Thursday, 14 July 2016

Kat Driscoll Abroad

***WARNING*** This story contains nudity, humiliation and a little bit of cruelty. Please don't proceed if you are offended by these.****
Kat Driscoll Abroad

Kat Driscoll represents to United Kingdom in the Olympics on the trampoline. She is a native of Medway and a local girl. As a part of being an Olympic athlete, she travelled to many different countries. On one occasion, she was abroad and was invited for a night out a club that did shows an employed audience participation. It was a fun sort of environment, but could be naughty as well. It was the sort of environment where the entertainers got laughs at the expense of some of the volunteers and audience members. Most of what was happening was not in English, so it made things a little difficult and awkward. She began to get a little bit nervous when she saw what was going on. There were several times when audience members were embarrassed, got messy and were put in sexual situations. She kept her fingers crossed that she would not be selected.

Of course, she was bound to be selected because she was invited there. She also stuck out like a sore thumb as she was one of the only English people there. The idea of embarrassing a foreigner, especially an English lady was something that, no doubt, would appeal to the audience in attendance. Her heart leapt into her throat when the spotlight fell on her and she heard her name mentioned. She reluctantly stood up and made her way up onto the stage. Everyone cheered and whistled. Although she was thirty, she was a total sports geek. She spent most of her time in the gym training. She had few friends. She had barely ever had a date. She had little social skills and had even less sexual experience. 

She found herself on stage. She did not understand what was being said, but she could tell that she was being introduced. She could see the men in the audience eying her up. They were whistling and making what very possibly may have been lewd comments towards her. She felt very uncomfortable. She could see everyone smiling and snickering at her. Before she knew what was happening, two women dressed like showgirls took her arms. In an instant they tied them over her head with straps. They then grabbed her legs and tied them in straps as well. Everyone cheered. She found herself strapped in place, her body stretched. She was very anxious now. She was panicking. She was at their mercy now. 

Kat was wearing an all in one leotard type outfit that she wore to compete in. Her eyes widened as the showgirls came out with oversized scissors. Kat’s eyes widened. The stuck the scissors into the top of the leotard and, much to her shock and alarm, began to cut her leotard apart. They cut all the way down to between her legs. They then pulled it apart. The whole audience was treated to the site of the thin, pale athlete fully naked in front of them. The showgirls cut the remains of the leotard off of her body, leaving her fully nude. Kat had not even had a date in years. The fact that dozens of people were seeing her naked was incredibly embarrassing. Her face was bright red. She was sweating heavily. The showgirls then spanked her naked backside from behind. She yelped and her body contracted much to the delight of the audience. They were howling with laughter and mocking her. She knew that they were taking a whole lot of pleasure in her humiliation. They then took of large feather dusters and tickled her naked body. They tickled the soles of her feet on up. They watched as her body wiggled and shook as she was tickled and teased with the dusters. Humiliation was too mild a word for what Kat was experiencing. Her body had not been touched at all in many years by anyone. These people were seeing every part of her thin, pale body. 

They then began to dump things over her head. She was not expecting it when a vat of what appeared to be chicken noodle soup was dumped over her. It had short, but thick noodles in it. It smelled like a bathroom. It poured over the trampoline star’s head and washed over her body It left noodles hanging from all over her. She winced as it dumped over her, much to the amusement of everyone watching it. They applauded and commented on her. She squealed. They were delighting in her humiliation. The fact that it was happening to an Olympic athlete from the UK was also very pleasing to them. 

They then began to pour what appeared to be something akin to Hungarian Goulash over her. It was some sort of meat and vegetable stew type dish. Whatever it was, was a traditional dish in this country. They were treating her to their local cuisine in a most unpleasant fashion. It was thick with chunks of brown meat and reddish coloured vegetables such as peppers. It fell down over her head, onto her hair and down the sides of her face and all over the front of her body. Some rolled down her stomach and down in between her legs. She had no body hair, but she was not waxed so was not completely smooth everywhere. The feel of messy meat directly on her vagina lips was a very unusual one for Kat.

Next, she was treated to a tray filled with cream puffs in a cookie sheet. It was a sort of pastry with layers of custard and cool whip. The entire tray was held in front of her and pushed up into her body. The entire structure of the concoction stuck to the front of her body. She looked almost as if she was wearing a poster board made of desert. They then repeated the action with a sheet cake. They pushed it into her body and the entire thing toppled over her face and body. Cake stuck all over her. It was a marble sort of cake with thick, buttercream icing. 

A whole cherry cheesecake in a pan was then pushed down onto the top of her head. It was pushed down. It oozed out around the sides. The tin was very mouldable. It was misshapen now and sat on her head like a sort of hat. A second one was slammed into her naked rear end. Her perky behind was instantly decorated in sweet cheese cake. Cherries dripped from her rear after the pan fell from her behind. 

They then dumped foul smelling cabbage and shredded beetroot salad over her. They finished her off by spraying her entire body in banana puree and a sort of whipped cream that was in an oversized hose. It looked a bit as though they were setting off a fire extinguisher upon her. She was covered from head to toe in it. 

Finally her name was read out. Mercifully, it was finally over for her. They untied her and set her free. They thanked her. Unfortunately, there were no showers and no spare clothes in the building. The only way that Kat could clean herself off a little was in a very undersized sink in a not so welcoming bathroom. She then realised that she would have to walk back to the hotel in the state that she was in. She tightly covered her private parts with her hands and headed out. She had to walk home like that as men and women alike whistled at her and made, what she assumed her vulgar comments about her. The only thing that she was glad of was that this was not happening back at home. She would be a laughing stock any of this got back to England.

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