Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Ellie Crisell short story

Ellie Crisell short story

Ellie Crisell had been on Newsround for many years. She was pretty adorable. She was quite intelligent as well. Surprisingly, there was never any incidents where she was in danger of facing any mess. Considering that she was on children’s television and on CBBC among other things, this was quite surprising. It was certainly something that a lot of people had imagined happening. She was also a nice person. When the idea of a gungy Newsround segment in honour of a charity fundraiser day was brought up, she was more than happy to take part. She wore her glasses and a pink tank top with a jean skirt below.

She started the segment talking about the fundraising and things that other people were doing to raise money for the good cause. She then began to talk about people being gunged for the cause. Clips were shown and she talked about many different people taking gungings on the day all over the length and breathe of the country. Highlights were shown. Ellie praised the people for taking a good gunging in the name of a good cause. She said that they were all such good sports.

She then said that seeing all of those lovely people taking all of those lovely gungings for such a good caused had inspired her to take part herself. “Count me in as well,” she said enthusiastically, giving two thumbs up. With that, buckets of green gunge poured down upon her from above. The wave of thick slime poured onto her from above. It hit the top of her head and splattered off of her in all directions. It seems to pour for ages. It nearly knocked the glasses from her face. She had to catch them and push them back onto her nose. Green gunge poured down her face and body. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be covered.

When the green gunge ceased, there was a momentary pause and it was then followed by a wave of pink gunge, coming down on her in the same way as the first wave did. She threw her hands up as the pink gunge splattered over her in all directions. Gunge was rolling down her arms and skirt. Gunge covered her face. When it stopped she comically made motions as though she was swimming in the gunge. 

“I’m Ellie Crisell. Enjoy the festivities tonight. This has been a very slimy edition of Newsround.” Right after she said that, a third wave of gunge, this time purple poured down onto her. It continued until the segment was over. She waved and said goodbye as the gunge was still pouring down onto her.

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