Thursday, 28 July 2016

Roisin Conaty GYOB

Roisin Conaty GYOB

Roisin Conaty was quite a funny comedienne. She was up and coming and was starting to appear more and more on television. She was approached to appear on a new celebrity version of Get Your Own Back. She was quite a self-deprecating comedienne. She was quite up to appear on the show. She was up against another female comedienne. They both sat on ramps on the opposite side of the gunge pool. This version was for comic relief. The two would be asked comedic questions. They would be the ones buzzing in. If they got the question right, their opponent would be pumped up one level. If they got the question wrong, they would be pumped up a level. The first to the top would be sent down the ramp and be plunged into the gunge. Roisin wore a yellow Get Your Own back t-shirt. She seemed to have a fuzzy grey jumper on underneath. She also had black stretch pants on. Her opponent had a purple t-shirt on. 

Roisin took an early lead. She got the first two questions correct. Her opponent was pumped up two levels. Her opponent, however, then got two right, evening things up. They then traded correct answers. Up until, this point, it was a dead heat. Unfortunately for Roisin, her opponent got the next question correct, putting Roisin only one notch away from a gunging. The tension began to rise, at this point. Roisin buzzed in, but, it was a trick question and she ended up getting it wrong. It was announced that she was wrong. She laughed to herself as she realised that she had lost and would be taking the gunge plunge. She laughed hysterically. She also clung on for dear life, looking a bit worried. Her opponent wiped the sweat from their brow, relieved to have escaped the gunge. 

Dave Benson Phillips then spoke to Roisin,” Roisin that was incorrect. You know what that means? It means you are headed for a very sloppy fate. I hope you are ready to get gungy.” Roisin laughed. “It’s ok. It’s fine, really,” she said, only half meaning it. She looked down at the gunge below her. She cuddled her body up, making believe that she was terrified of the gunge. “Ok, here we go everyone. It’s time for the gunk dunk. Is everyone ready to see Roisin get the gunk dunk?” Everyone cheered. She bit her bottom lip. Her opponent was going to get to pull the lever on her.

“Ok, when you are ready, it is gunk dunk time for Roisin.” Her opponent smiled and waved at Roisin. She in return, waved and blew kisses. She closed her eyes and braced herself as her opponent pulled the lever. Her seat moved down the ramp and pushed her forward, flinging her into the gunge pool. She squealed as she was flung into the gunge. Her weight sent her sinking right to the bottom of the gunge pool. Some of the gunge splashed from the pool, as her body displaced some of it when she entered. She was submerged fully underneath the gunge level. She disappeared for several seconds beneath the surface. 

When her head pushed up from the gunge, her face and hair were covered in gunge. Her light blonde hair was all over the place. It was comically stinking out in all directions. Gunge dripped from her cheeks and from her chin. Her clothes were weighed down by the weight of the gunge that covered them. When her head popped out, more gunge rained down upon her. She laughed and squealed. She splashed her arms up and down in the gunge, almost swimming in the gunge. She was a complete mess. She was covered in gunge from head to toe.

Dave then spoke again,” That was fabulous. What an amazing gunging. Roisin how do you feel?” “I’ve got gunge in my knickers,” she joked,” It’s is everywhere,” she said, looking up at him from the gunge. He then thanked her for being such a great sport and thanked everyone at home for watching.


  1. Great story! Very sexy! I hope to see more GYOB stuff on here soon. Although...I am curious...Who was her opponent and what colour gunk as Roisin dunked in? : )

    1. The normal multi colour red and green sort of mix. I kind of didn't put an opponent by name on purpose so people could imagine, but i was thinking of Katherine Ryan mainly.

  2. Should do a story on Katherine Ryan to doesn't have to be GYOB, but she is the perfect gunge candidate, a comeideene who is up for a laugh wears skirts or dresses that I like, also have you got the naked Fearne Cotton or the million point Davina McCall stories in the works