Monday, 19 September 2016

Natalie Dormer and Nathalie Emmanuel

Natalie Dormer and Nathalie Emmanuel

Natalie Dormer and Nathalie Emmanuel were colleagues on Game of Thrones along with a few other very attractive ladies who will be detailed in a follow up story. The two were doing a talk show talking about Game of Thrones there were also two of their male colleagues appearing on the show. They were some of the more unattractive men on the show. One of them was Peter Dinklage. It was the kind of show where once in a while the guests were asked to take part in silly stuff like stunts and games. It was a show a bit like Jimmy Fallon’s or Graham Norton’s. 

After chit chat about the show, it was announced that there would be a challenge pitting the men against the women. It was a quiz about Game of Thrones that would test how much the teams really knew about the show that they were in. It was also announced that the winners would mess the losers. The men were very much up for that. They found the two young ladies very attractive. Dumping mess on them would be very enjoyable. The ladies just wanted to avoid losing in order to teach the guys a lesson. 

Some medieval stocks set up in honour of the show. It was explained that they would be the losing team’s fate. The quiz was not an easy one. The questions were extremely tough for both sides. It was a very close battle right until the very end. The score was tied at one a piece going into the final round. The ladies got theirs right. It was all down to the guys’ final question. They were not too sure about the answer and had to guess. As luck would have it though, their guess was correct meaning that they had won the game. They danced around and celebrated as the ladies laughed in embarrassment, knowing what was about to happen to them.

The host then led them to the stocks. They leaned over as they were nervously placed in the pillory. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes as the tops of the stocks were lowered into position. The guys were given some wooden barrels to use on the ladies. The host talked a bit in an old time accent saying that they must mess the wenches. They laughed and squealed saying,” Noooo!!!”

The bucket were filled what was called village waste. Some of it was brown muck, some was yellow pig slop, some was made up of vegetable peels and fruit skins and discarded food waste. The men stood across from them. They began to toss mess over them, flinging it at them. It splattered all over their heads and the front of the pillory. The women laughed as it splatted across their faces. The men did this over and over again over the two women. They each had one old style dresses as well. Over and over again the vile mess was thrown their way.

The guys then came closer and dumped barrels of the slop straight down over the ladies’ heads and down their bodies. The poured it back and forth all over them. They took great pleasure in dumping the sloppy mess all over the attractive women. The messy slop rolled down over them. It poured down their faces and bodies. The men than put apples in the women’s mouths just for fun. They then smiled as they enjoyed seeing what they had just done. The women remarked that it should have been the men on the receiving end. They remarked that chivalry was dead.

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  1. another story could you do another story on Helen Glover and make it naked and humiliating maybe the rest of the female olympians get there own back on her for missing there humiliating naked gunging after the london olympics, so they do it after the rio games