Saturday, 23 July 2016

Jaime Murray on set

Jaime Murray on set

Jaime Murray was a very attractive actress who appeared mainly on television. She had long raven coloured hair, long legs and a very distinctive nose and facial features. She was English and appeared to be quite posh. One of her signature roles was on the show Hustle. It was about a team of con artists. She was the only female on the team. 

As a part of a charity fundraising campaign, the main cast members decided that they would donate money as well as voting for which cast member they would most like to get messy. Jaime was the only female. In her mind, she thought that the men would be gentlemen and not vote for her. 

Unfortunately for her, she was extremely attractive and most of the men in the cast fancied her a bit. She was also very stuck up. She always had the attitude that she was slightly above the rest of them. Anytime any one of them attempted to make any kind of romantic advance towards her, she would turn them down flat. She would let them know in no uncertain terms that she had no interest in any of them whatsoever. This came across as being exceptionally vein. She also thought of herself as upper class. She was a total snob and saw herself as being above common people. She had little time for those that she considered beneath her. If someone was short or chubby or even not rich, she would not even spend any of her time on them. This sort of attitude, along with her good looks and sexuality meant that she was seen as a very worthy recipient of a messing. Pretty much everyone voted for her. 

On that day, she wore a short cut navy blue dress with white trim. She was looking very smart. Pretty much no one had spoken to her about the messy vote as they did not want to tip their hand. It finally came time for the result to be revealed. One of the older actors got to read the results. Everyone was gathered around. There was a gunge tank set up behind them. It was very much in the style of a Noel’s House Party type of gunge tank. “Ok everyone,” he said,” This is the big moment that we have all been waiting for. Everyone has been voting and donating for our good cause. One of us will be going into the gunge tank. It could be any of us, but who will it be?” Jaime looked slightly nervous, but nowhere near as much as she should have been or would have been if she had anticipated the results. “I can now reveal that the winner is… Jaime.”

Her face dropped. She put her hands to her mouth. Her eyes widened. All of the men shook hands and celebrated. They spoke amongst themselves about how much they were looking forward to seeing this happen. They spoke about how much she deserved this. Jaime was as white as a sheet. The actors opened the gunge tank door and escorted her inside. She was absolutely speechless. They closed the door behind her. She crossed her arms and provided everyone with a memorable moment as looked up at the gunge above her. She then grimaced. She had no idea what being gunged would be like. She had never thought about it before in her life. It had never even once crossed her mind that anything like that would ever happen to her. Of course, she thought that she was way to good looking and way too posh for anything like that to ever happen to her. She was about to pay for her haughtiness and vanity in a major way.  The words, “Gunge the stuck up cow. She deserves it,” were uttered more than once. No one looked her in the eye.

“Ok,” the head actor then said,” Here we go. The crank is about to be pulled and the gunge is about to pour.” Everyone then counted down from three. When it the countdown reached one, all of the men yanked down on the crank as hard as possible. “Oh no, what’s all this then,” Jaime said. She was not really prepared when thick blue and purple gunge began to pour down over her from above.

She squealed as the gunge hit her straight down the middle of her face. She closed her eyes as the gunge toppled down her face and over her silky black hair. She struggled in the mess as it poured down her nose and over the sides of her face. She kept an air of fake politeness though she was livid underneath at what was happening. She really was not prepared for the feel, weight or amount of gunge that was soon pouring over her. It dumped down her dress and all over her long legs.

Gunge was getting all over her body. It poured down the back of her neck and into the back of her dress. This caused the zipper at the back of the dress to burst. The dress nearly tumbled from her. She was forced to clutch it to her chest. Her face was soon inundated with ripples of gunge. Layer after layer rolled down her face. She was completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the gunge that was soon all over her. 

The men were laughing and cheering. They knew how she looked down on others and how much she really deserved this. When the gunge finally stopped she was left completely dishevelled. Gunge covered large portions of her face. Her hair was streaked with slimy gunge. Gunge dripped down her sexy long legs, down her calves to her ankles and down her heels. She was asked how she was feeling. She said, in her poshest accent, “I’m very slimy and slippery.” She refused to acknowledge her embarrassment or lose any of her dignity at all, despite being trashed with sloppy gunge in front of her everyone.


  1. Love this story! Great choice of victim, very hot.

  2. Can you do a non-food GYOB Gunk Dunk gunge story with Roisin Conaty please? : ) Would love that!