Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Debbe Dunning Slime Time

Debbe Dunning Slime Time

Debbe Dunning played a character called Heidi on the 90’s sitcom Home Improvement. On the show, her character worked on a show called Tool Time with Tim Taylor and Al Borland. On one episode, the men decided to build a surprise for Heidi. They did not tell her what they were building. She was quite excited as it was put across as a gift for her. Only sections of the project were shown at a time, to build the suspense.  Heidi kept trying to get clues and hints about what it could be.

Finally, they revealed to her the secret. It was a gunge dunk tank. It was made out of wood. The bottom part looked like a large barrel. There was a seat to sit on that was also made of wood that would give way, dunking the person. It was larger than a water dunk tank, but smaller than a Get Your Own Back gunk dunk. It about a little bit wider than the width of someone stretching their arms. It was the right depth so if someone was sitting inside of it on their behind, they would be up to their neck in the mess. Above it in green balloon letters were the words Slop Drop. Heidi could not believe her eyes. She did not know what she had been expecting, but this was definitely not it. 

Before she could react, she was led to the tank and made to ascend to the seat above the gunge. She positioned herself. She was wearing her usual cut off jean shorts and tool time t-shirt. She looked down below her and grimaced. It was not a very long plunge. Her feet were dangling only a few inches above the slime below. It was a strange mixture of pink and green below her. She also noticed a small device over the tank as well. She pretended to bite her fingers and looked a bit anxious. 

Al and Tim were looking forward to this. Needless to say, they had always imagined dunking the sexy younger female who worked with them every day. She was quite an attractive young lady. Heidi looked below her. She tried to decide the best way to brace herself, as she would be going down. She decided to cross her arms across her body. Everyone was chanting her name. Of course, the entire audience was basically male. Most of whom had been fantasising about her in some manner for some time. She gave a nervous smile and waved.

Tim and Al eagerly pushed down on the release. The seat below Heidi pulled away. She was sent plummeting straight down into the barrel of slime. Her entire body flew downwards into the slime. The force of the plummeting woman sent slime flying into the air, as it was displaced by her mass. She found herself fully submerged for a moment. There was a moment’s pause and then her head pushed forward from the messy slime. She was completely covered in it. She was soaked from head to toe. The slime made her shirt somewhat transparent. The coolness of the slime made her nipples harden. These two facts meant that her nipples were somewhat visible through her shirt for those with the right viewpoint. She swung her head. She caught her breath and cleared some of the slime from her nose, eyes and mouth. 

She was now sat up to her neck in the slime. At this point, the men pulled a second release lever which released purple and blue slime down from above. It poured down onto her and added to the slime pool that she was already sitting in. Slime was everywhere on her body. She was soaked in it.
She was left in the slime pool for the rest of the show. She when she finally was helped out of it, it was revealed that her entire body was soaked in the slimy mess. Her shorts and legs were covered in it slime dripped everywhere down her body. She looked like a slime monster. The guys then got to watch her use the emergency shower in the studio to wash herself initially. They watched her scrub the slime from her sexy body in the warm water. That was also a site that they would never forget.

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