Friday, 2 September 2016

Zara Larsson gunged fake

By request, here is the fake of Zara Larsson. She looks good covered in gunge.


  1. Excellent! Wish it would happen to her in real life!

  2. Could you do a story where a number of present and former TOWIE stars are making a lucrative celebrity nightclub appearence where they set up Lauren Pope to get gunged? It gets announced at at the beginning of the evening that one of them will be getting messed, which causes vain Lauren to try to make a swift getaway, hating the thought of anything spoiling her pristine appearence. But a couple of her friends who are in on it convince her that it's all a set up to get Billie Faiers gunged and not her. Totally convinced, Lauren smugly taunts Billie all night, really loving the idea of her getting gunged while also very relieved that (as she thinks) it won't be her, only to be horrified to learn it's really is her getting the gunge. Leading to Billie and a huge number of TOWIE cast members past and present utterly wrecking Lauren, who hates every minute of the messy ordeal she gets subjected to, being one of the all-time vainest members of the cast?