Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Martina Hingis gets slimed

Martina Hingis gets slimed

Martina Hingis had been one of the top tennis players in the world in her time. She was very attractive in her own way. All these years later, she looked almost the same as she had when she was the number one tennis player in the world. She was not the typical, thin, blonde tennis players. In her own way, she was quite attractive. She was still quite famous in her in home country of Switzerland. She agreed to take part in a kid’s show in her Switzerland. It was very similar to Ketnet Kingsize and other Nickolodeon type shows. 

It was the sort of show where young people competed in a game. They would then get to choose who they would like to slime. Most times they would slime a family member, teacher, parent etc. On this show, however, the winner was able to choose from the parents or could pick Martina, the guest star. Martina smiled. She looked slightly embarrassed. She had agreed to take part, so knew that it was coming. She wore a purple and pink golf shirt and a purple and white skirt. The winner looked at her and smiled. He chose for her to be the one to take the slime. 

She was led over to the area where she would be slimed. The set was made to look like a giant nose. The gimmick was that the person standing underneath would get covered in snot. Martina Hingis. The former world number one was about to get covered in snot. She looked up and blushed. “I am certain that the Williams sisters are going to be enjoying this,” she joked. The winner was lead over to the string to be pulled that would release the slime over Martina. The blonde hostess then counted down with everyone in the studio. When the count got to number one, the young man yanked as hard as he could down on the cord. 

Martina grimaced as the slime fell from the nostril and landed squarely onto her head. It poured over her dark brown hair and over her shoulders. More green slime poured down onto her face and right down her neck. It then poured down the front of her chest and down her body. Slime dumped down her legs. She closed her eyes as slime splattered all over her. She took a deep breath and smiled as slime poured from the nostril all over her.

Slime piled onto her shoulders. She ran her hand through her bangs, pushing aside some of the slime. She stood there as the slime continued to pour. She wiggled her fingers and hands. Everyone laughed at her sliming.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the great Martina Hingis has just been well and truly slimed,” the presenter said. Martina took a bow as the last trickles of slime plopped down her face. She waved to everyone watching at home.

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