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Sally Lindsay suggestion

Sally Lindsay suggestion

Sally Lindsay was not a typical celebrity by any means. She looked and acted very different. She looked very different from most women on television. She was quite large in stature compared to most other actresses. She had a relatively large frame. She had a love affair with food. She was attractive and sexy no matter how much the world and the media tried to push the idea that people had to be wafer thin in order to be happy. She had a naughty side as well inside of her. There was a time when she was gunged on television a little bit, but it did not amount to much. She was quite disappointed in it and wanted more. 

After Coronation Street ended, one of the main shows that she was on was a comedy series called Mount Pleasant. It was the kind of show where they took the cast’s feedback on board. Improvisation was encouraged. Sally suggested that it would be very funny of there was a scene where she and her husband were approached on the street and he was asked if he would like to mess his wife. She could be a bit of a nag at times, so he would take the opportunity with great comedic effect. They writers and producers felt that this was a great idea and decided to create a whole episode around this.
Sally was quite excited about the whole thing. She was really looking forward to it, as was everyone else who worked on the show. It finally came time to shoot the scene. Sally requested to know as little as possible about what was actually going to happen so she would be able to give a more natural reaction. 

She and her television husband were walking down the high street having a conversation. She was getting on him about something that he had not done around the house. They were then approached by a man who had a cart with him. He also had another man with him with a camera. He approached the couple. “Hello,” he said,” I am so sorry to bother you, but are you two a couple?,” he asked. “Yes, we are married,” Sally’s character said. “That is great. We are shooting a candid television show that involves couples to see what they will do in unusual situations. We wondered if you might like to take part.” “Television you say. Well, that sounds fantastic. We would love to take part,” Sally’s character said, playing on her vanity. Her character was jumping at the opportunity to be on television. “Are you absolutely sure? I must warn you that there is a slight risk involved. We have to give you the opportunity to back out now, because once the cameras start rolling, there will be no turning back.” “Oh don’t worry, we will be fine,” she responded. The husband character looked a little concerned. 

“Ok then guys, here we go. Now, we need one person who will be the star today. The centre of attention as it were.” “Oh that would be me,” Sally’s character said. “Ok that is wonderful. So here how it works, the idea of the show is seeing what people will do in strange and unusual situations.  If I reach down into our cart of secrets here, I will pull out something. It is a fisherman’s pie.” Sally’s character was still smiling and mugging for the camera. “So we have this fisherman’s pie. You sir now have the opportunity to put this fisherman’s pie in your wife’s face.” Sally’s character’s face comically dropped. The man handed her husband the fisherman’s pie. “Now remember, the choice is yours. What will you decide to do?” Sally looked at him. She shook her head and made a cut motion with her hand by her neck as if to say, “Please don’t do this.” He did hesitate for an instant. He pushed the fisherman’s pie into her face. He rubbed it around in her face. He then pulled back, leaving her face covered in a mask of mashed potato, sweetcorn, fish and white sauce. Her eyes and mouth widened. Lumps of mash fell from her eyebrows and nostrils. 

Neither of them said a word. “Now, we also have two large containers of heavy cream. You now have the choice to pour them over your wife’s head.” He took these, one in each hand. He did not even look at anyone. He just moved them over her head and tipped them over. The cream poured down all over her fringe and all over her heavy dirty blonde hair. She closed her eyes as it poured over either side of her face and then down the centre of it. It didn’t cover her hair entirely but weighed down certain sections of it. Other bits were not covered in it. This made her look even more ridiculous. She licker her lips and rolled her eyes. She shook her silky top. 

“That was just wonderful. We also happen to have a lovely tray of pasta bake here. Again, how you use it is up to you.” The pasta bake was in an aluminium baking dish, the sort that takeaways and frozen dinners were sometimes made in. Without a sound, he took the tray and placed it on top of Sally’s head. Spiral pasta, sauce and cheese rolled down her forehead and hair. The misshapen tray was left on the top of her head. Pasta rolled down the front of her top and over her chest. She made no attempt to remove the tray from her head. 

“Lastly, we have some chicken chow mien.” Without another word, he took the container in his hand and dumped it over her head. The chicken and noodles dumped over her head. She lowered her head and closed her eyes. Noodles hung from her hair and face. She did not say a word. 

The man then shook both of their hands. “That was wonderful. Thank you for taking part. You were fantastic. As a reward we want to give you some vouchers for some free meals at the fanciest restaurant in town. Don’t worry, no one will have to wear any of it.”

The couple then began to walk home. For comedic effect, Sally’s character did not make any attempt to wipe any of the mess from herself. She was shown leaving a trail of mess behind her as she went. The only words that were exchanged between the couple on the way home was Sally’s character saying,” Just wait until we get home.” Her husband looked quite worried. 

They were then shown opening their front door and going inside. When they stepped inside, he discovered that her words had a very different meaning than he had anticipated.  Instantly, she wrapped her arms around him and looked into his eyes. “I am so horny,” she said,” That was the hottest thing ever. I am so turned on.” The two began to passionately kiss and went straight to the bedroom. 

Sally was very happy about how the scene worked out. It had made her horny for real. It also was quite a funny scene and was very well received. It was a big success overall.

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