Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Victoria Coren gets it from hubby

Victoria Coren gets it from hubby

Victoria Coren was married to David Mitchell. Both were involved in comedy type shows. They would sometimes appear on comedic panel type shows. Sometimes they would appear together, sometimes separately. At one stage, they were asked to appear on one of these together. It was a very typical sort of set up. They had done these sort of shows many times before. It was the sort of show where there were teams of three celebrities answering questions. It was a very familiar format. Everyone thought that it would be very fun for Victoria and her husband to be on opposite teams, competing against one another. It was the sort of game that was scored very loosely at the host’s discretion. 

At the beginning, they made a point of saying that the couple were on opposite teams, competing against one another. It would be interesting who would win and get the bragging rights. The two teased one another about how they would beat the other one. It was quite good nature, but Victoria was slightly more scathing in teasing her husband. She made a few jokes at his expense as well. Throughout the show this carried on. Victoria felt that she and the team she was on were much more intelligent. Throughout the show, the scores were kept a bit of a secret, although it was obvious when a team scored points. Finally, it came to the end of the show. 

“It is time to find out which team has won today. The team with the most points is David’s team.” He celebrated with his team. Victoria smiled and congratulated him, looking slightly embarrassed. “Now, David, your team won. You beat your wife’s team. What we didn’t tell you is that there is a prize for the winner. As the winner, you now have the pleasure of getting to gunge your wife, if you so choose to. How does that sound?” “Fabulous, that sounds amazing.” Victoria laughed. “What are you talking about?,” she mumbled. “Well, Victoria, your team lost, so your husband is going to get to pour gunge on you.” She glared at him. “Oh yes, I see, wonderful,” she said sarcastically. “I am sure that you have always dreamt of getting your own back on your lovely wife. Victoria was so sure that she would win. It is time for you to get some revenge upon her. Can you come over here for a second?,” the host asked. Victoria looked bemused. She had no idea of this was serious or not. 

The host asked her to sit in their chair at the centre of the back of the stage. “Come on now, front and centre, so as everyone can get a good view.” She reluctantly walked over and had a seat in the chair. She was still half hoping that this was just a joke. She didn’t really believe that this would really happen. The host then reached from beneath the desk and produced a pail filled with bright blue gunge. “Here we have it, lovely blue gunge, just for Victoria. This one is for all the men out there who have had never had the opportunity to get their own back on their wives or girlfriends. I bet a lot of guys out there have always wanted to do this to their wives or girlfriends. You now get to live out all of their fantasies for them. You get to gunge your wife.” Victoria looked quite annoyed. “ And yes, later on you and all the men out there will find out that your wives and girlfriends always have the last laugh, because we always get revenge. We always get payback in the end. Might I remind you, that we live together. You have to see me every single day. I guarantee that I am going to make your life very miserable for weeks to come. You may get me tonight, but you will live to regret it. You will be begging me for forgiveness for weeks to come,” she threatened.

“Oh, how do you feel about that?,” the host acts. “It just makes me want to do it even more,” he laughed. Victoria crossed her arms and frowned. “Well, I know you are dying to do this, so here is the gunge, when you are ready you may commence the pouring.” Victoria sighed as her husband took the pail in his hands and began to gently tip the gunge over her head. Gunge poured out straight onto the top of her head. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes as it poured down the sides of her head, covering her hair. She could feel that it would soon pour over her face. It soon poured onto her cheeks, forehead and chin. Some landed on the desk and onto her hands. Gunge poured down her nose and down her neck. The camera showing the close up of the gunge pouring over her head and over her face. Her husband poured it slowly, so her facial expressions could still be seen the entire duration of the gunging. The gunge pouring onto her light coloured hair. Gunge decorating her face. Some poured down the back of her neck and down her shoulders. The top have of her dress was covered. She was wearing a pewter coloured dress with white spots. It was now splattered with blue gunge all over.

When the pail was empty, he placed it on top of her head. The handle fell downwards. It looked like some sort of odd chin strap. She snapped at him, pushing it off almost throwing it at him. He laughed and pulled away. “Sorry, dear,” he told her. “Shut up,” she moaned,” Liar, you aren’t the least bit sorry. You loved every minute of that.”

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