Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Louisa Johnson and Lauren Murray

Louisa Johnson and Lauren Murray

Louisa Johnson and Lauren Murray were the last two female contestants left on X Factor on 2015. At this point in the series, they were asked to appear on an evening comedy and interview show. They would appear opposite Che and Mason, the last two males left on the show. The two teams were sat on opposite couches with the hosts in the middle. It was the sort of program that had both a male and female presenter. “Today, we would like to welcome four of the contestants from this year’s X Factor. We have the last two males and last two females. Welcome to the show. You represent your individual judges and are doing a great job.”

The interview then went on as normal with inane, obvious questions and answers. Everyone said how great the show was, how tough the competition was and how everyone should watch. Where the show veered off from the normal fair was when competitiveness came up. “We know how competitive things get between judges and groups. Boys and girls for example. We thought today, we would put that to the test and have a little game pitting Nick Grimshaw’s boys vs. Rita Ora’s girls.” The contestants looked at one another. They did not know what to think, but had to go along with it. The hosts then explained the game. It was a quiz about X Factor. It tested contestants’ knowledge of the show. They then explained that there would be more than just bragging rights at stake. The winners would get to have the prize of doling out consequences on the losing team. Everyone looked very worried at this point.

The questions in the quiz were not very difficult, but they proved taxing for the contestants. Unfortunately for the ladies, they were quite young and were pretty ignorant about the early history of the show. They were soon down in the quiz three to nothing. They manage to claw back a few points, but still were trailing five to three. They were hoping they would catch up, but Che was very intelligent and knew the show well. He got the final three questions correct, sealing the girls’ fate. The time elapsed. The hosts then made the announcement. “Well, that was very exciting, but we have a definite winner. I’m afraid it’s the boys,” the female host said. Louisa and Lauren looked at each other and laughed. They knew they had lost and that a punishment had been mentioned, but they had no idea what it might be. They figured that it might be something silly like singing a funny song or something. The boys clapped. They didn’t even know yet what they had to look forward to.

“As the boys are our winners, as the winners, they get the prize that we mentioned earlier. You may be wondering what that prize may be. Well, as we know how competitive the groups are with one another, we thought that we would give the winners to get the ultimate bragging rights over the losers. Guys how would you like to take some lovely buckets of gunge and pour them all over the girls?” The women’s mouths dropped. Their eyes widened. They looked at one another in shock. The guys smiled. They looked at each other and in unison said,” That sounds amazing.” The girls squealed,”Nooooo!!” “Oh yes,” the male host said,” You guys lost and now you have to pay the consequences. Please come this way ladies.” The two girls reluctantly stood up and followed the presenters. They flung their hair back. They were flabbergasted at this point. The guys were about to gunge them. Lauren wore a tight black dress with cut off shoulders. Louisa wore a light blue skirt and white blouse. 

A paddling pool was set up. It was in the coins for camp style. The girls were walked over to it and were asking to climb into it together. There was just enough room for them both to fit in it. The two looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They kneeled down and climbed into the pool together side by side. They shook their heads, hardly believing that this was actually occurring. They looked up at the guys. They pointed at them and threatened to get them back for this. Lauren especially, she was a bit of a chav. She was quite outspoken and could be downright mouthy on occasion. 

“Well, yesterday was Mexican day in the canteen. So, we have the leftovers all in some buckets to use. Waste not want not. There is ground beef, shredded lettuce, tomato, salsa, cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, Spanish rice and bean dip all mixed together in those two buckets. Let’s give the boys the buckets and when you are ready, give the girls a Mexican fiesta. Lauren and Louisa spoke amongst themselves saying how embarrassing this was and how they could not believe it. The two young women cuddled together as their male competitors began to treat them to Mexican mess. 

Large blobs of the mess began to pour down on the two young women. Everything was mixed in the same buckets, but there were also huge pockets of each mess within them as well. The heavy bean dip made its impression, pushing its way out and splattering between the two women. It was a dark red colour. It plopped onto Louisa’s blonde hair and across Lauren’s face. The two ladies screamed and laughed as the mess continued to pour onto them. Cheese sauce coated Lauren’s chest and Louisa’s shoulders. Sour cream fell onto Lauren’s head while Spanish rice poured over Louisa’s face and hair. Guacamole fell down their dresses and stuck all over them. It was extremely mushy. The two young ladies comically fell all over one another. They hugged one another and laughed, smearing the Mexican mess all over each other. The guys shook the buckets vehemently and laughed as they dispersed of the mess. 

The hosts asked the splattered women what they were thinking. They pointed at the guys and promised to get the last laugh.

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