Thursday, 15 September 2016

Martine McCutcheon short story

Martine McCutcheon short story

Martine McCutcheon was always a prime target for a messing. She was at her peak when there were the messiest shows on UK television. She had always managed to escape clean. She was never really that opposed to the whole thing. It was just a matter of chance. She kind of liked the thought of it deep down, but would never have admitted that to anyone. She certainly would not have asked to be involved in messy situations. She was really cute. She was slightly chubby but very attractive. She was someone who was high on a lot of people’s list of potential victims.

She was heavily involved in adverts for Danone Activia yoghurts. Her involvement with the product opened up some doors to a messy situations. Being around the stuff and talking about it so much, made her begin to imagine other uses for the yoghurt. Potentially naughty ones. The thought of wearing some of the stuff began to creep into her imagination. When the idea of such a thing presented itself, Martine did not object. She did not let on that she was kind of happy about it deep down. 

The commercial was similar to the usual ones at the beginning. The sounds of the theme tune blared in the background. It was “Give me some loving”, I believe. Martine came on screen in a pair of jeans and purple blouse. She began to dance around. She told everyone that Danone was the nation’s favourite yoghurt brand. She then extolled on its virtues at length. It was one of those commercials where she was in a park with a load of other women that were around her own age. It was meant to look fun and exciting. She went on and on about how healthy and amazing the yoghurt was. She then said how much she loved it.

The other women then pounced on her with whole containers of yoghurt. They each had packages of six in each of their hands. It was all the popular flavours; peach, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry and apricot. They all ran towards her and dumped all of the yoghurt over her. Some of them throwing the whole containers at her. She actually disappeared completely under the pile of women as they plastered her in the yoghurt.

When they all pulled away, she was covered from head to toe, splattered in the yoghurt. The different colours splodged all over her. She was giggling and laughing. It was all over her curled brown hair and face. It dripped down her dimples. It was all over her clothes and body. She seemed to be covered in suit of yoghurt. 

She then stood up and looked back at the camera. She took a finger and lifted some of the yoghurt from herself. She then licked it off. “See how much I love it. I just can’t get enough of it,” she said with a smile.

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