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Laura Jackson fashion report

Laura Jackson fashion report

Laura Jackson was involved in a lot of style programs. She was involved in clothing and fashion quite a bit. She was asked if she would be willing to do a humorous segment for a comedy sketch show where she would be doing a fashion report and would speak as if gunge and mess were the latest fashion craze. She agreed to do it because it seemed genuinely amusing to her. She knew that the result was that she would be “modelling” some of the latest designs in gunge and mess. 

She was dressed in an expensive looking black dress with orange and yellow butterflies on it. She looked amazing. The segment was thrown to her. She introduced herself. “Hello I am Laura Jackson with the latest fashion news. It seems that there is a new trend going around in the world of fashion. It is really gaining momentum. It is very popular at the moment in New York and Paris. I am speaking of the fashion statement that is gunge.” This whole segment was quite amusing. “Yes it is really catching on and I am here to bring you up to date with all of the trends in gunge.”

The segment then began to have cuts. It would cut to her dressed differently. She would explain what she was wearing etc. The first wipe cut to her covered in green slime. It was all over her head and all down her shoulders. The outfit that she was wearing underneath was largely white with orange patterns upon it. There was green slime down her body. “We start with the traditional green slime. Green slime is very traditional. It is a very standard colour. It is tried and tested. It looks good on anyone wearing anything, but you can see how well it goes with a white or orange as well. Green slime is a good starting point. A lot of celebrities have been wearing this sparingly through the years. Usually on special occasions like award ceremonies and things, but this can also be an everyday look. It looks great as just a casual look. You can wear it around the house. It is quick and easy. It is easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. It is a true classic, people have been wearing it for many years.”

The segment cut again. Now Laura’s face was covered in creamy pie. She had a pie tin on top of her head. “Now this look is a classic pie in the face. This look has been around the longest. Stars in the glamourous 1930’s and 1940’s would sometimes wear this. It is a real throwback, but is just as popular today as it ever was. It had a real boom period in the 1980’s and 1990’s as well. It is the easiest and cheapest look to achieve. It is sexy and elegant. It looks good on anyone. It makes anyone outfit look better. It is easy to apply as well. You just take a pie and push it into your face. You apply lightly or heavily according to your taste. You also have the optional pie plate on the head accent. This part is optional, but it is a real talking point and finishes off any outfit beautifully. Always very popular.”

The segment cut again. “Our next look is the lovely and modern orange and red gunge. This is a thick and sloppy gunge. It sticks and covers very well.” Laura was now in the black outfit she started in. She was covered in sloppy red and orange gunge. “This is very popular in Great Britain and Wales at the moment. It is a very unique and bold look. This is something that will really get you noticed. It is a head turner for sure. It is sexy and alluring. It looks great in the summer. It looks great with a skirt or dress. As you can see I am wearing it with a nice black outfit. It looks fabulous. It goes really nice with a more olive sort of skin tone. ”

The segment cut again. This time Laura was covered in a creamy pink gunge. “Our next look is a very feminine pink gunge. As you can see it is creamy and soft. It is a very girly look. It goes great with soft, pale or pastel colours.” This time she was wearing a light blue sundress. “It goes great with a paler skin tone. It is a romantic sort of look. It is a really cute and girly sort of look. It looks good with a fuller figure. This is very popular in Europe at the moment. It can look good on anyone. It just makes you feel lovely.”

The segment then switched again. “Next we have the smooth sloppy gunge. This usually comes in green, yellow or pink. This is the yellow variety that I am wearing now. I am wearing it with an orange t shirt and jeans. It is a very casual look. This is very popular in places like Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a really sexy, but kind of sporty and casual look. It would look great with sports outfits and such. It would look great to wear jogging or in a sporting event.” 

The segment then switched again. This time Laura was covered in gloppy brown gunge. “This final look is the thick sloppy brown gunge. It is for the more adventurous out there. It is quite a flirty, dirty look. It is certainly an unforgettable look. You have to be very confident in yourself to wear a look like this though. It is not for everyone. It produces a jaw dropping effect though. This is something that you wear on a really wild night out. This is something you might wear to a club or with lingerie. It is suggestive of a naughtier side. If you are able to carry it off, it looks fantastic. It really is going the whole way though.”

“So there you have it. I predict that you will be seeing these looks more and more all around the country, especially in high fashion areas. You will see more and more celebrities wearing these looks. They are the new wave in fashion. Back to you in the studio. I have been Laura Jackson with your latest fashion report.”

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