Thursday, 1 September 2016

Jo Wilson for charity

Jo Wilson for charity

Jo Wilson was a beautiful Sky Sports caster. She was tall and blonde with a really sexy body. She was very good at looking serious and stern. She was a very attractive woman. She was approached about doing a gunging for charity. In truth, she did not really want to do it. It was not something that she would have been overjoyed about. She was quite a serious person and would have felt that things like that were quite beneath her. However, a lot of other celebrities were getting involved and received a lot of good publicity for it. This is what encouraged her more than anything else to get involved. It was for a good cause as well. She decided that she would agree to take part in gunge bucket challenge, similar to the ice bucket challenge. It was to take place outside of the studios and would be broadcast at the end of one of their sports news shows. 

What happened was that when the last taped news story rolled, Jo made her way outside and got ready. Some of the stage crew were going to get to do the honours. There were some pies and buckets involved. It was not a simple one bucket set up. She was very nervous about the whole thing. Throughout, she kept her too cool for the room, stoic face on. She looked, for all intents and purposes, like she was only doing this because she had to and was not really into it at all. She wore a gorgeous blue dress that looked great upon her, but which she had worn before. It was an older dress. She did this so she would not be so concerned if it was to be ruined by the mess that was to be heaped upon it. 

When the story had ended, the show was thrown by one of her co-anchors outside the studios. “It is time for Jo Wilson to get the messing that she promised.” Jo took a deep breath. She closed her eyes as a massive pie was flung straight up into her face. It landed with a splat squarely in her face. Her mouth fell open in shock, not because she was surprised that she was pied, but because she was surprised how it felt. It slammed into her face. The pie tin stuck to her face. She pulled it off aghast. Her face was covered in creamy pie. A second pie then hit her. It smashed into her face and all over her head, landing on top of her head. 

Gunge then began to pour over Jo’s head. It was soft pink. It almost looked like a milkshake. She looked up and closed her eyes as a wave of gunge poured straight down over her face. It splashed onto her face and bounced all over the place. It poured down her head, her face disappearing in a tidal wave of thick gunge. It poured straight down onto her dress, over her breasts and down over her stomach. The whole front of her dress was stained with thick gunge. It covered her blonde hair.
She sighed as the pink gunge ceased, but it was followed, straight away, with yellow gunge. This gunge was thrown on her from in front and below her. It flew up into her face, but a lot of it landed all over her chest and down the front of her dress as well as all the way down her legs. The force and shock of the throw almost knocked Jo backwards. She wiped her eyes as the yellow gunge rolled over her body. 

Another pie was then flung into her face. It landed with a thud in her face. Finally, it was over, mercifully. She was covered from head to toe in gunge and pie. She did not smile or even say much. She just waved. Pie and gunge rolled down her face. She cleared her eyes. She felt as though she looked ridiculous. Her dress was covered in mess. 

Whenever it was mentioned, she would just say that it was for a good cause and would say little more than that. She was not very happy, but could not come out and say that.