Monday, 18 July 2016

Avril Lavigne Bad Bride

Avril Lavigne Bad Bride

Avril Lavigne was a very fun person. She could be quite wild at times. She loved to have fun. She was shooting a new music video for her new song. It was a song about breaking up and annoyance with an ex. She decided that what she wanted to do in the video was to wear a wedding dress and trash her own wedding including the dress, veil, cake and everything else. 

She wore a full wedding dress with a veil, but it was a sort of punk wedding dress with strappy shoulders and skulls and cross bones on it as well as lacy black and white gloves and socks. She wore black and white boots as well. She started the song by dancing, sneering and so forth. Her eye makeup was done in a goth style that made it look like she had been crying. Her makeup was smeared a little bit around her mouth and eyes, a bit like the joker. The song was about how her boyfriend left her but now she was much better off without him. 

She then began to tear and rip parts of her wedding dress off. There were bits on the bottom and on the arms she tore. She then jumped into a massive fountain that happened to be nearby and began dancing in the water that fell down upon her. She began to throw water everywhere. She then hopped out and went over to the buffet catering table. At the head of it was a massive wedding cake. She took the bride and groom off the top of it. She licked the frosting from the bottom. She then looked at it as she sung a line and then ripped the head off of the plastic groom and threw the whole thing aside. She then took her black guitar and began to smash the massive wedding cake with it. She hit it again and again. She then dove head first into it. She rolled around in it, covering herself in the cake. She then dug her hands into it and began to throw handfuls of cake in all directions. She then looked down at her wedding dress, sneered and began to rub the sloppy cake all over her dress. It was mainly a chocolatey cake. She was shown to be smashing wedding cake all over her dress. She also plopped a handful on top of her head and all over her veil. The whole thing was actually kind of funny, in a way. It was very slapstick. 

Next she climbed from the cake, almost fully covered in it. She then pointed at a chocolate fountain that was set up, as they sometimes were at weddings. Avril literally dove into the chocolate fountain as if she was rugby tackling it. She knocked it to the floor, destroying it in the process. She was instantly covered in chocolate. The broken fountain was still plugged in and began squirting wildly in the air at her splattering her in the face. 

She then grabbed the punch bowl. She took the ladles and snapped them over her knee. She then lifted the entire gigantic punch bowl in the air and tipped it over herself as well as all over the fancy red carpet on the floor. Red fruit punch spilled everywhere. She then walked over to some flower displays that were set up. She ran into them hands first, smashing them everywhere. She ripped and tore at the flowers, throwing them all over the place in all directions. 

She then ran over to the catering table. She leaped high into the air, landing on the table in one almighty leap.  She started kicking things around. She then reached down and picked up some of the food on the table. Some of it, she threw at the camera and in other directions. Some of it, she dumped onto herself. She tipped over a tray of sausage rolls and flung them up into the air, sending them flying in all directions. She then took a bowl of fruit salad. She smiled and then turned it over onto her head, letting it fall all over her head, all over the veil that she wore and over her face. 

She picked up globs of rice pudding in her hands. Some of it she threw, some of it she plopped onto her dress and body. She took handful after handful and pushed it into the dress. She then lifted platters of lunch meat into the air and dumped them over herself. Slices of ham and bologna fell over her. She then took a tray that had some sort of fancy prepared fish on it. It was elaborately decorated and garnished. She grabbed the thing from the tray. She looked at it as if to say,” What the hell is this thing?” She then shrugged her shoulders and pushed it down between her breasts. She then reached down, grabbing handfuls of ham and tuna salad and flung them all over the place. 

She then jumped off of the table. She stood on one end. She gave the camera a cheeky wink and nod and then pulled the table cloth away causing all of the plates and dishes to crash to the floor with a bang. Many of them shattering and cracking when they hit the floor. She then took bottles of ketchup and mustard and used them to write things on the table, the grass and herself. She used them as if she was spray painting graffiti. She wrote things like “Wedding is off”, “FU” and “Bad Bride”.

She then grabbed a catering trolley that was filled with desserts. She put her hands and feet onto it and began to ride it around like a scooter or skateboard or runaway grocery cart. She road it around but then rammed it into the side of a wall. It hit with a thud. Avril back and tumbled onto the grass. The cart jolted back and dumped all of the desserts out and over the bride. She was covered in cheesecake, jelly, trifle, tiramisu and even crème brulee. They all fell onto her and stuck. She banged her head and gave a signal.

Finally, she stood up and, at full speed ran and jumped into a nearby swimming pool. The video ended when she resurfaced. She stuck her tongue out and gave a hand gesture. Her dress floating to the surface from below.

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