Friday, 22 July 2016

Modern Family 4

Modern Family 4

Modern Family had four of the more attractive women on television. These being, Sarah Hyland, Julie Bowen, Ariel Winter and Sofia Vergara. They were all very attractive in their own way and could be quite funny in their own way as well, Ariel was the youngest, but she come of age. She was a full-fledged woman and a sex symbol now. She was considered incredibly sexy by the viewing public. The two older women decided between themselves to invite the two younger women to take part in a private “coming of age” session. It would be girl time, but it would involve a lot more than gossip and Anne Summers type games. It was going to be one naughty evening. 

The two elder women started with a few large glasses of wine. They decided that they would get undressed and greet the younger women at the door in the nude when they arrived. They also got some other items ready to use with the girls. Julie had played the mother of the two younger girls on the show, which made the situation slightly unusual and a little bit awkward. Nonetheless, this was something that all four of these ladies was more than happy to engage in. Although, they were all heterosexual, they were not opposed to the slight flirtation with other attractive women. Sofia could be wild and kinky when she wanted to be. This was going to be a night to remember.

When Sarah and Ariel arrived at the door, they were greeted to the sight of their two older co-stars standing at the door fully naked. Their jaws dropped, but they also smiled. As they came inside, Julie leaned over and passionately kissed each one of them while Sofia helped them out of their short dresses. Their dresses dropped to the ground. In an instant, all four were naked. The four continued French kissing and touching one another. They moved into the front room and continued to touch and kiss. The four of them were now touching and kissing one another in ways that they had always imagined. They began licking, kissing and touching each other all over their sexy naked bodies. 

Sofia then went to the kitchen and returned carrying a number of cream pies. She handed them to everyone. Everyone ended up with pies in each of their hands. They all sat up. They smiled. They then let the pies fly. They threw pie after pie at each other. The pies splattered all over their sexy naked bodies and into their faces. It became chaos as pies went everywhere. Sarah took a pie to her face. Sofia pushed a pie into Ariel’s behind. Ariel pushed another into Julie’s vagina. The group then began to struggle and grapple with one another. They fell over rolling on the floor in the mess. 

Sofia then brought a large bowl of chocolate pudding that she began to slowly pour over everyone’s bodies. It slowly poured onto their sexy bodies. Everyone then grabbed various sundae toppings. Julie took a bottle of chocolate syrup and began to squeeze it out onto her television daughters’ legs, behinds and vaginas. She then leaned over and began to lick some of it off of their naked flesh. They moaned as Julie’s tongue ran along their bodies. Julie then began to lick their vaginas. As she did this, Sarah began to lick Julie’s vagina as well. All the while, more chocolate sauce was being dispersed of onto Julie.

Sofia and Ariel then began to spray one another in whipped cream. They sprayed whipped cream all over one another’s breasts. They then took each other’s breasts in hand and began to lick and suck the whipped cream off, sucking one another’s hardening nipples in the process. All four women were moist by this point. 

A huge tray of rice pudding was then brought out. All four pushed their hands into it and then placed them onto one another’s bodies, massaging it all over one another. Among other things, the plopped their palms, covered in the pudding into one another’s vaginas and began to finger one another in it. All four were purring in pleasure at this point. Sofia showed them all how it was done by putting her famous tongue to use on Sarah’s private parts. Her tongue twittered and tickled the younger girl’s pussy lips causing her to explode into an eruption of orgasm. 

They then were each handed a different sort of cake ranging from lemon curd to black forest to strawberry shortcake. They then each smushed the cakes into one another’s rear ends. They then all got onto all fours and formed a circle. They each placed their face into one of the other women’s sexy backsides. They began to lick the messy cake off one another’s behinds.  

They then were each given a vibrator each. They sprayed them with more whipped cream. They then each went down on the vibrators, licking the whipped cream off, showing their skills. Sofia coaching the younger ladies on how to best suck a dick, in her words. They then each put a vibrator each into each other’s vaginas. In the meantime, custard and jelly were being dumped over them. They went to town on one another, causing all four to orgasm, almost simultaneously.

“If the guys could see us now,” Julie joked. They finished off by taking two double sided dildos and using them together. For this it was Julie and Sofia, Sarah and Ariel. They inserted the rubber phallus into one another. Ariel and Sarah were on all fours. They faced opposite directions. When they bounced back and forth, their behinds would bounce off each other. Sofia and Julie were on their backs, opposite one another with their legs sort of around one another. The four began to furiously push back and forth as if they were really having sex. They were covered in mess already. The air was filled with their moans of pleasure and excitement. The sounds of their breasts and asses jiggling could be heard. There was also the bouncing sound similar to what a bed would sound like during sex. The four pushed and pushed until all four exploded in orgasm on one another. 

The night became a legend that was only a rumour to everyone else. None of these four ever admitted to anyone else that it had happened.

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