Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Well I Never

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Well I Never

Sophie Ellis-Bextor was someone who’s looks and fashionable taste in clothing was always at the forefront. She always wore skirts of short dresses. She had amazing legs that she showed off very often. She was quite posh and bit conceited. She was someone who was a perfect target for a messing. She would definitely have made a fantastic target. She never spoke very much. She was a bit like a fashion model, but was a pop singer. She had a decent bit of success. She is not someone who would have wanted anything to do with getting messy. She was someone who would probably never have even seen anyone get messy before. She would have thought that she was above anything like that. All of that made her a prime target for a good messing. 

She was appearing on a talk show, talking about her latest project. She wore a very short burgundy dress. She sat on the couch and crossed her long, sexy legs. She smiled as she was interviewed about her latest show. The show involved dancing. She explained all about it. Truth be known, she really did not want to be there. It was something she had to do for promotion purposes. She looked decidedly disinterested throughout. The host was beginning to find the interview slightly frustrating. Sophie was aloof and noncommittal in her answers as well. Little did she know that they had a very special surprise planned for her. If she had any inkling of what was going to happen at all, she would never have agreed to appear on the show. As it was, she would end up being very angry.

Towards the end of the interview he began to speak to her about herself a bit more. “Miss Bextor, you seem to have always been known for your fashion sense and appearance. You are always impeccably dressed and look out of this world. Your long lean statuesque figure. You look like a statue or a mannequin or something like that. Well, on this show, we like to put people back in their place a little bit,” he said. “You look wonderful, sublime, but we think you will look even better after a little surprise that we have prepared for you.” Sophie fluttered her eyelashes and raised her eyebrows. “Excuse me. Surprise, I have no idea what you are talking about.” “That is why they call it a surprise,” he said,” Surprise!”

At that moment, thick grey gunge poured down onto the statuesque singer from above. She screamed as thick gunge poured down onto her from above. Her jaw dropped. The gunge poured over her head, all over her silky brown, shoulder length hair. It poured down the front of her face and then down her cheeks and the sides of her face. She was pinned to her seat in shock. She could hear everyone laughing at her. She began to get quite stroppy underneath the gunge. Gunge poured down her wide shoulder blades and over her broad back. It poured over her dress, across her chest and down to her lap, Gunge then splattered its way all the way over her thighs and then straight down her long pale calves all the way down to her ankles. Gunge rippled and poured down every muscle and crevice in her sexy body. She kept repeating to herself out loud. “I cannot believe this.” She was bathed in gunge at this point. Her lovely hair was covered. Her face was almost fully covered in gunge. It was dripping all over every part of her body. She was mortified. She was soaked in it. She stuck out her tongue as if to indicate that she was disgusted by what had just happened.

When the gunge finally stopped she began to argue. “I cannot believe this. Well, I never. In all my years. You will be sorry, I will get my solicitors after you lot for this. You have a lot of gall.” As she complained, light blue gunge began to fall over her. It stopped after a brief interval. “You all are going to regret..” As she said this, the gunge started again. When she stopped speaking the gunge stopped as well. “You will be…” As she said that, the gunge started again and then stopped when she stopped arguing. “You have a lot of..” Again, the gunge poured again. It stopped when she stopped speaking once again. This kept happening. The gunge started to dump on her every time she said even one word and it got quicker and quicker. She finally cottoned on to what was happening and decided to shut her mouth.  She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. There was a pause and then a huge wave of continuous gunge began to pour upon her. She flung her hands down in disgust. 

Finally, the gunge stopped. She stood up and comically stomped off set. “A very big thank you to our special guest Miss Sophie Ellis- Bextor,” the host said. He shrugged his shoulders and gave a cheeky look as the show ended.

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