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The Fanning sisters

The Fanning sisters

Elle Fanning was Dakota Fanning’s younger sister. Both were actresses. They both were in their twenties at this point. They were both quite cute. The two had a really lovely relationship. They were both quite sweet and nice girls. Elle, however, had a bit of a naughty streak. She loved playing pranks and being silly. At one point, the idea of messing her sister came into her mind. Once it got in there, it would not seem to leave. She began to imagine it all the time. She decided that she had to make it happen. The next order of business was trying to come up with a plan to make it happen. She had to think of a way to trick her sister into the situation where it could happen. 

She decided that she would ask her sister to help her rehearse a scene for an upcoming film that she was going to appear in. The film involved police officers and suspects. Elle told her sister that she was playing a sexy criminal. She convinced her sister to allow her to tie her up for the scene. She had Dakota sit on a chair and have her arms tied behind her back. She told her that in the scene her character had taken a prisoner captive and would be teasing them. Dakota was wearing an all-white linen dress. This would prove to be a big mistake later in the evening. She had no idea, however, what was really going to happen to her on this occasion.

Elle began to read some lines that she had made up. She then said something along the lines of,” I am going to give you exactly what you deserve. “At this point in the movie, Elle’s character would have slapped the other character. This is where Elle would have her fun. Dakota did not expect anything to happen, but her sister, unexpectedly, went in the refrigerator and grabbed a massive chocolate cake. It was covered in chocolate icing made with chocolate fudge. It was ready and waiting for Elle. She took it and walked up to her sister. She repeated the line,” I am going to give you exactly what you deserve.” She then looked down at the cake in her hand and smiled. Dakota’s eyes widened, only now realising what Elle was about to do. “Oh no, wait Elle, please. You wouldn’t…” Elle smiled. “Oh yes I would,” she said. She put her hand upon her sister’s right shoulder. Then, almost straddling her, she jammed the cake right into her face. Dakota shrieked as the cake collided with her face. When it made contact with her head, it exploded in a million directions, all over the place. It splattered the kitchen walls, refrigerator and floor in cake. Dakota’s face was covered in thick chocolate icing and cake. Elle pointed and laughed. She took a bunch of selfies as well. She thought that this was hilarious.

“What the hell did you do that for? What is going on here?,” Dakota protests. Elle laughed,” Sorry, sis. I just can’t resist.” She then took a Victoria sponge type of cake into her hands. The sort that was layered. She put either hand on either layer. She then approached Dakota. “Open wide and say ahh,” she said. She then, in one broad motion, pushed the layers into Dakota’s face and separated the layers apart. She smushed them into her sister’s face. This allowed her to rub the jam and butter cream that was inside of the layers all over Dakota’s face. She ended up with red jam and yellow butter cream all over her face as well as on her blonde hair. She then stuffed one of the layers of sponge down her sister’s cleavage and the other down the back of her dress. “Elle, I am going to kill you,” Dakota said. She was starting to laugh now. She could see the funny side of it, but she was already secretly thinking of ways that she could get revenge for this.

Next Elle took a lemon meringue pie in her hands. This was going to look great on Dakota. Elle smiled and licked her lips as she approached. She leaned backwards and then thrust the pie into Dakota’s face. Her whole face was instantly covered in the thick meringue. Slimy yellow lemon pie filling rolled down her face and chest. She was completely splattered with it. It rolled down her body. Her hair was matted with meringue. The small brown bits on the end, dangling from her fringe. Elle stepped back and watched the lemon mess roll down Dakota. It definitely suited her to a tee. 

She then took a coconut cream pie and thrust that into her sister’s face. The pie crust tumbled down her face and chest. Her sister fidgeted in the chair as the pie was pushed into her face. The force almost causing her to fall backwards. There was only so much give that the chair had. Elle playfully rotated the pie in Dakota’s face. She stuck her tongue out as the pie was massaged in her face. She was totally at Elle’s mercy. It was a strange feeling.

Elle then took a box of custard and ripped it open. She twirled around Dakota and squeezed it out in dollops all over her body. Custard splashed down her legs, on her chest and on her back. She then poured the final bit over her head. Her clothes were now covered in a thick layer of custard and other mess. It dripped from her extremities.

Elle finished her off with eggs and flour. She took a bag of flour in one hand and a series of eggs in the other. She danced around the chair, smashed eggs and sprinkled flour over Dakota as she went. She whistled and sang a little as she did it, messing her sister along with the tune. She sang,” La, la, la, la, la, lala, lala,” over and over and over a again, smashing as she went. “You are such a bitch,” 

Dakota shouted.” When Elle was through, a layer of flour and egg covered the already messy actress.
Elle took loads more selfies and posted them on social media. She was very pleased with the events of the evening. Dakota vowed that she would get revenge, some way, somehow.

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