Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Catherine Tyldesley wildest fantasy

***This is a work of absolute fantasy. The events in this story have not really taken place. I just thought I would make that clear at the outset.***

Catherine Tyldesley wildest fantasy

Catherine Tyldesley had secretly enjoyed reading about wam and seeing others get messy online for a long time. She was someone who looked at messy stuff online all the time. She paid great attention to anything to anything involving messy celebrities especially. She loved reading about celebrities getting messy, especially if the subject was someone that she knew such as her co-stars on Coronation Street. Of course, like a lot of us, this was not something that she discussed with anyone in her life. It was something that she looked at online and never told anyone about. She would have been mortified if anyone knew that she enjoyed that sort of thing. Of course, wanting to read about and see her colleagues getting messy led her to a great desire to want it to happen to her. She began to fantasise about it. She really wanted people to write a messy story about her or to actually get messy for real. 

There was one messy site that she particularly enjoyed. It was mainly about female celebrity mess. She became a big fan. For ages she had thought about coming forward and contacting the person that created the site. Her embarrassment held her back. It was something that she fantasied about every day. She would read the stories and see the pictures. The more she did this the more she began to want it to actually happen to her. One day, she just bit the bullet and sent him a message. She figured, “What the hell. Who care? I want this to happen now. It has to happen. I don’t care what people think.” The message went along these lines:

Hi, I love your stories. I am a big fan. I don’t expect that you will believe me, this is very embarrassing, but I am a bit of a celebrity myself. I am Catherine Tyldesely. I work on Coronation Street. Anyway, like I said, you probably won’t believe that it’s really me. Please don’t tell anyone. I love hearing about mess. It makes me quite hot. I would love to hear more stories about me. Actually, I would love for it to happen for real. I keep imaging mess being dumped on me. I am quite nervous, but please, email back.

Of course, he was shocked to receive this email. He had never had an email from anyone wanting to get messed or even to have a story done about them, not even civilians. Of course, he did not initially believe that it was actually her. He always believed that even in chatrooms, online most people were not who they said they were. Many were men posing as women. He definitely did not believe it was really one of the most attractive women on television messaging him. However, he returned her message and played along. After all, if it did, by some miracle, turn out to actually be her, he had nothing to lose. 

The two exchanged emails and began to speak on the phone and things. Much to his surprise, it turned out that it was actually her. On top of that she did actually want to be messed. They had some pretty naughty conversations. She would say such things as,” Yeah baby, tell me what you are going to do to me. I want to get so messy, all over my body.” After a little while, they began to trust one another. Her sexy accent was something that was not easily duplicated. Catherine wanted it to actually happen, so they arranged to meet up somewhere that was very discreet and private. Even on the day, he was only about fifty percent confident that she was actually going to show up. 

He was very happy when he opened the door to find that Catherine was standing there with a big smile on your face. She was wearing a long trench coat. When she saw him, she beamed. She instantly hugged him. “Thank you so much for doing this for me. It’s so embarrassing.” He responded. “Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I get to mess up a gorgeous woman plus you are a celebrity, that I have been attracted to for years. It’s amazing.” “I am not. Look at me I am like an old cow.” “You are so sexy. You look even better in person then you do on television. Anyway, come in. We can’t have you standing in the doorway all day.” She smiled and came inside. She carried with her a large grocery bag.

“I have to tell ya,” she said as she entered, in her sexy accent,” I have been wanting to this for years. Ever since I was a kid. I used to see people getting gunged and stuff and thought, I want that so bad to happen to me. It makes me so horny. Then there are those stories you write. Some of them about us Corrie girls. Paula Lane for example. I would read stories about my co-workers and get so horny. Of course, I could never tell them that. I can’t believe that this is finally going to happen to me. Anyway, I guess I better get this coat off, eh?” She reached down and undid the coat belt around her waist. She opened the coat and then sensually dropped it to the ground. She revealed that she wore nothing underneath but a very cute, very lacy pink negligee. It had bows and flowers all over it. It was very low cut on the top and bottom. Her large breasts almost popping out and the underwear part showing a good portion of her backside. The fluffy fringe brushing against her athletic legs. She smiled. “What do you think? Do you like my tits?,” she asked. “Everyone seems to like them. It gets embarrassing to be honest.” “Well, I am more of a bum and legs man myself, but your breasts are definitely a site to behold. They really are something to see.” ”Well, my body is just crying out to get messy. I want it so bad,” she said. 

They went straight to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed. “I am a little nervous,” she said,” But, it’s a sexy anticipation, like how you feel before you shag someone for the first time. I want it so bad. Let’s start with a pie, I think. I have imagined getting a pie in my face for ages. Everything about it gets me so horny.” She reached down and pulled out a creamy pie. She handed him the pie. “Well, here we go, there is no turning back now. I want it so bad. Pie me. Let me have it. Nail me with that messy, messy pie,” She said. She put her arms behind her back and leaned back. She closed her eyes. He lifted the pie in the air gently. He looked down at the gorgeous body of the beautiful soap star in front of him and felt a happiness run through his body. Of course, he also had a bulge in his trousers by now. “ Go on, nail me,” she repeated. He leaned back and thrust the pie into Catherine’s face with both hands. She let out an audible grunt of pleasure when the pie connected with her face. 

He gently moved it clockwise and counter clockwise in her face, smearing creamy pie all over her face. When he pulled the pie tin away, he left her face an irregular mask of creamy pie. Catherine Tyldesley’s face was cased in creamy pie. Her beauty spot was covered in cream. She opened her eyes and smiled. She got out her phone and insisted that he take loads of photos of all of this. She made no attempt to clean her face. She breathed in through her nose and some pie came from her nostrils. She then licked her lips in the most sensuous manner possible. Her eyes were like two smouldering cauldrons. “Oh my God, if feels so good. Getting that pie thrust in my face felt almost like shagging. It feels so good, all over me.” She looked at the selfie that she had just taken of herself. “Look at me,” she said,” How hot is that. I am so pied. I am so turned on right now. I just want more and more.”

She handed him a second pie,” Pie my tits next,” she asked him. He smiled. “Come on now don’t be shy,” she encouraged. He took the second pie. He placed his hand upon her shoulder. She, once again, leaned back, arching her body backwards. He then thrust the pie straight into her massive chest. He rubbed it around all over her two massive globes, covering her sexy breasts in pie. Some fell between her breasts. The soft creamy pie looking lovely against her smooth tanned skin. She reached down with her hand and scooped some creamy pie from between her breasts. She then licked it off of her hand. “Oh, I am so horny,” she exclaimed. 

She then handed him a container of chocolate flavoured custard. She lay back on the bed. She pushed one hand between her legs and motioned for him to pour. She started off on one of her calves, slowly plopping the chocolaty mess over her athletic legs. It poured up her thigh and over her hand and crotch and then down the other leg. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. She exuded about how good it felt all over her. “Oh yeah, all over my body,” she exclaimed. He slowly poured the rest up over her and over stomach. 

She then produced a bowl of strawberry angel delight. She turned over onto all fours on the bed. She motioned for him to pour it over her backside. She wiggled her behind a bit as he leaned over and began to dump the sloppy pink substance all over her behind, down her legs and over her back. What was left, he dumped over one of her shoulders and down her breasts. She then pulled out a tray of eclairs. He began to place them in certain places on her body. He put one under her armpit to start. They then pushed her arm down, crushing the ├ęclair, causing it explode and splatter. They then did the same to the other armpit. They then did the same to the backs of each of her knees and then between her legs. They dropped another down the back of her nightie which landed right into her butt cleavage. She tightened her behind up, causing it to smush. The last of the eclairs were squeezed between Catherine’s large breasts. She spread them apart, while he pushed them into place. They managed to fit three in between. Catherine then pushed her breasts together, crushed the eclairs between them. 

She then said,” Enough with the yummy stuff, time to get really filthy.” She produced two catering sized bottles of brown deli style mustard. She took one herself and handed one to her messy companion. She gave a sexy wink. She then began to spray her own body with sandwich mustard. At the same time, he squeezed the same mustard over the top of her head, creating a tightly coiled pile on top of her head. He then squeezed some onto her face. He decorated her face with the mustard as if he was decorating a cake. He drew with it across her forehead, around her eyes, under her nose, etc. She was given a mustard moustache almost. All the while she sprayed her body in it. 

He then grabbed two jars of tartar sauce. He undid the lids and shook them over her head and chest respectively. The tartar sauce fell from the jar in large blobs which splattered all over her when they fell. Lumps of it sat on her head, on her nose and on her lips. “That’s it trash me with the tartar sauce,” she said. She grabbed some open tins of tuna fish and dumped them over her person. They stuck all over her lacy nightgown and all over her body. Two more tins of tuna fish were dumped over her head. She laughed and made the funny face that she sometimes made on Coronation Street when she was annoyed. She looked as if she had just smelled something really disgusting. 

She then said, ”I want the leftover spaghetti. I want to wear it. Give me that disgusting week old spaghetti,” she said. She had been saving it in her fridge from the previous week for them to use. She handed the Tupperware bowl to him containing it. He lifted the aluminium foil. The smell was pretty horrendous. They both recoiled a bit. She looked at him and licked her lips. “I have wanted to be covered in spaghetti for so long. When I was eating it, I was thinking, I will soon be wearing this.” He smiled. He lifted the bowl and pushed it down onto her head. The sicking leftovers rolled from the bowl down her blonde hair and all over her face. Strands of spaghetti dangling down from her face and hair. She closed her eyes as the sauce and cheese rolled down her face. She continued taking selfies. “Oh yeah, this is so hot.” 

She then said,” Hey, I remember reading a story you once wrote about my character Eva. I remember one thing especially, coleslaw.” She then grabbed an enormous plastic container of the stuff. She looked at him and smiled. “Ever since I have read that, I have been fantasising about it really happening. This is where fantasies become a reality.” They placed their hands on the container together and dumped the sloppy coleslaw straight over her head. She stuck her tongue out as it poured down her face. The top of her head, shoulders and breasts were piled in it. She then took a handful and rubbed it all over her big breasts. She rubbed between her legs as well. It was one of the most pleasurable moments in either of their lives.

She then fell back on the bed and closed her eyes. “ You know what, I think that this is the most erotic night of my life. This is so hot.”


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