Friday, 15 July 2016

Carmella was NXT

Carmella was NXT

Carmella wanted to reward the wrestlers that she managed. She decided to offer them a little incentive. She told them that if they won their upcoming match, they would get to gunge her. She said that she would take one for the team. She hoped that this would motivate them on to victory. Needless to say, she succeeded thoroughly. They won the match going away. She would have to now fulfil her end of the bargain.  Her men celebrated. She shrugged her shoulders and said that a deal was a deal and that she was prepared to live up to her end of the bargain. 

The segment was shot in what was their locker room. It was made up to look like it was only for the three of them. Carmella was asked to take a seat on a folding chair in the middle of the room. She sat down and crossed her arms and legs. “Go on,” she said,” You guys won. I am willing to take the mess for it,” she said in her New York accent. “Come on, let me have it. Don’t be shy. Nail me.” She licked her lips suggestively. They began to wonder if, perhaps, she might be looking forward to this on some level. 

They started off by grabbing a number of pies. They were pies of all sort, chocolate cream, banana cream, coconut cream and apple cream. The two guys shouted and began to throw pies at their manager. They threw pies at her over and over again. She laughed and creamed. Pie after pie splattered all over her. Soon her face, hair, body and clothes were covered in all sorts of pie. She kicked her legs and laughed. Pie covered her hair and face. They then took a large round, triple decker cake that was covered in frosting and pushed it over right onto her. It fell into her lap. She just opened her legs slightly. This allowed one layer to smush right between her legs. It was a red velvet sort of cake. She then pushed her legs back together, squashing the section of cake between her legs.

They then began to dance around. They grabbed bottles of ketchup and mustard in their hands. They danced around her and began to spray her with the ketchup and mustard as they went. “Oh, you guys,” she said. The red and yellow strands of condiments sprayed wildly all over her. Her face was covered in red and yellow mess. She laughed at the situation she found herself in. “I feel like a Manhattan hot dog from a street vendor,” she said.

Next, they dumped sardines and anchovies onto her. They each slowly dropped them all over her. They placed some on her face, hair, chest etc. “Sardines, seriously?,” she muttered. The guys laughed at her. One dangled from her nose, another from her fringe. The guys were dancing and singing as they chucked things over their manager. “The things I do for you guys. I hope that you appreciate this, I really do.” 

They ten finished her off with a selection of deli salads typical of a New York deli. There was potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad and coleslaw among others. The guys danced around carrying large bowls of the stuff and dumping them over Carmella as they danced around her. These salads smelled disgusting. There was an odour of vinegar and mayonnaise in the air. Carmella puffed up her cheeks and threw her hands outwards. The sloppy mess was soon piled all over her body. The guys danced around comically and celebrated.

She stood up and pushed some of the mess off of herself. “I hope you guys enjoyed that. I must look ridiculous,” she said as she took a deep breath and headed for the showers to clean off.


  1. awesome story JRG Carmella is well hot and would look amazing covered in slop

  2. Love to see Carmella get one of your fake gunging pics.