Sunday, 25 September 2016

Kirsty Allsop in the tub

Kirsty Allsop in the tub

Kirsty Allsop was faced with a daunting challenge. She had agreed to take a part in a show where she was challenged to predict the sales of properties. If she was correct in her predictions over 75 percent of the time she would win. If she fell below 75 percent, she would lose and face having to sit in a bathtub while it was filled with mess. She would have to be within £5,000 of the correct selling price. She was pretty confident that she would be able to do this. She was an expert on property values and had been in the business for many years. Unfortunately for her, this show was being filmed right as the credit crunch happened. This made the market much more unpredictable. It would affect the sales prices of property dramatically. 

Kirsty was going to try her best to avoid the mess. She really did not want to end up covered in mess. She was pretty confident that she would win though. She was so confident, in fact, that she agreed when she was asked to raise the stakes. If her percentage was below 50 percent, she agreed that she would not only get messed, but would do it in the nude as well. She felt that she knew what she was doing and would easily be able to win. She would come to regret her overconfidence before this was all over. 

Unfortunately for Kirsty, the house market was in extreme fluctuation at the time that the challenge was made. Things were very unpredictable at this time. In a normal time, this challenge would have been relatively easy for Kirsty to win, but the financial upheaval changed everything. The bath tub was all set up for her as the results were revealed. A look of absolute shock and horror came onto her face as it was revealed that she was only correct on 45 percent of her predictions. Her mouth fell open. She knew what she was going to have to do and she was not best pleased about it. She was so shocked that she could not even speak. She was totally speechless. She had lost and now was going to have to face the ultimate humiliation. 

She was allowed to go to the bathroom to undress in private. She tried to delay as much as she could, but knew that she could not stay in the toilets forever. After about ten minutes she came waddling out wearing only her high heel pumps. She had her knees together as tightly as she could and she firmly gripped her breasts and vagina in order to try to avoid them being seen. She was relatively curvy for someone in television. She had wide hips and a curvy behind. She was quite voluptuous. The problem she had at this point was that she only had two hands and was unable to cover everything with them. She also was unable to run as she was in heels and she was trying to keep her knees together. Her bare arse was still hanging out for anyone standing behind her to see. She knew that once she got into the tub, she would be able to shield herself slightly better, so she rushed to get into it. She waddled over and quickly climbed in. She did her best to cover up as she lifted her legs to get in. She then lowered herself into place. She was able to cover her lower parts now with her legs and her chest with her hands.  She was as ready as she could be for what was about to happen to her. 

The person who was getting to do the pouring was her sometimes colleague, Phil Spencer. He was going to thoroughly enjoy giving his curvy colleague the messing of a lifetime. He began with rice pudding in a massive bucket. He smiled as he looked down at the naked body of Kirsty. He then began to generously dump the rice pudding back and forth over her voluptuous figure. It rippled up and down the curves of her sexy body. It poured down over her head and then down her flopping breasts. She could feel it all over her, between her legs, on her nipples, on her voluptuous behind. She moaned as she felt it on her thighs and right up against her neatly trimmed vagina. The plopping of the rice pudding could be heard as it fell all over Kirsty. It slathered her hair and rolled over her face.

Next to come was what would traditionally go into a bath like this, baked beans, and lots of them. Kirsty looked up and turned up her nose when she saw that baked beans were next on her menu. She tensed up her shoulders as beans rained down upon her. They rolled over her dark hair and down her face. They then were sensually poured all the way down her sexy body. They rolled down her boobs and down her stomach. They then poured down her legs and into her crotch down to her behind. They were cold and soft. They felt sensual on her body. She gently rubbed some around on herself as if she were in a spa. She did not have to worry too much about her sexy bits showing now, as they were barely visible from the mountains of mess that covered them at this point. She squeezed her messy breasts and thighs.

Chicken curry was next to come for her. It was a dark yellow, almost gold colour. There was rice in the bottom of the bucket as well. It was the cheap frozen sort of chicken curry that was the cheapest that money could buy. Now it was in the process of pouring onto Kirsty’s head and body. The sloppy sauce rolled down her face and hair. Lumps of chicken poured over her chest and back. They stuck all over her. Clumps of rice also poured out and stuck all over her face and body. The sauce clung to her cheeks and nose. She could feel the chunks against her bare flesh. 

Finally it was completed. Later it crossed her mind that she could have reneged on the bet and nothing much would have happened. She was sort of glad, in a funny sort of way, that it happened, because she had, somehow, someway, become slightly aroused by what happened. She would never admit it, but the feel of the sloppy mess on her bare body had made her very turned on. She did not even really understand why that was the case, but her body clearly had enjoyed it.

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