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Believe it or not, Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith are mother and daughter. They both had been naked on the big screen in their past. They both had done really sexy roles as well. Dakota was best known for starring in the god-awful Fifty Shades of Grey film. A film that had very mild content considering the subject matter that it was meant to be about. Mind you, her performance looked Oscar worthy compared to that of her co-star. He looked and acted exactly like Chris O’ Donnell from Batman and Robin. In fact, I am pretty sure that he used the line,” Chicks dig the car.” Melanie always played really cute, sexy, na├»ve parts. They both had their share of personal issues though. 

When Mr. G. heard that these two were mother and daughter, he could not resist sending them an invitation to appear on the show. There never had been a mother and daughter gunged together on the show before. They were both quite attractive and unique looking. Even though Melanie was no longer a young Hollywood star, she still looked pretty good for her age, considering. The ladies agreed to appear, because they were intrigued and excited by the idea. Also, they would do just about anything to get on television, so were willing to do this. Dakota had been willing to do Fifty Shades of Grey, even though there was a realistic possibility that it could have a detrimental effect upon her career. It really was not what any professional actor or actress would have wanted to be remembered for, ideally. Even if it was a film that people enjoyed, it was not certainly not anyone in its proudest moment in their career. Both women had also appeared naked or partially naked in films before. Melanie was quite a kinky person and quite a fun one, this sort of thing was right up her alley. She had encouraged Dakota to appear actively. 

When the ladies appeared on the show, they dressed quite modestly. They wore blouses and trousers. They were welcomed to the show by Mr. G.. Melanie gave give quite a big hug. Although she was older than him by quite a bit, she always kind of had a thing for him, although she was married of course. He welcomed them and showed them to the couches where they would have a chat.

“Well, this is certainly a pleasure. You know this is the first time that we have ever had a real life mother and daughter on the show together,” he said.  “Well, it is an honour to be the first. It is great to be here as well,” Melanie said. “You know, I did not really realise that you were even related until just recently. I feel a bit foolish about that. Both of you are pretty big stars in Hollywood and have done tons of big films. You both have shown a lot of skin on screen from time to time. Let’s have a look.” On the big screen behind them two pictures came up in split screen. They were photos of each of the ladies undressed in film roles that they had been in.” They pointed and laughed. “How embarrassing,” they said. “Well, the thing is these were not porn films or anything like that. They are mainstream films that anyone can see. Hundreds of people around the world have seen these films before. Anyway, I have to ask how does it feel to know that you soon will be the first mother and daughter pair to get messed on the show together? ” Melanie spoke up,” I for one am very excited. To be honest I have always wanted to get messy before. It looks like a lot of fun and I bet it feels sexy. 

Dakota is a little more worried, but she will get over it. Nothing can be more embarrassing than the Fifty Shades of Grey film, at the end of the day. “That’s true, it was pretty abysmal. And it wasn’t even all that sexy or explicit. I mean it is a film that is meant to be about sex and s and m and you see no genitals whatsoever. It was like a polished Hollywood sort of thing.” Dakota rolled her eyes. “Hey, hundreds of people saw that and it made the studio millions. That’s the goal at the end of the day. The material was not the best, sure, but they did the best they could with what they had to work with. And anyway, it was not for people like you. It was meant to appeal to middle aged housewives who are sexually frustrated. I think it was pretty successful at that.”

He then moved along in the conversation. Melanie then blurted out that she was looking forward to fifty shades of mess today. Mr. G. assured her that was exactly what she would be getting. Dakota then said,” I tell you what, since you are so into this, why don’t you get in the mess yourself and I can stay nice and clean.” Mr. G. and Melanie both shook their heads and laughed. That would not be happening. “Ok ladies, I think that it is time. Time to get ready for the mess.” “You know what,” Melanie said,” Why don’t we do this in our underwear? It will make it a lot more fun.” Mr. G. and the audience agreed. Dakota could not protest. She had given up most of her dignity appearing in Fifty Shades. 

The two stood up. Melanie eagerly undid her blouse and unzipped her slacks. Dakota did the same, although much more slowly and reluctantly. Melanie had worn special black underwear that was covered in sparkly bit and had some tassels as well on the side and in the middle. Dakota had on pink underwear. Melanie proudly displayed her middle aged figure. She wiggled her hips at Mr. G. She giggled as she wiggled a bit. Dakota sighed. She was more embarrassed about her mother’s behaviour than about being in her underwear. Her mother put her arm around her shoulder and smiled. There they stood in their underwear. Mr. G. stood up and led the way. 

He led them towards a very special area that was set up at the back of the stage. The whole thing was made to look like sort of s and m dungeon. Everything was black and it had all sorts of whips and chains on the wall. There was a special tank set up but it had no doors. It looked as though it was covered in black chains. There were also oversized handcuffs with chains hanging from them. They were made out of plastic and were the Halloween type of chains. He had the ladies raise their hands and he put the oversized cuffs on their wrists, cuffing them together. “I would much rather be cuffed to you,” Melanie said suggestively. “Maybe later,” she whispered in his ear. He sort of wondered if maybe she had a few to drink before the show. Instead she was cuffed to her daughter and led into the tank. The two pushed their underwear clad bodies into the tank. Melanie blew some kisses.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” In a moment the lever will be pulled and you will become the first mother and daughter to get messy together on the show. Are you ready?” “We are so ready. Bring it on. Let us have it,” Melanie said. Dakota closed her eyes while Melanie pumped her fist and chanted. Mr. G. smiled at her enthusiasm.

He then pulled the lever on them. Down onto the women poured tomato sauce. It splashed over them. They shrieked as it splashed and splattered all over their half-naked bodies. It splattered everywhere. Dakota lowered her head. Next to come was some sort of dish that was made mainly of chickpeas. It was probably an Indian dish in a deep brown sauce. It looked nauseating as it poured over the ladies.

 The tank was filled with different layers of mess that fell in transition, one after the other upon them.
Next was what appeared to be oatmeal. It came splashing down upon them, covering them as it poured. It was followed by creamed corn. Thick yellow mess then rained upon the women. It was followed by gravy. The thick yellow mess that covered them was then covered in thick brown gravy. The two rocked back and forth. Their bodies squeezing together as the mess rained upon them. Finally a wave of clam chowder rained down, covering them entirely in lumpy white mess. The mess then slowed to a stop. 

They were allowed to come out of the tank and shed the fake chains that they wore. Melanie smiled and laughed. She blew kisses and tried to hug Mr. G.. She danced around a bit and rubbed the mess around on her body. Dakota sighed and picked mess from her hair. This was not something that she was going to want to put in the family album. Although Melanie had quite enjoyed the entire thing.

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