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Rebecca Hall royal flush

Rebecca Hall royal flush

Rebecca Hall is not the most well-known actress in the world, but she has been in a great deal of Hollywood films. Her father founded the Royal Shakespeare Company. She exemplified a gangly, nerdy, posh, aristocratic, snooty upper class sort of British woman. Her looks exemplified this as well. She had a distinctive nose, big teeth and long, pale thin body. She looked like she could be a member of the royal family. She had been spotted by Mr. G. in a film where she played a role working in Buckingham Palace. The idea that she should be called to take the throne and receive the royal flush was a very appealing one. The producers of the show never thought that she would agree to appear. She really did seem like the kind of person who would feel that they were above such a thing. To be fair, no one would have blamed her if she had refused. Much to everyone’s shock, she agreed to appear. This was in part because she was so posh that she had never even heard of the show and had very little idea of what to expect. 

On the day of the show, she wore the deep blue dress that she had worn in the film the Big Friendly Giant. She played someone who worked for the Queen in that film. She was going on the show, in part, to promote the film. The studio and her agent were instrumental in booking this engagement for her. She didn’t even watch much television. She saw it as somewhat beneath her. She would have seen a show such as this one as low brow. She would have only been watching things such as proms, orchestras, operas and plays on television. She entered the studio. She was extremely polite. She was very prim and proper as well. She was about to be in a very embarrassing situation.

She joined Mr. G. on the couches for a chat. “Well, Rebecca Hall, it’s good to have you here today. I want to say that we all really enjoyed seeing you in the BFG film.” “Oh yes, it was great fun. I was a fan of the book from when I was a child. The film is great fun I think.” “In it, you play someone who works in Buckingham Palace. You seemed perfectly suited for the role, I must say. You seem such a posh, almost royal sort of person.” “Well, I don’t know, but all my life I have been involved with very posh, aristocratic people.” “Oh yes, that is very apparent,” he replied,” In honour of all that we have prepared something very special just for you. It is sort of a royal throne for you to sit on. It is fit for a queen it really is.” “Oh that sounds positively spiffing,” she said in a posh voice. At this point, she was playing up her snootiness a bit for effect. “Yes it is a very special throne where you will be given a royal flush. It is a little something that we call the giant flush.” The crowd cheered.

The curtains at the back of the stage were pulled away to reveal the giant flush. A look of shock and despair flashed across Rebecca’s face. Mr. G. then led the reluctant actress up to the giant flush. “So Rebecca, this is your throne. You will take a seat and then you will get the royal flush. How does that sound?” “Ugh,” she muttered. She was speechless. She looked at the whole set. She could not believe her eyes. She could not believe that she was about to sit on a toilet on national television and have a giant toilet flushed on her. He explained that when flushed, brown gunge from above would be dispatched upon her. She was in utter disbelief. “But my friends will be seeing this,” she said in all earnestness. He shrugged his shoulders. She was mortified. She reluctantly sat on the small toilet. He then handed her a toilet brush and said,” Your sceptre madam.” She craned her neck, looking above her, seeing where the brown mess would be coming from. 

“So, Rebecca Hall has taken her rightful place on the throne. It is now time for her to receive the royal flush.” She dropped the toilet brush on the floor as he reached over and pulled the giant toilet flusher down. Everyone cheered as the sounds of the giant flush filled the studio. “Oh my word, what is that?,” Rebecca said, never having heard those noises before. Her hands gripped the bottom of her dress as the sounds carried on. She looked up as she heard the final flushing sound. At this very moment, a giant river of lumpy brown gunge poured down through the massive toilet seat above her and fell onto her face. 

The massive stream of sloppy brown gunge poured straight into her face. There was a brief instant of sheer panic when she looked up and realised once and for all what was about to happen. That was a very brief moment though because in an instant, her face and hair were covered in brown mess. The gunge splattered everywhere. It had a bit of force behind it because her head did not stop the flow at all. Within an instant, the entire front of her dress was plastered in thick brown mess. It splattered all over her legs right down to her feet.

It was literally as though she had taken a shower only with brown gunge. It soaked her completely. There were all manner of lumps and bumps in the gunge. The flushing noise continued as Rebecca received her royal flush. She closed her eyes as the gunge covered her face. She had no time to even think. She could not even hear the crowd’s laughter above the splattering noise that the gunge was making, coupled with the sound effects.

Finally, her flush ended. She was covered from head to toe in brown mess. There was no doubt that the crowd were enjoying seeing this happen to someone who was so posh and snooty. In their eyes, she was very deserving of this. She was completely overwhelmed by the experience. She was so much in shock at what had just occurred that she barely was able to register the level of embarrassment that was happening. 

Mr. G. shook her hand. She shook his politely. Strangely enough, she was still very polite even at this point. She had no words though at the time to describe how she was feeling.

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