Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were close friends and colleagues on Game of Thrones. They had seen what happened to their co-stars, Natalie Dormer and Nathalie Emmanuel at the hands of some of their male co-stars. They had ended up in the stocks and covered in mess. They decided that it looked kind of fun and wanted to get the guys back for what they had done. They challenged them to a rematch. It was going to be on the same show where the first game took place.

They spent awhile before the show goading and teasing the men, saying that they would get them back for their girls and would enjoy messing them up.  Unfortunately, for them things did not go their way in the quiz. This time things were not as close as they had been in the first one. The men swept past them three to nothing. They lost quite badly. The ladies laughed as they realised that they had lost. They knew that they would end up in the stocks.

This time, the stocks were set up side by side. They would be almost shoulder to shoulder. The two of them were made to take the walk of shame over to the stocks. They reluctantly bent over and were locked in place in the stocks. They looked at each other and laughed. They looked up at the guys with pleading puppy dog eyes. The men were given barrels of mess to use upon them. They were overflowing with muck, food waste and slop. At this moment, the women may have been regretting their decision to get into this quiz with the guys. 

They were about to get messed just as bad as their two colleagues had been. The guys were all too happy to oblige. They were told by the host to have at it. They Stood by the women’s sides and began to pour the mess over their heads and over their bodies. They tipped their barrels and allowed the muck to flow forth over them. They ladies closed their eyes as they felt the mess descend all over them. It rolled down their faces and bodies.

The guys then were given two massive creamy pies which they promptly thrust as hard as possible into the women’s faces. They rubbed them around vigorously, covering their faces in creamy pie. Pie crusts descended down their faces and smashed on the ground. The women looked at one another and laughed. This was incredibly embarrassing.

The guys then took more barrels and tossed the contents straight over the ladies. They were filled with discarded food scraps. The mess splattered across their faces and all over the pillories. The guys took the opportunity to tease them about what was happening. They knew that they would have loved to have been on the other side of the situation. They were laughing and joking the whole time though, despite being covered in sloppy mess.

Finally, the guys took too more barrels and placed them in front of the women’s faces. They then thrust them upwards into their faces. They were filled with what very well may have been manure. The women’s faces were pushed into it. When they pulled away, it was stuck all over both of their faces. They laughed and made funny faces. Bits of it fell from their faces onto the ground.

The men were very happy they were 2-0 now. They had gotten to mess up four of their female co-stars on late night television.

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