Sunday, 10 July 2016

Kat Ogden the Real Messy World

Kat Ogden the Real Messy World

Kat Ogden was not a big star. She had appeared on a very early series of the Real World on MTV. It was called Real World London. It was in the mid-nineties. Most people did not even remember the show. Kat was pretty much anonymous.  She was never recognised anywhere. It was a reality show as well. However, I would not forget her because I found her so attractive. She had been the subject of many naughty fantasies. She was very surprised when we met on a chatroom and happened to recognise her. Her chatroom nickname was Katogden79 or something along those lines. When I saw the name, it reminded me of the woman I had seen on the show so many years earlier. I knew I had to ask just in case. I never believed it would really be her. I said hello and she replied. I sent her a message saying that I was sorry to bother her, but I wondered if she happened to be Kat Ogden from the Real World. Much to my surprise, she responded that yes she was and that she could not believe that anyone would remember who she was. I replied that I remembered, because I had always kind of fancied her. She was very flattered and we got to talking. We had a very long chat. It was an adult chatroom so we got into fantasies. Of course, I mentioned that I had many fantasies about her. She was very flattered. At some point, the topic of WAM came up. She mentioned that she had always wanted to be pied or gunged. I mentioned that I had imagined the same thing happening to her. 

One thing lead to another and after some weeks of chatting, we agreed that the only thing to do was to meet up and make the fantasy a reality. Of course, we had spoken on the phone and seen photographs and things by this time, so we knew for sure who we were meeting. We arranged the encounter. It was really going to happen. It was hard to believe that it would really happen, but when I arrived meeting spot, there she was. She looked a bit older, but there she was before my very eyes, Kat Ogden. Much to my surprise, she seemed very happy to see me as well. She explained later that she was just a normal woman. She considered herself to be quite average. She was not a star on any level.  She was also very single. When we met I commented to her that she looked every bit as good in person as she did on television. I mentioned a moment that I had always remembered where she was wearing shorts on the show and looked incredibly sexy. 

We decided that we would live out our fantasy at her place in her bathroom. After meeting one another and having a chat, we decided that both of us, indeed wanted to go through with it. We headed back to her place. She had already purchased the items that we would need to use. She was a little bit shy, but admitted that she found me attractive as well. When we arrived at her flat, she led me to her bathroom. She explained that she felt the bath tub would be the best place. She asked me to get the messes ready while she changed. She went into her bedroom and emerged a few minutes later. She wore a pair of tight, white spandex shorts. There may have been a thong underneath, but it was hard to tell, all of her curves were showing. She also wore white bra with yellow and purple spots. She climbed into the bathtub. She sat in it. She looked up coyly. She smiled, indicating that she was all ready to go now. 

We started with gravy. This was one of my suggestions. I felt that the thick sloppy brown gravy would look really good next to her brown hair, pale skin and curvy body. She was more than up for it. We decided that it would come first. “Here we go,” I said. She smiled and closed her eyes as I began to pour the gravy over her head. It fell down her face and then over her body. I moved it down her body, dumping it over the top of her body and then all over her incredible legs. I dumped it over her knees, causing gravy to pour down both her calves and thighs. Just as I had anticipated, the gravy suited her perfectly. She opened and closed her legs. The gravy covered her shorts and bra as well. Her body and face dripped with brown mess. She held her hands out in front of her and laughed. “It feels great,” she said. 

Next to come was baked beans. Kat wrapped her arms around her legs. I slowly tipped beans all over her. They poured down her back first and then over her head. Beans soon intermingled with her brown hair. Beans dropped from her nose and face. She laughed as beans plopped down her face and over her body. They poured down onto her stomach and all over her legs. Beans began to collect between her legs and under her behind. The mess began to collect at the bottom of the bathtub as well. It began to fill. At this point it was about half an inch deep. 

I then added custard to the beans. Custard on top of beans made for an interesting combination. The custard caused the beans to stay where they were much more than they normally would have. This time, Kat looked up. She held her mouth open and stuck her tongue out. She playfully attempted to catch some of the falling custard with her tongue and to taste it. Some landed on her tongue, but, in the process, more landed on her nose, lips and chin as well. More coated her hair and shoulders. The last blob of custard fell onto her bra. 

Next to come was a big bucket of alphabet spaghetti. She laughed and said that she would look absolutely ridiculous after this. She closed her eyes as I slowly began to pour. The noodles were in the shapes of letters and they all poured over Kat. I took my time and slowly poured them up and down the length of her body. I took my time evenly distributing them all over her. She let out a moan as they fell over her. Letter stuck to her hair and all over her face. There were letters stuck to her chest and legs. The orange sauce soaked her all over. It tinged the colour of everything. She looked very funny and alluring. A grown woman with alphabet spaghetti stuck all over her. She wiggled her toes and fingers in the mess. The letters stuck all over her face.

Finally, I took cans of New England clam chowder and dumped them over her head. One of the cans in its entirety stuck to the top of her head. It was misshapen and drooping but stuck sideways in a sloppy lump on one side of her head. The other plopped down onto her chest and legs. She smiled and laughed. She flung a bit of it my way. The tub was now filled almost to the top with mess.

Kat motioned with her index finger, beckoning me to join her in the tub. She pushed herself forward and I climbed in behind her fully clothed. I sat in it and she pulled back, pressing our bodies together. When I entered, the mass of both of our bodies filling the space of the tub caused some of the mess to overflow over the top edge of the tub. We sat in the messy bath together. We kissed and touched, rubbing the mess all over one another. We rubbed and touched one another in the mess before pulling of our heavy mess covered clothes and tossing them aside, leaving the two of us naked in the bath together.

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