Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ramona Shelburne EPSN teased

Ramona Shelburne EPSN teased

Ramona Shelburne was not a typical ESPN reporter. She was atypical for female sports reporters. She was slightly chubby and quite awkward and very nerdy. She was also a very new reporter to the network. All of this led to a bit of contempt from the other female reporters. They were all athletic and very thin. Most of them looked like models or Hollywood actresses. They would make fun of Ramona behind her back. She didn’t really realise, but she would get made fun of pretty regularly behind her back. They would make fun of her weight, the way she talked and even her name. 

They decided that it would be very enjoyable for them to play a prank at Ramona’s expense. It would be a chance for them to gain a high level of enjoyment from her embarrassment. On the ESPN grounds there were places to play sports. Ramona had played a round of tennis and headed off to the shower. It was a sort of communal shower but with doors. It was the sort where you had to fling your clothes and towel over the top of the shower stall, as the water filled the stall. 

Ramona hopped into the shower. She got undressed and flung her clothes and towel over the shower stall. She then turned on the water. The water was very loud, she could not hear anything but the water. She happily scrubbed and washed her soft, chubby naked body. She did not hear it when Sarah Spain snuck into the shower room and quietly removed her clothes and towel from the top of the shower stall. She then slunk away quietly, undetected. She then joined the others to carry out the next part of their plan. When Ramona was through with her shower and switched the water off, she was in for the shock of her life. She reached out for her towel, to the place where she had left it. Bling panic ran through her as she discovered that nothing was there. She reached her hands out, franticly trying to grab for her clothes or towel, but nothing was there. She was panicked now as discovered there was nothing for her to wear. There wasn’t even anything for her to cover herself up with. 

She tried to hang out in there as long as she could, but, eventually came to the realisation that she was not going to be able to stay in the shower stall forever. The only thing that she could think of doing was to creep out as quietly as possible and pray that no one was there to see her. Maybe she could make it to her car. She had no other choice but to try. She quietly opened the shower door. She stepped out as quietly as she could. She placed her hands over private parts and tried to hold her knees together as best she could. She was able to make it all the way to the shower room door. The next big step was the hallway. She nudged the door open a crack and peeped out. No one was around. She slowly opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. She slowly moved down the hallway, gripping her private parts as firmly as she could. She tried to keep her behind close to the wall. She managed to make to the end of the hallway. There was still a long way to go, unfortunately for her. “How could someone do this to me? Why would anyone steal my clothes? This is so embarrassing,” She thought to herself. 

She had to go into the next corridor now. She took a deep breath and turned the corner. When she turned, she was immediately greeted by nearly all of her co-workers. They cheered and whistled so loud that she jumped, her hands coming off of her naughty areas. She could see flashes going off from everyone’s cameras. Everyone capturing the view of Ramona’s chubby naked body on show in the hallway for all to see. She was blushing with embarrassment and sweating. Sarah and Kate Fagan pulled her in. “What a body you got there Ramona. You must work out,” they teased. They mocked her. “Check out that fat ass,” they said. Ramona was speechless. No one had seen her naked in many years. They then took her by the arms and led her to the cafeteria. They said that they were going to slop her, because she was a pig. 

They took her into the cafeteria and began to taunt her with some of the food. They started with some creamy pies. They smashed one into her face. They smashed more into her stomach and backside at, approximately the same time. They smushed the pies all over her chubby body. They left creamy mess all over her chubby body. They then began to grab dishes and trays of food to dump over the unfortunate sports caster. 

They took a baking dish filled with chicken casserole and dumped it over her head. It was filled with onions, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables in a dark brown, gravy like sauce. They verbally taunted her as they did this. The sloppy brown mess descended down her head and body. “There you go Ramona. You like that don’t you? Get it all over the cow.” Ramona tried to keep her composure. She was devastated by what was happening to her. Her workmates were petty and mean bitches.
Next they dumped porridge over her. She shivered as she felt the cold and sloppy porridge oozing down her body. I slopped her massive breasts and poured onto her massive backside. More rolled down her thick legs. More slopped all over her meaty pussy lips as well. The whole time, she was still grabbing hold over her naughty bits, attempting to conceal her modesty. Everyone continued snapping photos. Ramona lifted one leg as porridge rolled down it to her ankle. 

They then treated her to tray after tray of eggplant parmesan. She grimaced as the repulsive dish rolled over her face and down her body. Sloppy eggplant and cheese slopped onto her big breasts. She had sauce all over her big behind. The smell was disgusting. There was purple eggplant and seeds all over her body. “How does that taste?,” teased her. “I bet you liked that.”

They then marched her out of the building. They pointed upwards. She then saw that her clothes had been tied into the branched of a nearby tree. “Go on, jump for them,” she was told. She had little choice. She found herself bare naked outside in the midday sun. She began to leap up trying to get her clothes down. She was not very tall, so it proved difficult. Her colleagues jeered at her and captured the whole thing on camera as she reached for her clothes. 

Eventually she was able to jump high enough to pull them down. She noticed that her underwear was not among the clothes that she pulled down. It was explained that those would be kept as a trophy. When she came back to work the next morning, she found that her worn underwear was mounted in the newsroom as some sort of perverse trophy.

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