not proud of it, but what she got out of it in the end was certainly worth it, overall.

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