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Maxine Hollyoaks (Nikki Sanderson) Smooties

Maxine Hollyoaks (Nikki Sanderson) Smooties

Maxine was a character on Hollyoaks Her sister was named Mitzee. She was played by Nikki Sanderson. She was a very attractive woman, but in a different sort of way than the other women of Hollyoaks. They looked more like models with thin waists, long thin legs and large breasts. Maxine was slightly chubby in places. She was not fat, but had more of a curvy, pear shaped kind of figure. She had a gorgeous bum. She was someone who had suffered greatly at the hands of inappropriate men. She was quite vulnerable in her own way. She was way too trusting and went for the wrong sort of men. This story is written from the perspective as though I too was character on Hollyoaks who met Maxine.

I had only just moved into town a few weeks prior. I was just getting to know the town. I knew a few people. Everyone in the town seemed to be involved in one another’s affairs to some degree or another. Gossip flew around the town regularly as well. It wasn’t long before I knew a great deal about many of the residents of the town. I was quite close friends with Mitzee. She was a bit all over the place, but was a nice person underneath it all. On occasion, she mentioned her sister Maxine. She mentioned some of the issues that she had experienced, particularly with men. To be honest, I was bit put off by the whole thing. Though it sounded as though she had tremendously bad luck, it also appeared that she had tremendously bad judgement. Her taste in men sounded horrific. I really had no interest in getting involved in her drama. That was until I actually saw her. 

I was sitting with her sister at a table in the smoothie bar. We were talking together, when she walked in. I looked up and was instantly taken aback. I don’t know if it was love at first sight, but it was certainly lust at first sight. It was a bit more than mere sexual attraction. She literally took my breath away. Then she smiled. Her dimples and teeth shown through. She lit up the room. Mitzee introduced us. I stood up and shook her hand. We were both all but speechless. Mitzee then said that she had to use the bathroom and said that her sister could take the seat. My palms were sweaty and my throat was dry. I was having trouble finding something to say. I took a sip from the smoothie to help with the dryness. “Gosh,” she said,” That sure does look good. You know what?,” she whispered,” I think might look even better over me head,” she said in her sexy accent. I looked up, not quite believing my own ears. “Imagine if that was all over me,” she said. I smiled again, not quite knowing what to say. “ I tell you what, how about we get a bunch of these and go back to yours. We could have so much fun.” She did not have to ask twice. We left a note for Mitzee and purchased a ton of smoothies and other drinks. We ran out. We stopped at the local corner shop and bought a few more items to use. We then ran back to mine as fast as our feet would take us. 

I fumbled with the key to open the door. The two of us could barely keep out hands off each other. I quickly closed the door. We grabbed one another’s hands and ran to the bedroom. We tossed the heavy bags onto the bed. We looked deeply into one another’s eyes and passionately began to kiss. “The moment I saw that smoothie, well and you, I knew I wanted it all over me,” she said. She reached in and grabbed it. Her intoxicating smile beamed across her face. “Oh wait,” I had better not get any on these clothes. They are my sister’s actually.” She unbuttoned her top and pushed it aside and then undid her trousers, pulling them down her legs. Thus revealing her incredible body. She wore nothing but frilly, dark purple underwear. The bra and panties matched. They barely covered any of her incredible body. “That’s better,” she said, in her sexiest voice. Needless to say, it was one of the most erotic things I had ever laid eyes on in my entire life. She had just enough curved in all the right places. Her skin was an olive sort of colour that looked perfect accompanies by her lovely flowing brown hair. 

She raised a leg and bent her knee. “I want this smoothie all over me head,” she said. It was thick and green. It had a lot of kiwi in it. She closed her eyes and smiled as she raised the plastic cup over her head and slowly tipped the smoothie out over her own head. She purred like a kitten as it poured over the top of her head and down her hair. It then poured down the sides of her cheeks and over her dimples. More poured down her shoulders and over her chest, dripping down her chest. She shivered and shuttered at how cold the smoothie felt on her flesh. “I have goose pimples everywhere,” she exclaimed. She moaned in pleasure though. She extended her hips and let it roll over her body.

The next smoothie was a mixed berry one. It was a deep purple. She handed that one to me. She took one of my hands in hers and looked deep into my eyes. “How hot is this?,” she said with great enthusiasm,” Get it all over me.” I held it over her and began to pour. I aimed first for her beautiful face. She closed her eyes as the smoothie slopped over her fringe and then down her face. It covered her nose and mouth almost completely. Smoothie dripped down her chin. I then poured more straight onto her bare stomach and down the front of her knickers. The deep sloppy purple mess looking incredible on her olive skin. More poured down her thighs and down her knees and calves. She said,” To think, only a few minutes ago, you drinking one of these and now you are pouring it all over my body. How hot is that? I will never be able to look at smoothies the same way ever again.”

Next was a strawberry banana smoothie. It was a bright pink colour. “I love the colour don’t you,” she said. I took it and dumped it over her head. It cupped and coated her head and then plopped down over her body. More of it poured down her back and all over her rear end. “Oooh, strawberry banana all over me bum,” she said with a smile. I told her that it suited her. The lovely pink mess looked very nice on her sexy body. “I bet you would like a taste,” she said,” It looks so yummy.” With that, she poured the last of it onto one of her legs, lifting it, bending her knee. She smiled,” Go on, it’s ok.” I leaned over and ran my tongue along the strawberry banana mess coated her knee. She closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy. She could feel my tongue licking the mess off of her body. I could taste the smoothie along with her. It was one of the most erotic moments of either of our lives up to that point. I took my time, slowly licked the blob of strawberry banana from her leg. 

We had other things to use as well. Next was a frozen latte. It was a honeycomb flavoured latte, the type that was sold at the larger fast food chains and coffee shops. It was complete with a dab of whipped cream on top. I popped the plastic lid off. As I tipped it over Maxine’s head, her eyes descended as the latte descended over her head. It soaked her hair and splashed all over her. The dab of cream stuck to the top of her head for a moment. Her body and underwear were soaked in the sloppy brown and white mess.

Next was a chocolate orange latte drink. Again, it had whipped cream on the top. This one was a brown colour where the last was a whitish grey colour with brownish specs. This one I poured over her shoulders and down her chest and stomach. The cream washed down her chest, rested on her bellybutton and then floated downwards with the flow of the drink. It was followed by frozen lemonade sort of drink. This was one was like a slushee type of substance. It was very, very cold indeed. It was so cold that when it made contact with Maxine’s sizzling body, her entire body wiggled and contorted uncontrollably. Her movements looked almost like a silly dance. She could not help it. The drink was ice cold and it was all over her body. 

We then indulged in an Oreo milkshake. It was the classic black and white colour with lots of specs and lumps. “Oh yeah baby, nail me,” she said provocatively,” I want that sloppy milkshake all over me,” she said. She now sat fully on the bed with her legs bent and stretched out in front of her. She looked like Venus sitting on her clamshell. I held the milkshake over her ankles and began to pour it out up and down the length of her beautiful body. She grunted and moaned her approval and satisfaction as it fell all over her. She rubbed her hands all over her chest and between her legs, massaging the tasty mess all over herself. It definitely looked yummy.

Finally, we got some ice cream that we had bought from the corner shop. I grabbed an ice cream scoop and began to fling out scoops of ice cream all over her body. It was already partially melted. It was vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Ice cream scoops were placed on her belly button, between her breasts, down the back of her panties, between her legs, on her knees and on top of her head. They instantly began to melt uncontrollably against her warm skin. I finished her off with the type of cholate syrup that is meant to harden when squeezed out. We experimented with that, pouring some onto her head and all over her body. The shell effect was not quite as advertised, but it made for some interesting results. 

She then grabbed me and we began to kiss, rolling over together in the bed. We touched and kissed. She looked me deep in the eyes. “That is only have the fun. You are going to have the task of cleaning me all off mister,” she said in her sexy accent. We then ran to the bathroom. She flung off her mess covered bra and panties and hopped in the shower. “Come on in,” she said,” I really need your tongue.” 

Just as this was happening, her phone pinged. There was a message from her sister. She texted back,” Having the most amazing time. Am a bit of a mess at the moment. Will text back later. Will explain everything.” She then grabbed me and pulled me into the shower.

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