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Jane Danson older man’s fantasy

Jane Danson older man’s fantasy

Jane Danson was one of the long-time Coronation Street actresses who had avoided getting messy for a long time.  She played Leanne. She worked very closely with many actors and actresses on the show. They were quite close friends. One of the people she worked with very often was the actor who played Ken Barlow. He played her father in law for a long time. The two had known each other for many years. He had secretly had fantasies about Jane for a long time. She was definitely a subject of his fantasies. He would have never admitted that, being many years her senior. 

He was getting up in years that was for sure. The time of year came around for his Birthday. It was a very special Birthday and the cast of the show were going to be throwing him a special Birthday party. As a part of the celebrations, he was asked what he would like as a gift or special treat at the party. He thought about it for a little while. He was a bit embarrassed to admit it, but, he thought to himself that he had nothing to lose, he said that what he would like most was to be able to gunge Jane Danson. They told him to consider it done. Jane was more than a little shocked when she heard his request. They were quite close friends however, it was his Birthday and he was getting up in years, so she figured that she would allow it to happen. She was willing to take one for him. She could not comprehend why he wanted to do this or why he wanted to do it to her specifically, but she had a feeling that it would give him a thrill.

The party was on the set. Throughout the party, the gunging was not mentioned by anyone. Deep down, Jane was hoping that everyone might forget about it or that it wouldn’t happen after all. Everyone had a few drinks and the time came for the toast. The actor who played Leanne’s boyfriend got up and said a little speech. “We want to wish you a very happy Birthday. You are a very special person to all of us. That is why we are granting you your ultimate Birthday wish. As a special treat, you are going to get to gunge the lovely Jane Danson. Jane can you come up here please.” She came up. She had a big smile on her face. It was then her turn to say a few words. “Well, I want to wish you a very happy Birthday, my dear friend. We have known each other for many years. Yeah, you are going to get your wish. You are going to get to gunge me. Why you want to do that, I have no idea. Maybe we should be a bit worried. I bet that you have wanted to do this to me for a long time.”

She then took a seat centre stage. She wore orange slacks and a cream coloured blouse. Everyone gathered around to watch this happen. Everyone was cheering and whistling. They were telling him to nail her and saying how much they were dying to see this happen. “All of you can shut up,” she said,” If it wasn’t his Birthday, I would never allow this to happen.” She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Everyone began to chant, “Gunge her”. He was given a massive trash can filled with blue and purple gunge. Jane gave one of her famous annoyed faces that she was known for on Coronation Street. She then scrunched up her face and neck. Every muscle in her body tensed up as she awaited the pouring of the gunge upon her head. She looked up at her on screen father in law. She pointed at him. “I hope that you enjoy this,” she told him. His eyes lit up as if to say,” Oh don’t worry, I will.”

He looked down at the woman that he had secretly fantasised about for many years. He could never admit it, but now he was going to get the chance of a lifetime. He was going to relish every moment of doing this. He was going to get to pour gunge all over her body in any way that he saw fit to. She would have to sit there and take it. The thought of doing this to her excited him very much. Her body tensed up awaiting the gunge.

He looked down and began to pour the gunge over her. He aimed it, initially at the centre of her head. She let out a grunt went she felt the gunge make initial contact on the top of her head. It quickly covered her shoulder length dirty blonde hair. It poured down the back and sides of her head before pouring down over her face. Her eyes and mouth were closed as tightly as possible. He moved the trash can forward, dump gunge over her face. It covered her forehead and then her cheeks. It then poured right over her eyes, nose and mouth. Her face was covered almost totally.

The slimy gunge then poured over her back and down the front of her top. It felt cool and heavy on the thin fabric over her blouse. It caused it to go almost totally see through. Her bra was visible beneath. He then moved the gunge flow back and forth over her body. The sensation that he was able to directly aim the gunge wherever he wanted upon her body was a very exciting one. He made sure that the gunge covered her as thoroughly as he possibly could. He kept thinking to himself that he was gunging Jane Danson. He did not want to waste a drop. He made sure that he poured as much as he could over her trousers and over her legs. Some poured down the back of her top and the back of her trousers, inside of her close. Her underwear became visible as the fabric became more transparent.

Her hair was completely covered in gunge. As he poured the final bit of gunge over her head, she looked up and allowed it to pour over her face. Gunge dripped from her nose and chin. She shook her arms and kicked her legs. He stepped back and admired the view of what he had just done.  He had covered her in gunge. She cleared her eyes. She looked over at him and wished him a happy Birthday. She shrugged her shoulders. She had made his fantasy come true. Though she did not really know the extent to which the fantasy went.

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