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Scully Sisters of Neighbours

Scully Sisters of Neighbours

The Scully family from Neighbours appeared on an Australian version of What Would You Do. Going on the show was the idea of the three girls. By this time they were all over 18. There was Steph, Flick and Michelle. Their parents, Joe and Lyn were with them. They were on a family holiday and took the opportunity to appear in the audience of the show. The show, of course, was all based on audience participation. Audience members volunteered to take part in stunts and games. In this case, the parents were very sceptical. They were not entirely aware of the possible messy consequences that sometimes happened on the show, but still were very unsure about the whole situation. Joe, especially was very wary. 

Everyone was enjoying what watching the show. The host then said, “For this next part, we are looking for some young adults who want to challenge their parents. Are there any large families here today.” Flick and Michelle raised their hands especially high. The host was on the other side of the audience, but saw their hands go up. “I saw some hands go up over there. Let me see who is over here.” He walked over and began to speak to the ladies. “These ladies over here look interesting. Who do you guys have with you here today?,” he asked. “We have three sisters and our parents,” Flick said,” Everyone is over 18.” “That sounds perfect for our game. Would you like to challenge your parents?” “Definitely,” she replied. The host then asked for the whole family to join him on stage. They came down and stood side by side.

“What a beautiful family, let’s see who we have here. What’s your name?,” he asked. He spoke to Steph first. She was wearing a black tank top and green cargo shorts. “I’m Stephanie Scully. I’m 24. We’re from Erinsborough.” “Lovely to meet you Steph. And you are?” He went to Flick next. “I’m Felicity. I’m 22.” Flick wore a pair of pink gym shorts with white stripes down the sides and a light green tank top. He then moved to Michelle. “I’m Michelle Scully. I am 19.” Michelle wore a pink t-shirt and beige shorts. He then moved on to Lyn. “I’m Lyn and I am their Mom.” “Have you seen our show before, Lyn?” “Um.. well, not really.” “Well you are in for a surprise,” he said with a laugh. “Last but not least, this poor man looks mortified. Who are you sir?” “I am Joe Scully. No, I have no idea what to expect.” “Please don’t look so nervous. You are in safe hands with us.”

“Well, today it will be these three ladies vs. their parents. Lyn and Joe, you will be taking on your daughters. How does that sound?” “Wonderful,” Lyn responded. Everyone seemed very pleased with this. They may have not been had they known what was going to happen. The game that they would be playing was a game trying to sink giant basketballs into a giant hoop. The game had been used once on What Would You Do in America. The only difference was that this time everyone was given a giant basketball. There was sixty seconds put on the clock. This was not as easy as it looked. The balls were large, but not that heavy. They were hard to control. “So, it is very simple, there will be one minute placed on the clock. Whatever team can score the most baskets will be our winner. They will have a very important decision to make. So, ladies this is your hoop. Parents this is yours. Get ready because your sixty seconds is about to begin.

The sixty seconds began. The girls began flinging up shots. It was very difficult. They were not getting anywhere close to the net at first. The parents were having issues as well. They were missing as well. Their shots were getting closer, but they soon realised that if both were shooting, they would knock the other ones ball out of play. They decided that Joe would shoot and Lyn would coral the balls and pass them back to him. The girls did not come to this realisation. They all kept flinging balls up and began to knock each other’s out. They wildly flung their balls. Their parents were getting into rhythm now and the baskets began to fall. They also were all so wrapped up in shooting that they had no idea how the other team was getting on. Finally the sixty seconds were over. Everyone was asked to return to their positions.

“That was very exciting. It is not as easy as it looks. It really isn’t. It is time that we learn the scores. Now Flick, Michelle and Stephanie, you did not do very well did you? You managed to get one hoop. That is still not too bad. Your parents on the other hand, they seemed to get the hang of it in the end and managed to land six baskets.” Everyone smiled and laughed. Lyn and Joe shook hands and bowed. “So, that means that Joe and Lyn are the winners. Your three daughters wanted to challenge you didn’t they? And they lost. How does that feel?” “It feels so good to defeat them.” “Well, that is not all, though,” the host said,” As the winners, you have a very important decision to make. We have some tokens and you can chose to take those tokens and go to the wall of stuff later in the show, or we can bring out some gunge and we can gunge your daughters. What would you rather do?” The three young women’s faces turned bright red instantly. They looked very embarrassed. The studio audience cheered and urged Lyn and Joe to choose the gunge. The parents looked at each other and smiled. In unison they said,” Gunge our daughter.” The audience erupted in applause and cheers. The three ladies looked at each other and laughed with embarrassment. “Ok ladies, you didn’t win and now your parents get to take some revenge upon you. Joe and Lyn have you always wanted to do this to your daughters?” “You better believe it,” they said,” These three brats deserve this, believe me,” Lynn said. “I am sure everyone back in Erinsborough will be watching as well.” The ladies looked mortified, imagining that all of their friends back home would be watching this at some point. 

The three ladies were sat side by side. They looked mortified. They sat down, looking incredulous. The host then said that they had some fresh gunge ready for the ladies, but first, there were three freshly made pies that needed to be used. Two were given to Joe, one to Lyn.  “I hope everyone back whom is watching and recording this, because it is pie time for these young ladies. When you are ready, pie your daughters,” the host said. The ladies giggled nervously, as their parents approached carrying the pies. They waved their hands and tried to appeal to their parents not to do this. Their parents taunted them as they slowly approached with the pies in hand. They then each chose their targets. Lyn chose Steph. Joe would pie the younger two. They approached with evil looks in their eyes. They brought the pies forward and smashed them into the ladies’ faces. Almost at the same time, the three pies were pushed into their faces. They pushed them in as hard as they could, twisting them around in their faces. When they pulled back, left behind were three sexy, tanned Scully sisters with their faces completely covered in creamy pie. Each of their faces were shown. They looked flabbergasted. They looked at one another and laughed. All three were pie faced.

Their parents were then given buckets filled with slimy green gunged. “This is the moment that you have been waiting your entire lives for,” the host said,” When you are ready, gunge your daughters.” The two parents looked at each other. Their daughters’ sexy bodies tensed up as they waited for the gunge to begin falling upon them. Lyn and Joe smiled as they lifted the buckets and took aim. The three ladies closed their eyes as gunge began to pour over them. Their parents moved the buckets back and forth over all three of them, dispersing thick green gunge over their heads and all over their bodies. Gunge poured down their faces and all over their bare legs. Lyn and Joe took their time and enjoyed every second of heaping the humiliation upon their offspring. Gunge covered their hair and clothes and poured down their faces. Their bodies were soaked in the gunge. It poured everywhere, all the way down to their ankles. Lyn and Joe laughed at their accomplishment.

Eventually, the gunge buckets were emptied and the young ladies were covered from head to toe in gunge. The audience were cheering wildly at the embarrassment of them. Each suffering her own private humiliation. Lyn and Joe stood beside them, pointed and laughed. “So Joe, are you glad you came to the show today now?,” the host asked. “That is an understatement,” he said. “ Dumping gunge on these three brats is a dream come true,” Lyn said. “Well, thank you all for coming today. It has been a pleasure. You did great. Let’s hear it for our losers as well, they did great.” They were all then rushed off stage so that the next segment could begin. 

Lyn and Joe made sure everyone in Erinsborough saw the saw. They even put flyers into mailboxes with the time and date when it was going to air. It was very enjoyable for many to watch, especially a lot of the young men who knew the three personally.

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