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Jennifer Lawrence Queen of Embarrassment

Jennifer Lawrence Queen of Embarrassment

Jennifer Lawrence has had her share of embarrassing moments, there is no denying that. It was a big part of what made her famous. It happened so much that she had no other choice but to begin to embrace it. It got to the point where public humiliation started to really get her turned on, more and more. The idea of people laughing at her expense began to become quite appealing to her. It was also around this time that she began to watch Let Her Have It more and more. The two ideas began to converge in her head. The idea of getting messy on a show like that began to turn her on tremendously. The idea of having to do it naked popped into her head as well. It was the hottest fantasy she had ever had. She wanted it to become real. 

It was a unique situation, because, although, she would find it to be incredibly humiliating, it was the humiliation part of it that would, in turn, turn her on. She thought to herself that she had to be on the show at any cost. She was very pleased when she was approached to appear. She told them that she agreed to be on the show under one condition. That condition was that she would have to be naked as well. They were taken aback by this, but, of course, agreed to the stipulation. Who would say no to Jennifer Lawrence offering to get undressed? No one would say no to that. Jennifer wore a low cut greyish silver dress on the show. She looked at herself in the mirror before the show. She smiled and thought to herself how amazing this was going to be. She was already quite aroused, to the point that she was unsure if she would be able to hold her excitement in. 

Mr. G. started the show off. He announced that the theme of the show today was going to be embarrassment. It was going to be an embarrassment special, so to speak. He then said that the first special guest was someone who knew quite a bit about public embarrassment. She had turned it into an art form of sort. He asked everyone to welcome the one and only Jennifer Lawrence. She entered, waving, with a smile beaming across her face. She walked over to Mr. G.. She shook his hand and gave him a hug. The two then walked over to the couches and had a seat. The two seemed to have an instant connection and rapport. There was real electricity in the air between the two of them. It was palpable. 

“A very warm welcome to the lovely Jennifer Lawrence. It is so good to have you here. I mean, you are one of the biggest stars in the world, for sure.” “It’s good to be here. I have become quite a fan of yours as well, I must say,” she said flirting a bit, “I’m assuming that the embarrassment theme is in my honour,” she said, “I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but no one does embarrassing situations like me. I am the expert. I am and old pro, let me tell you. It’s kind of my thing now.,” she said with a laugh. “Well, yes it is sort of in your honour, that is true. You are just so good at it.” “Well,  I have a funny feeling that today, we are going to take it to a whole other level. You look really nice, by the way,” she said. “You look pretty amazing yourself,” he replied,” Your smile and laugh are pretty infectious I have to say.” “Well thanks, the feeling is mutual.” The two got a bit lost for a moment. They then both laughed, looking at each other. “ Anyway, embarrassment,” he started again. “Moving, swiftly along,” she joked. “ Yeah, I thought that, you know what, I am always getting myself into embarrassing situations, so I may as well embrace it. I may as well own it. So, I thought that this would be the place to come to really take it to the next level.” “Well, I have to say, It does get embarrassing on Let Her Have It, there is no doubt about that.” “I mean yeah, I am up for it. I will take that title as queen of embarrassing moments and run with it.”  “That is wonderful, we have some big plans for you today. It is going to be fun. We have to go to break, but when we return it will be embarrassment time.” The show went to commercial break. 

When the show came back from break, the two were stood next to a messy device that was never before seen. It was called the cafeteria trash shoot. The set was made to look like an alleyway with painted on garbage cans and dumpsters. There was a thick, plastic tube that was about two feet wide in diameter. It was thinner at the top and wider at the bottom. Below it was the type of food skip that was used in kitchens of large cafes and cafeterias. It was not as big as a regular skip. It was made with a see through plastic door at the front. The recipient would climb in and face forward as the mess came down the shoot from above onto them. Because the door was clear, the person’s whole body was visible to greater extent. “So, Jen, what do you make of this?,” Mr. G. asked. “Well, I take it that I will be stood in a dumpster while I get food waste and trash dumped on me from a garbage shoot. Yeah, I think that could come under the category of embarrassment.” “It looks comfy in there doesn’t it though?” “Oh yeah, I can imagine spending my summer vacation in there for sure. It is quite swanky,” she joked.  

“Now we are going for embarrassing. What could we do to make this even more embarrassing?” “I could be naked,” she blurted out. Of course, she did this on purpose. “Um, ok, that sounds like a good idea,” he responded. “Oh of course, why not? Makes sense,” she responded. The two exchanged some very flirty and sarcastic banter. No one really expected her to actually do it, but much to everyone’s shock, Jennifer lowered her dress and took it off completely. She handed it to Mr. G.. “Here you go, you can hold onto this for safe keeping for later.” She then unhooked her bra and lowered her underwear.  She looked at Mr. G.. She handed him her underwear. She then semi-whispered, “You know what, you may as well just keep those.” She did not really make much of an attempt to cover herself up. 

She giggled as she opened the door and let herself into the skip. Mr. G. asked if she was ready. Under her breath, she whispered, “ I am so turned on right now, you have no idea.” The garbage shoot was attached to a crank. Jennifer put her hands on her hips and looked over at Mr. G.. She winked at him. “Well, Jennifer Lawrence is truly the queen of embarrassing moments. This will be at the top of her list, from now on there is no doubt. She is about to get messy. God bless you, you are such a good sport,” he said. “It’s going to be incredibly sloppy isn’t it,” she said. He just shrugged his shoulders. “That’s ok. Let me have it,” she said, making a sort of pun with the show’s title.

He began to turn the crank. At this point, there was a sloppy sound effect, something like the one used for the giant flush, but different. Jennifer stuck her tongue to the side of her mouth. She kind of crossed her eyes, making a very silly face. All of a sudden, from above, food waste began to pour over her head. Her mouth fell open and her neck contracted as bits of sloppy mess poured onto her, covering and staining her blonde hair. Everything seemed to be a brownish green colour. Some bits of the mess were recognisable. There was clearly noodles, peas, lentils, chickpeas and carrots in the mixture. She laughed uncontrollably as this mess poured all over her. It oozed down her body and began to fill up the skip that she stood in. 

Every manner of waste seemed to be mixed into the trash that was pouring onto her. She giggled and giggled as it poured down her face and body. She shook her head and laughed as more dumped over her. The smell of it was atrocious. It poured down her arms and chest. She was already knee deep in mess at this point. It just seemed to keep pouring down onto her. She looked up and closed her eyes as chunks of mess fell on her. There appeared to be bits of spam and bacon that plopped onto her face. It continued to pour and pour until the skip was filled. She was up to her chest in it. Her breasts were literally floating on the surface. The slop finally came to a stop. She leaned over and put her arms onto the edge of the skip.

She made a funny face. “Yeah, that was certainly embarrassing,” she said, laughing loudly. She was able to mask how turned on she actually was by all of this. The crowd’s laughter and cheers at her expense drove her crazy. “Well, I’m naked and covered in trash. You know what guys, I think that this is the Saturday night that Mr. G. and I have been envisioning for a long time. I’ll be seeing you after the show,” she said, gesturing and pointing at him.

He then opened the door of the skip. Mess came flooding out. Jennifer stepped out. Her entire body was caked in sloppy mess. She looked almost as though she was playing some kind of slop creature in a superhero movie. She took a bow and laughed. She kept thinking about how hot that really was. She then said,” You know what? I have loved this. I am so grateful to you for having me. Mr. G. here is actually one of the sweetest, nicest people I have ever met. Thanks to him,” she said.

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