Thursday, 8 September 2016

Demi Lovato and Selena breaking the ice

Demi Lovato and Selena breaking the ice

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato had a massive falling out in the past. The two were at loggerheads over stupid stuff. They hadn’t really talked except for bitchy tweets and texts back and forth for a long time. Demi was creating a new album. Her previous album had struggled in the charts. It had not sold very well at all. The record company suggested that she get some help with the album from Selena in order to make the album feel more current and on trend. Selena was a lot more relevant at this time. Demi begrudgingly agreed. Selena would really help her to sell more albums if she was on board. It was down to Demi to contact her and try to persuade her to take part. She knew that Selena would be very reluctant to assist her with anything, considering how their relationship had been recently. 

Demi contacted Selena and the two exchanged calls and texts that seemed to go nowhere. There was no definitive answer from Selena. Around this time, Demi discovered that Selena was interested in sploshing and all things messy. She decided that this might be a good way to persuade her to take part in the album. She called her and made her an offer that she could not refuse. “Look, I will let you mess me any way that you want to for a whole evening, if you agree to sign a contract to help with the album.” Selena was not expecting this, but agreed, of course, without any hesitation. Getting a chance to get payback on Demi for all of the things she said about her was an added bonus. She was all too happy to agree to this. Plus she would always have this to hold over her head. 

Demi had no idea what to expect. She thought to herself that perhaps she had been a little hasty with her choice of words. Anything might have been going a bit too far. She just hoped that it would not be too terrible and then it would be over as quickly as possible. She also did not want anyone to find out about this. She had lost enough face as it was already. 

When Demi arrived at Selena’s place, she was greeted at the door by Selena wearing a very skimpy pvc outfit. It had a garter belt, boots and pvc underwear. She had a riding crop in her hand. She welcomed Demi. Demi was a little bit shocked. “What have I gotten myself into?,” she thought to herself. Demi was a lot more reserved and classy that Selena in general. Her heart was in her throat as she entered the place. Selena led her into a back room. The curtains were drawn and everything was black. There were candles set up and there were various intimidating looking items positioned around the room. The walls had a dark velvety wallpaper on them. It was a very naughty looking room. 

“Ok,” Selena said,” It is time to get started. First, get undressed. Strip down to your underwear.” Demi tried to protest, but it was no use. She had no choice but to sheepishly slowly undress. She was very shy, covering herself as she slowly removed her clothing. She was left sheepishly standing in nothing but a green pair of panties and bra. She held her hands over herself as best she could. She looked very embarrassed. Her skin was a lovely olive colour. She blushed as Selena surveyed the landscape. “Nice, very nice indeed,” she offered. Demi did not say anything or move. Selena then grabbed her by the head and pushed her down to the ground. “Kiss my feet,” she ordered. Demi was mortified. She was disgusted, but she had no other choice but to do as she was told. She leaned over and kissed Selena’s boot. Selena then ordered her to lick it clean. Demi stuck her tongue out and licked the boot. This was beyond humiliating for her.

Selena then made her crawl across the room. She had her stand up. Selena then fastened her rival’s ankles and wrists. Her body was pulled into an x position, spread eagle. She was on display. Selena then reached back with the little whip in her hand and spanked Demi across her backside. Demi let out little moans of pain and pleasure as Selena spanked her bottom. It stung, but it also aroused Demi at the same time. “It’s messy time,” Selena then said.

First, she took out a massive creamy pie. She took it in both hands and moved across the room, teasing Demi with it. She danced with it as she approached. When she got close enough, she pushed the sloppy pie straight up into her former friend’s face. It landed with a splat. She spun it back and forth in her face, dispersing creamy pie all over her face. When she pulled away, Demi’s face was covered in creamy pie. There was a halo of pie around her shoulders and down her chest. Pie splattered all over the wall behind. 

She then took a second, almost identical pie and drove it into Demi’s tight buttocks. It landed with a splat noise on her behind. She let out a moan as she felt the pie thrust into her cheeks. Her sexy behind was instantly covered in creamy pie. Some ran down the back of her legs. She could feel pie crust in between her legs. 

Selena then took cans of squirty cream and began to disperse them up and down the length of Demi’s lovely body. She started at her ankle and worked her way up, covering her body in whipped cream. Some fell off and some melted from her body heat. Selena then took some chocolate sauce and some toffee sauce and began to unload that on Demi’s body as well. She sprayed the brown sweet sauces all over her stomach and chest and all down her legs. She decorated the pop star’s body in the ice cream toppings. They slowly oozed down her sexy skin. She could feel it dripping everywhere all over her body. Selena then squeezed the remainder straight down onto Demi’s head. It rolled down her hair and face. 

Selena then dumped banana puree over Demi. It was thick and lumpy. She poured it over her head in a massive lump of yellow mess. She then pushed both hands in and massaged it all over her body. Demi moaned at the feeling of her touch and the banana mess. 

Much to Demi’s surprise, Selena uncuffed her at this point. “I love this stuff,” Selena said,” It’s your turn next. I will allow you to splosh me a bit.” She took a trifle and handed it Demi. She then guided her hands and pushed it straight down onto the top of her head. The trifle rolled down her silky, straight, jet black hair and face. Selena pushed her fingers into it. She then put her fingers into her mouth, licking and sucking it off of her fingers. 

She then gave Demi a creamy pie. She closed her eyes and whispered for her to pie her. Demi shyly pushed the pie forward into Selena’s face. Selena wiggled her face and bottom. She stuck her tongue out. Her face was coated in creamy pie. “Don’t be shy,” she said,” I can take it. Be as rough as you like.” 

She then gave Demi a large bowl of chocolate pudding. She raised her knee and directed Demi where to pour it. Demi poured the pudding onto Selena. It rolled down one leg and then the other. It was then poured over her chest and bottom and finally over her head. The smooth pudding rolled up and down the gorgeous pop star’s gorgeous body. 

Finally, Selena pulled out two massive, catering sized tubs of melting ice cream. She handed one to Demi and took the other herself. She then pushed her hands in and then plopped some of the ice cream onto Demi’s chest. She motioned for her to do the same. The two spent the next several minutes dumping ice cream all over one another and having a blast.

The two worked together on the album and it was a success. Neither ever revealed what had gone on that evening to anyone else. Both did not want it to get out if possible. The two never argued ever again. The evening really broke the ice.