Friday, 29 July 2016

Rita Hayworth put the mess on Rita

Rita Hayworth put the mess on Rita

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Rita Hayworth was one of the biggest film stars in the world. She was, certainly considered one of the most attractive women in Hollywood and probably the world. She was one of the major pinups during World War II. She was one of the biggest sex symbols and most iconic faces in the history of Hollywood, at least up to that point.

One of her most famous roles was in the film Gilda. In it, her character was not the nicest of people. She was a bit of a witch and a manipulator of men. She used her sex appeal to wrap men around her little finger. She would use and abuse the men around her who would fall at her feet because they fancied her so much. Of course, in real life, she could not be more different from the characters that she played. She was shy and self-conscious. The characters that she played, however, really leant well to the idea that she would someday get her comeuppance. The films she was in were so popular that a one off spin off was created. In it the men that she had wronged would get their revenge upon her in a messy format. 

The same actors and characters were used from Gilda, because it was highly appropriate. Rita wore the famous dress that she wore in the scene that she first appeared in the film. It was a very famous scene where she flipped her hair over upon her first appearance. She looked incredibly sexy. She had long red hair curly at the bottom that was incredibly silky. She had long legs and a very nice figure. She had a big smile on her face, showing off her famous teeth and lips. She was more than just sexy like your usual star. She exuded something else from deep inside. It popped out of the screen. She had an amazing allure. 

In this scene, she flipped her hair up as the actor entered, just as he had in the original. This time he began to talk about all of the things that he had discovered that she had done. He talked about all the men she had used and all of the tricks that she played. The man who played her gangster husband in the film came in as well and he spoke more about how she had used people and done everyone wrong. They told her that she was a “rotten dame” and that she had a lot coming to her. They said that she really deserved to be punished for the things she had done.

“Oh really,” she said callously,” And what exactly are you two going to do about it?” They looked at one another and said, ”This.” They then both grabbed pies in their hands. They looked at one another, smiled and then decked Rita square in the face with the pies. At once, two pies smashed straight into her face. Her beautiful face was covered in creamy pie. Her mouth fell open. Her teeth were even lined with pie. Her lovely red hair was instantly streaked in creamy pie. Everyone was treated to seeing one of the most beautiful faces ever caught on camera covered in creamy pie. Some pie also landed upon her shoulders, below her neck. It looked like some sort of funny necklace. 

They then each grabbed two more pies. One thrust the pie into her chest, the other pushed his pie against her behind. They smeared the pie around all over her chest and backside. Her famous song in the film was called “Put the Blame on Mame”. She joked,” What is this, put the pies on Gilda?” She sighed and blew some of her breath in the air, causing one of her curls of hair to bounce upwards.
They then each took a large punch bowl filled with vanilla pudding and began to dump it over the actress. One poured his over her head. She looked up and rolled her eyes as pudding plopped onto her gorgeous hair and down onto her face and shoulders. The other poured his load all over her sexy long legs. Her legs had been the subject of many pinup shots. She was also a very accomplished dancer. 

These helped her greatly in that area as well. Now, the whole world would witness vanilla pudding slowly flowing down and over every curve and nuance of her long legs. Her fellow actor took the time to slowly allow the pudding to slowly and sensually make its way down her legs. Rita, for her part, stuck her leg out and allowed it to fall all over her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. The feeling of the pudding on her bare legs was definitely a sexually arousing one for both Rita and for everyone watching. Though, at the time, no one could really outwardly admit something like that. 

They then finished her off with lovely banana puree. They smiled as one poured it over the top of her head while the other began to pour it down the back and then the front of her dress. There was very little underneath the dress and it was very tight, so having a tidal wave of mess poured inside of it caused all sorts of issues for the dress itself. Rita had to hold it tightly so it would not fall down completely or split. All the while, she felt the puree sliding down her long sexy body. The puree also flowed forth from the bottom of the dress down her legs. She smiled and raised her brow.

She did not get very upset with the men. She merely said,” You two are incorrigible.” She then walked away into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. That was where the scene ended. She herself, came out and laughed. She told everyone not to worry because it felt surprisingly nice. The scene proved very popular as well. It was seen all around the world. It made her even more of a sex symbol than she had already been.


  1. Heh, this is definitely a story I never thought I'd see but great job. I love the diversity of stories on the site! You never know what you're going to see next.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad that I can still do original things. I'm glad people enjoy it.