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Good Morning Britain battle of the sexes

Good Morning Britain battle of the sexes

The Good Morning Britain team were selected to appear on a special episode of a messy gameshow. The show pitted the male presenters against the female presenters. The winning team would get to mess the losing team. It was a veritable battle of the sexes. Representing the females were Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins, Kate Garraway and Laura Tobin and Ranvir Singh. Representing the men were Ben Shepherd, Sam Fletcher and Piers Morgan. The actual competition was three on three, but all five women would receive the messing should there team lose. 

The teams were welcomed on the show by the host, in this case it was Dale Winton. He introduced them and explained that today on the show was a battle of the sexes involving the presenters from Good Morning Britain. A good gunging was at stake for the losing team. Both teams looked excited and nervous. Neither team wanted to end up messy. They wanted to avoid it as much as possible. It was not just for the reason of not wanting to get messed, but they did not want to receive this sort of humiliation at the hands of the other team. The losers would never hear the end of it. The women especially were already attempting to tease and goad the men. They would be insufferable of they were to win. They were already spewing epitaphs about girl power and the superiority of women etc. The men, on the other hand, were also motivated by the incentive of seeing five very attractive women that they worked with covered in mess and being the ones to get to do it. 

The game was split into three rounds. Each of the men would represent their team in each of the round. The women would decide amongst themselves who they wanted to compete in each round. The games were random, but were chosen by the producers in order to give each team a fair chance. Round one pitted Sam against Ranvir in a football goal kicking competition. As a special treat, former England goalkeeper David Seaman was in goal trying to stop them. They each had three shots on goal. They alternated shots. Both missed their first two shots, leaving it down to the last shot for each. Ranvir kicked the ball as hard as she could on her shot. It went pretty fast, but it missed the goal. It was then Sam’s turn. He took a deep breath as he lined up to kick. He had noticed that Seaman had chosen to dive in the same direction each time. Sam decided to act like he was kicking that way, but to kick the opposite way. Seaman dove the way he had previously and the ball flew into the opposite corner. Sam celebrated. His goal meant he had won round one for the men. They were now up one to nothing. 

Round two pitted Susanna against Piers in a quiz. Everyone thought that Piers would be the favourite to win this round, but the questions were quite varied and some of them were topics that Susanna knew quite a lot about. She had picked up quite a lot of useless information being a television presenter on a show little Good Morning Britain for so many years. Piers was very embarrassed, but in the end, Susanna won the round five to three. It was a shocking result as Piers was quite a stuck up person who felt that he was an expert on everything. He was a real know it all, and a bit of a chauvinist, truth be told, but he was humbled in this round. This tied the scores at one a piece. The whole game rested on the final round. 

This round would pit Charlotte against Ben. The game was a drinking contest. Lined up in front of them were three oversized beer mugs filled with a green liquid. It was non-alcoholic, but it was a lot for anyone to drink. It would come down to this though, whoever could finish all of theirs first would win the whole show for their team. The whistle blew and they both started off on their first glass. For a while, it was neck and neck. They each finished their first glass at the same time. It was during the second glass that Charlotte began to struggle. She had to keep stopping and taking breaths. Ben pulled ahead. In the end, he finished his last glass while Charlotte was just starting her last one. Ben’s teammates cheered him on as did Charlotte’s. But it was the men standing tall, celebrating their victory.

Dale came over to the contestants. “I’m so sorry, Charlotte, that was a great try. You did so well, but you just fell a little bit short. You were pipped to the post. In the end the men have won it.” The ladies were all lead over to a device that dispensed gunged from above. It was designed to evenly disperse gunge onto whoever stood beneath it. For this, the ladies would have to stand side by side beneath it. They were asked to stand about a foot apart. The device looked like a big trough above them, but it was designed to ensure the gunge would pour on them both individually and collectively. They walked over and got into position, standing in their places. They all wore simple one colour dresses. They all had individual colours. These were dark blue, purple, red, black and green. They were simple, but they all looked very good. They each looked very nervous, looking up as they took their positions. They men were brought over to the cord that was used to release the gunge.

Dale then started in,” Well, today the Good Morning Britain men were victorious. Commiserations ladies, but it is time for the men to dispense with the gunge upon you. Men when you are ready, pull that cord and watch what happens.” The three men smiled as they pulled the cord as hard as they possibly could. The women looked upwards. The whole trough seemed to tip over, dumping purple gunge down on top of them from above. There also seemed to be individual mechanisms directly gunge straight down over each one of their heads as well from above. The women laughed as the purple mess poured over them from above. Gunge coated their heads, shoulders and dresses. Gunge dripped down their bodies. They looked at one another and laughed. It was a little like the gunging on Loose Women, but it actually worked how it was meant to work. 

The guys pointed and laughed at the women. The girls blushed. Seeing their female co-workers covered in gunge was a very nice prize for the men. The gunge really suited the five of them as well. In the end, they just shrugged their shoulders and smiled politely. Dale then spoke again,” Well there you have it, the entire female presenting team from Good Morning Britain have just been gunged for the whole world to see. Well done to them and congratulations to the men on your victory.”

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