Saturday, 24 September 2016

Jetsun Pema by request

Jetsun Pema by request

This is an old request that I only just got around to doing.

Jetsun Pema was the wife of a king. She was used to a certain lifestyle. She always had the best of everything. She was treated as a queen. She was used to having everything her own way. She was often pictured with Kate Middleton. Kate had faced the royal flush in the past. It was now Jetsun’s turn to face a messing of her own. Kate and her husband Prince William were visiting Jetsun and her husband. Her husband, as a gift of friendship, decided to offer Jetsun to undergo anything that the guests asked. Kate suggested to William that they use the opportunity to get her messy. She thought that this would be a fun idea. It was proposed and all agreed. 

Jetsun was brought to their royal bedroom. She got down onto her knees when she was asked. The couple looked down upon her and laughed. The two each took a cream pie in each of their hands. They stood over the kneeling woman and pushed the sloppy pies straight into her face. They rubbed them around two and a time, smushing creamy pie filling all over her face. She closed her eyes as the pies were pushed into her face and head, smearing all over her jet black, straight hair. The sides of her face were instantly covered in creamy pie. The couple laughed as they pushed four pies into her face simultaneously, covering her neck up in a layers of creamy pie. She smiled and licked her lips as cream and pie crust rolled down her face and chest.

The couple then produced specially made buckets of brightly coloured gunge. They were not going to be too cruel to her, but she was going to get her share of gunge. In the buckets were different colours of slimy gunge. These included royal blue, red, yellow and green. Jetsun was very polite and took whatever was administered to her. The couple each took a small bucket in each hand and commenced ceremonially covering her in the slime.

She bowed her head as gunge was tipped over her head. The smooth slime rolled over her hair and down her forehead and cheeks. It rolled down over the front of her clothes and then down her back. She smiled graciously as the rainbow of gunge rolled down her hair and shoulders and then down her face. Gunge rolled down her nose and chin. It coated her lips and poured down her neck. She was very quiet as the mess rolled over her. Soon she looked like a human rainbow. She was covered from head to toe in the gunge. The couple smiled together at what they had done. They enjoyed every minute of it.

Jetsun stood up and bowed. The two of them bowed back. She twirled around slowly, displaying her gunge covered body for them. She then slowly walked away and exited the room. It was an enjoyable experience for all involved. It was almost like a formal ceremony of some sort or something. Jetsun was not embarrassed. She had quite enjoyed what had happen. She had no shame or anything like that about the incident.

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  1. Can you do a pie in the face edit for Catherine tyldesley and Lucy fallon from coronation street