Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Big Brother Lateysha Grace and me

**Warning** This is a slightly different sort of story where the person writing it and possibly reading it are involved with the messy consequences. This story contains some nudity and some male nudity and WAM along with female. If this is not your cup of tea, please don’t continue. 

Big Brother Lateysha Grace and me

Things in the Big Brother House could get pretty boring. The sexual tension could get pretty high as well at times. Some of the people in the house were very highly sexually charged. Some were gagging for it. There was a sexual attraction between myself and Lateysha. She was a chubby Welsh girl with massive breasts and an enormous rear end. We had done a lot of flirting. It was a very hot day this day. It all must have been building up in Lateysha because she finally let lose an idea that was wild, naughty and sexy. 

“I have an idea,” she said, in her sexy accent,” Let’s do strip twister. You and me. We can get the other girls involved as well. It would be well lush. A few of us ending up naked. We all have to start out in our underwear. If we fall twice we lose an article of clothing. The first two naked have to do a forfeit.” “What will we use for the twister board though?,” I asked. “We can use plates of food. Leftovers. Like for example, it would be right foot mustard. I would be well hot. What do you say?” I agreed. She managed to convince Laura, Evelyn and even Georgina to take part. We set up the board out in the garden. We spread food out on paper plates and placed them on the ground. We were going to get to know one another very well. We decided that the two losers would end up having to have the plates of food poured over them while they were still naked together. Of course, Lateysha had a plan all along. She wanted her and I to lose. It was an almost certainty that that might happen anyway, as the other players were much thinner and much more flexible than her and I.  I was also at a disadvantage, as I only had one item to lose and all the others had two items. 

We all got down to our underwear and started the game. We were all very excited about what we were about to do. Jayne was in charge of calling out the signals. She started out with the first call. It was right foot chocolate. We all pushed our feet down into the chocolate. Georgina grimaced. Lateysha laughed. Next to come was left food ketchup. We all experienced ketchup on our foot. It then got much more interesting when left hand yoghurt was called out. At this point, we were all bent over. This was the point when our bodies began to stretch across each other. At this point, I found my face between Georgina’s legs. Evelyn’s legs were stretched across me. Next was left hand mustard. At this point, Lateysha fell on her butt into the mess. She had to take off her bra. Next came right foot macaroni and cheese. At this point, Lateysha turned over. She was stretched across me. Her large breasts dangled in my face. My legs were intertwined with the others. At this point, Evelyn and Laura fell over and splattered themselves in the mess. They then both removed their bras. 

Next to come was right hand beans. Georgina turned over and fell face first into the beans. She looked mortified. She winged and moaned, but she lost her bra at this point. We were all like a human pretzel at this point. A mass of almost naked bodies wrapped around each other, splattered in food. The next call was right foot potato salad. This time, I fell. I was made to get up and remove my underwear. I was made to stand up and slowly remove my underwear. I slowly pulled them down. I was blushing with embarrassment. I stood naked, gripping my genitals with both hands. Lateysha then said, “Ok, you’re out. You will be getting the punishment with the next loser,” she said,” You won’t be hiding that cock for long,” she said,” The losers will have to spread their legs for everyone.”
The very next call was left hand, porridge. Lateysha fell and slipped over. Truth be known, she did not try and stop herself all that hard. The game was over. She stood up and blushed. She walked over and joined me. She then pulled down her massive knickers. She tossed them down. She put her hands over her sexy bits as well. She looked over at me,” Oh well, looks like we lost, eh? Never mind. I’m kind of glad.” The other women were relived to not have lost. They got up and put their bras back on. “It’s punishment time,” Lateysha said.

We were led over to a little side area were with a little ledge. “Hey you too. Let’s see you twerk now,” someone said, as Lateysha had twerked many times in the house. “Ok then,” she said. We bent over side by side and she began to wiggle and shake her massive behind for everyone. Everyone cheered. We then sat side by side. We were reminded that we had agreed to spread our legs if we lost. We looked at each other. “Fuck it,” Lateysha said. We then spread our legs for everyone to see, side by side. “Don’t worry,” she said,” You have a lovely cock.” She then leaned over and we began to kiss. She pulled one leg over my leg. We wrapped our bodies around each other as we snogged. The feel of her big curvy body around mine was amazing. “I hope you like my body,” she said. I replied, telling her that it was gorgeous. 

By this time, the other housemates had gathered across from us. They were holding the plates of food that we used for Twister. As we looked up, they began to pelt the two of us with them. We cuddled together as the food was flung at us. It splattered all over us. Lateysha screamed and we began to kiss and touch as we were pelted. “This is so fucking funny,” she said. Plate after plate was flung at us by the howling housemates. We were soon covered in the mess. Our hands were all over each other. We must have looked very funny. Two naked chubby people making out while having plates of food flung at us. It was a crazy situation, but there we were. “I have wanted this so bad,” she whispered. “That stuff feels so good on us.” She mentioned that the whole world was watching us and she didn’t care.  She had some body. It was hard to imagine that her bodily dimensions were real. Her behind and breasts were enormous. We were now all over each other and covered in mess. “I know you like my arse,” she whispered,” I can see you looking.

The two of us then went into the shower together and cleaned each other off. We spent ages scrubbing one another off with our hands. I took great pleasure in cleaning her massive behind, breasts and legs.

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