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Suranne Jones and Helen Baxendale

Suranne Jones and Helen Baxendale

Suranne Jones and Helen Baxendale were starring in short lived television drama series. The two got on very well. There was even a scene where they shared a lovely kiss. It was very sexy. Neither woman was a lesbian or even bisexual, but they did as they were asked. The whole world saw them kissing, who cared to see it. It was a little embarrassing, but it was probably the thing that people remembered most about the series. The series ended, but the two ladies kept in touch. They stayed close friends. 

Before they knew it, it was the ten year anniversary of the series. As a way to celebrate the ten year anniversary, the series was released on dvd and blue ray. The ladies did some talk shows to promote the whole thing. They did the usual touring on talk shows to support the package. Mr. G. decided to invite them onto Let Her Have it. Their agents agreed for them. They were not too sure, but they had no choice in the matter. They were going to be the featured guests on the show and they were going to be getting it good as well. They knew that the famous kiss would be brought up at some point. They knew it would be embarrassing, but they felt that it could be a really good time as well. 

The two wore jeans and blazers which seemed to be a common outfit that they would wear. It also really suited them. Helen’s hair was down, Suranne’s was back. They were welcomed to the show by Mr. G.. As was customary, he talked with them a bit about what they were promoting. They talked about how wonderful the show had been and how much they enjoyed it. They then talked a bit about how all anyone ever wanted to talk about regarding that show was the infamous kiss that they shared. Mr. G. speculated that perhaps this was because it was one of the hottest things ever aired on national television in the history of the world. He was embellishing a little bit for effect. They were slightly embarrassed that this moment got so much attention. Neither were actually lesbians or even bisexual in real life. They did not really enjoy shooting the scene. At least, they would never admit that they did.

It was then time to get down to business. “Well ladies, I suppose you know what our little show is all about and what happens here on Let Her Have it. Might I say, that you two lovely ladies will make very nice targets.” “Um, thanks a lot, I think,” Suranne said. “Today, we plan to get you two nice and messy. Seeing as you two like to be nice and close, we have something special planned for the two of you tonight. It involves getting very close to one another in the process as well as very messy. Come and join me ladies.” The three walked over together a very special sort of gunge tank. There were also a few sets of shackles. He explained that this was set up for them.

The two climbed inside the tank. They faced one another. They then were cuffed together at their ankles. They then were made to put their arms above their heads and were cuffed together as well. Their bodies were pressed closed together. Their legs intertwined. Their jeans pressed together. They looked really uncomfortable with the situation. They could not look each other in the eye. Their faces were so close together though, that they could feel one another’s breath in their faces. “I can’t believe that we are doing this,” they mumbled to one another.

It was now time for the mess to be dispatched. First to come was a series of pie catapults. The catapults began to go off, launching pies through the air at the two women. They hit their target all over the women’s bodies. They smashed against them, creaming where they hit, covering the women’s clothes in creamy pie. They shrieked as they felt the full on force of the pies hitting their bodies.

When the pies had all been launched, a cord was pulled that released an ocean of green gunge down onto the women from above. It poured over them. They shut their eyes as gunge rained over their bodies. It poured all over everything. Over and between them it poured. They were soon soaked in the slimy mess. It oozed its way all over them. They were helpless to do anything as they were splattered in thick sloppy green gunge. It was followed by a layer of thick pink gunge. It dumped down over their bodies, slithering all the way down to their ankles. 

By this time the catapults were loaded again. This time they were loaded with plates of chocolate pudding. Without warning, they began to launch themselves at the women. The plates flew through the air and landed all over their bodies, splattering thick brown pudding all over them. They could feel it all over their clothes. A few collided with their heads, splattering their faces and hair in the chocolatey mess.

When the ordeal was over, the ladies were uncuffed and allowed to step down. They did not look very amused as they wiped mess away from their faces and clothes. They both agreed that though they were friends, they did not want to see one another for a long time after this.

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