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Sophie Turner get your jacket

Sophie Turner get your jacket

Sophie Turner was a stunning looking redhead. She was mainly known for Game of Thrones. On the set of the show, it became widely known that one of her favourite foods was jacket potatoes. She loved the things and ate them often. She also spoke about them quite often. Her cast mates took it upon themselves to contact a show that provided a messy comeuppance for people. They approached the show with the idea that they knew someone who would be truly deserve to be made into a human jacket potato. The creators of the show agreed that this was just the sort of thing that they were looking for. They asked Sophie to appear but did not tell her anything about what would happen. Potatoes were not even mentioned. It was a sort of comedy television show that sometimes played pranks. Sophie knew of the show but thought she would be safe as nothing out of the ordinary was mentioned. 

Sophie found herself sat on the sofas speaking to the host, who was also a comedian. Somehow, out of nowhere, he brought up the topic of jacket potatoes. “Yes, we hear that you just love them,” he said. “Um, yeah, as a matter of fact. They are just cool and I like to eat them a lot,” she said, incredulously. “That is what we heard, Sophie. So, seeing as you love them so much, we thought that we would be kind and generous and not only give you a load of jacket potatoes, but, actually make a human jacket potato with you as the main ingredient.” Her eyes widened, “Pardon,” she asked. “That’s right, a human jacket potato. Look what we have here.” He pointed over to what appeared to be a gigantic jacket potato. Of course it was a prop made to look like a jacket potato. “Isn’t that fabulous? That’s the largest jacket potato I have ever seen, Sophie. That could feed a whole city block I think.” Sophie shook her head and laughed, knowing where this was going. “Knowing how much you love them, I think it would be best if you took a seat inside there, what do you say.” She looked at him with quite an annoyed look. She rolled her eyes. “Well, I don’t know, I think maybe I would rather not.” “Oh, but Sophie, we went through all of the trouble, just for you.” She glared at him. She reluctantly walked over to it and began to lower herself into it. She wore high heels and a very short, very tight fitting black dress. It was very difficult for her to get into a sitting position in the giant potato without flashing her bits to the audience. She sighed as she leaned down and sat inside the giant potato. 

“Now, what would a jacket potato be without all of those lovely fillings that we all enjoy so much?” Sophie looked up at him,” Oh my God, no. You can’t.” “I think sour cream is very popular in the states. I think we have some here. Oh yes.” With that, he took a large plastic container filled with sour cream and pushed it down onto Sophie’s head. He had to do it this way because it was so thick that it would not even fall out of its own accord. He pushed it down on her head and caused blobs to fall out the sides down onto her chest and legs. He cajoled it on her head, dislodging most of it. He then removed it. A massive, misshapen blob of sour cream covered her head and ginger hair. She squealed. It all fell over and toppled down her body. 

“Also popular in the US is nacho cheese, sometimes even with broccoli.” He was handed the same sort of clear plastic container that had housed the sour cream. Sophie’s pleas were muffled by sour cream. He then turned the cheese sauce and broccoli over onto her head. Thick, cheesy mess slopped down her head and shoulders. It flung onto her black dress. It was filled with lumps of green broccoli. The fact that she had this sort of thing all over her body was exceedingly humiliating for her. She was slathered in cheese sauce.

“Of course tastes are a bit different in the UK. Here baked beans are a very popular in jacket potatoes.” Sophie was still flipped cheese sauce from her face when he began to generously dump baked beans all over her. They poured over her slim, pale body. He smiled as beaked beans dumped all over the sexy actress. The beans poured all over her sexy elongated body. She could feel them all over body, on her legs, inside of her dress. By this time most of the cheese and sour cream were cleared from her face and some of her expressions could be seen. Beans rolled down her big nose and chin. They poured over her neck. One bean stuck to little pendant that was on the end of her necklace.
The host continued,” You know some people here love tuna on their jacket potatoes.” Sophie looked up in a panic at the exact instant that he dumped a blob of brown tuna down onto her. It fell right onto her face. Some went into her nostrils and mouth. More slopped onto her breasts. It tasted and smelled as bad as it looked. In that moment her entire world was disgusting tuna. Some fell from her mouth. The taste was awful.”

“You know what else, coleslaw,” he said. Sophie, at this point laughed and screamed, “No, not coleslaw, for God’s sake.” By that time it was too late. Coleslaw was already all over the top of her head, dripping down her nose and on her cheeks. This was a creamy and crunchy sort of coleslaw as well. Bits of shredded carrot and red cabbage could be easily identified. They were hanging from, amongst other places, her nose, eyebrows and upper lip. 

“I also seem to recall seeing people get chilli on their jacket potatoes from time to time. Have you seen that before Sophie?,” he asked. “Oh sure, why not, chilli on top of everything else.” Sophie flung her hands onto her thighs in despondence as chilli descended over her face. She closed her eyes as the meaty mess rolled down her face and then her body. Kidney beans and mince stuck to her face and body. A lot of it poured down the front her dress between her breasts and downwards. 

“It is a bit less common, but coronation chicken is also sometimes used as well.” Sophie shook her head and grimaced as thick, yellow sloppy coronation chicken sandwich filler poured on top of her. She could not believe it was real, but it was genuine coronation chicken complete with sultanas and all. It plummeted over her. She pouted and flung her hands about as it poured over her. Lumps of the mess stuck to her face and more poured onto her legs and body. She shook her head.

The host laughed. “That is the best looking jacket potato I have ever seen in my life, I have to say.” “I am never eating another jacket potato again as long as I live!,” she shouted, jokingly,” Are you happy now? I have been put off them now forever.”  

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