Thursday, 28 July 2016

Kate Fagan charity pied

Kate Fagan charity pied

Kate Fagan was a sports writer who worked for ESPN. She appeared as a regular panellist on Around the Horn along with other sports journalists. The show was scored and there was a winner each day. Kate also did some work for charities. She helped raise money for breast cancer awareness and other women’s health issues regularly. As a way to spread the word about the charity and hopefully raise money for them, she told the world that when she got to her 20th win, she would allow the other Around the Horn panellists to throw pies into her face. She was already on her 19th career win, so the chances of this happening in the near future were pretty much a certainty. The scoring on the show was relatively subjective as well, so predicting when it might happen was not that hard. Kate had prepared herself for the pies that she would receive.

Within her next two appearances on the show it happened. She won the show and was going to receive an entirely different sort of face time than normal. A cardboard cut-out was created that was made to look like the backdrop that was normally behind the panellists in their screens on the show. There were holes cut out for Kate to put her head and hands through. She pushed her head into the large cut out hole and rested her hands on the smaller holes. She did not just peek through the hole like some would. Instead she pushed her entire neck through. Her hole head stuck out which gave the other panellists a nice target to aim for. The other panellists were close friends and colleagues. They included Sarah Spain, Frank Iosola, Woody Paige and Bill Placshke. Tony Rially was there as well, of course. There was a table set up that was completely full of creamy pies. Kate told everyone that she was happy to do this. It was for a charity that she believed in strongly and it was a small price to pay. She said that she was willing to take some pies for the benefit of the charity, as embarrassing as it might be for her personally. 

The other panellists gathered around and began to pick up pies. Kate spoke up,” I am using my face time to promote a terrific charity. Thank you to everyone for supporting myself and the charity. I hope you enjoy this. I am about to get pied. Ok guys, let me have it.” She stuck her tongue out. Her olive coloured face and short black hair made for a very good target. Tony said, at this point, that Kate was doing a wonderful thing for charity and that everyone was going to enjoy doing this to her.
She smiled as the first pie flew in her direction. It smashed straight into her face, splattering her face completely. That one pie covered her face in creamy pie completely. The pie tin stuck to her face. Everyone else then began to toss their pies at her. One after another they flew through the air and hit her in the face. Some were slightly high or low or off to the side, but they were pretty accurate with their aim. Kate screamed a bit she was bombarded by the barrage of cream pies. 

Everyone was laughing and cheering. She was a very attractive woman in her own way. She was very much attracted to other females so this had become something that her male colleagues had fantasised about more often than she would have ever expected. Sarah Spain was one of her closest friends in the world and loving dishing out pies to Kate. 

Before long, Kate’s face and neck along with most of the cut out were covered in sloppy pie. There was only one pie left. Sarah took this one and approached Kate. Kate gave two thumbs up and stuck her tongue out. Sarah smiled as she slammed the pie into her friend’s face at close range. The final pie to finish her off. She then pushed it upwards, leaving the pie tin sat on top of Kate’s head. Kate smiled and laughed. She made no attempt to wipe away any of the pie from her face. When she stood up, away from the cut out, she looked very silly because she was covered from her neck up in pie, but the rest of her body was completely clean. She was very happy with how things had gone.


  1. Do some GYOB non-food gunge stories. You're clearly a talented enough writer to make it work! People really enjoy the GYOB format and you could make it work. I'd love to see Roisin Conaty in a GYOB story! : )

    1. Ok,done that one now. Will try to do more.